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The Peace hub

Have these designs inspired you? Let us know how and tell us what peace means to you...

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
The symbol for peace needs to be re-invented to reflect today. It should be fresh, relevant and global - and we want YOU to design it.

The competition is now closed and you have chosen the winner.


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Winner is Dave Duffy

From: Ireland (UK resident)
What inspired your peace design? Children and the butterfly effect our actions have on their future, whether positive or negative.
What does peace mean to you? Compassion and tolerance of different people, and consideration for the future, not just for our selfish present

Runners up...

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  • A word from the finalists

    We asked our finalists to tell us a bit more about their peace designs – and here’s what they had to say…

    Culture of Peace (Logo E)

    “Culture of Peace”… The future of our survival depends on the way we relate to each other. Compassion and communication will help foster the conditions for long-term, lasting peace. This is what my logo represents.

    The “Soldiers of Peace” documentary communicated these messages, how to build a culture of peace together, and how peace must be learned, through mutual understanding, human development and by harnessing our creativity and imaginations with the same human spirit to achieve peace that we have done to bring progress.

    Our universal responsibility and challenge ahead, is to use technology wisely and ethically to build a culture of peace with justice.

    Hello Peace (Logo A)

    My logo, logo A, symbolizes the hands of the world waving "Hello" to peace and "Goodbye" to war, pushing away violence and welcoming in peace.
    The colours represent the North, South, East and West regions of Earth and the five bold vibrant colours (black, red, green, yellow and blue) represent the five continents.
    Overall, it’s clear, bold and easy to relate to for any person at any age.

    Peace Hands (Logo C)

    K, well my logo (option c) represents an adult’s hand a child’s hand, suggesting that we shouldn’t just think of peace in terms of what it means for us, but for what it would mean for our children when they become adults.

    It symbolizes humans making a permanent positive mark on the world now, an impression that will hopefully have a lasting effect, like the symbolic handprints on the pavement in Hollywood. The hand is a friendly symbol (handshake, wave, sign of peace in Christian churches, greeting etc).

    I hope this appeals not only to the converted but also to the grittier side of humanity who may not be peaceful, but are open minded enough to become so .

    Human Peace (Logo B)

    Simplicity, Meaning-full & Creativity; the three main things to find in a peace logo. My logo has all of these things covered from the Simplicity of you able to draw it anytime, any day & anywhere. The meaning full of the many implications of the design from love to flora & fauna and the Creativity of which twisting and distortion of the logo would be found in thousands of ways. My Logo is SIMPLE, MEANING FULL & CREATIVE. Peace to all and all to have peace.

    I Smile 4 Peace (Logo D)

    Hello! I’m 100drine and I have a blog since more than 4 years (100drine.be). During all this time, I saw many things which revolted me! And much of blah for peace in Iraq, in Lebanon or Darfur, whereas here there is also TOO MUCH violence. I'm tired staying in my little corner and waiting until OTHERS change. I said to myself that if each of us moved its small finger HERE and NOW, the world could be a better place. My little idea? To create the greatest smile in the world! How? By asking everyone to take a picture of them and post it here. All these smiles will make a huge video clip: The greatest smile in the world, for a non-violent & colorful world OK? Go! And invite your friends, parents, uncles, aunts. And if on your side you have also a little idea, go ahead! It's time to move together! I smile 4 peace ;o )

    We also want to know what you thought of the designs and what peace means to you so please drop us a comment!

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  • Peace Competition Finalists

    The Peace logo competition is now closed but it’s far from over! The top 5 designs have been chosen and they are all amazing but we want Bebo users to choose the ultimate winner….

    The finalists are displayed in the poll module on the right-hand side of this page and all you need to do is vote for your favourite – the designer with the most votes will win the trip to Washington.

    It would be great to hear from you about why you voted for your chosen logo – what it means to you? And how do you feel it represents peace in the 21st century?

    So, everyone get voting and GOOD LUCK to all the finalists!

    3 Comments 198 weeks

  • Design the new logo of peace!

    What images come to your mind when you think of peace? Is it a dove, an olive branch, or the CND logo? Each of these peace symbols are more than 50 years old!

    The peace logo needs to be re-invented to reflect today. We need a peace logo that is fresh, relevant, and global - and we want YOU to design it.

    Soldiers of Peace, a stunning new documentary film about peace and reconciliation, uses another symbol, the Escopetarra “machine-gun guitar” for peace (check it out at http://www.soldiersofpeacemovie.com ). But what is your idea? Upload your design and if your logo wins, the producers of Soldiers of Peace will fly you and a friend to the USA to attend the Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations in Washington DC in November, 2009 to sit with the movers and shakers of world peace.

    You need to think about peace, what it means to you and how to best capture peace using the amazing technologies now available. The design should reflect the importance of peace to our future survival, and the global way we relate to each other in the 21st Century.

    The competition will open on Monday 21 September 2009 (International Day of Peace) and will close on Sunday 04 October 2009.

    How to Enter

    To enter, you need to be a Bebo member

    Open the profile www.bebo.com/peace and become a member by clicking on the 'Become a member' button in the top left column.

    Upload your design to the photo stream module on this profile. You can also email your entries to peacelogo@beboinc.com

    Your logo needs to be uploaded in .jpg format – Maximum size of 2MB


    A panel will select the best 5 designs

    These 5 designs will be displayed on www.Bebo.com/peace and members will be able to vote for their favourite design

    Voting will take place between 08 October and 14 October 2009

    The entry with the highest number of votes will be the winner, which will be announced on Bebo on 15 October 2009


    The creator of the winning design will win:

    Return airfare for 2 people to the USA with transfers to Washington DC;

    3 nights stay at a 4 star hotel;

    US $200 a day and

    Attendance at the “Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations” Gala Dinner on November 2, 2009

    An award, presented at the Gala Dinner.

    The Symposium is taking place on 01 – 03 November 2009 in Washington DC

    Please ensure you have read the full Terms and Conditions before entering this competition

    Terms and conditions (English)

    Terms and conditions (German)

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  • Obama addresses U.N. General Assembly

    Rachel Oc by Rachel Oc
    UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- President Obama made a forceful call Wednesday for a new era in global relations, urging the United Nations to move past old divisions and disputes to reassert itself as a leading force in confronting the most pressing issues. In his first speech as president to the U.N. General Assembly, Obama sought to distance his administration from the unilateral policies of his predecessor, while pledging a U.S. commitment to work with the United Nations in forging a better common future for all. http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/09/...
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  • What are you doing on International day of Peace...?

    Rhiannon Stewart by Rhiannon Stewart
    Are there any Peace events happening in your area on September 21? What will you do to spread peace? Check out what the Peace organisations linked to this page are doing!!
    0 Replies 201 weeks

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Soldiers of Peace Trailer

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    Notice everyone is wearing Converse in the picture below. Not slagging, but that doesn't exactly advertise diversity... And if no one cared, who made this group? Who is in the group? What does the word treehugger mean? What about the people who are working to create world peace? Or did you not know about that.

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    Yes, they have expired me and I want to see more of them... In reply to: "Have these designs inspired you? Let us know how and tell us what peace means to you..." by The Peace hub

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