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9/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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MapleStory, the free to play MMORPG, announces its biggest update ever with Knights of Cygnus
Me, Myself, and I
MapleStory, the free to play MMORPG, announces its biggest update ever with Knights of Cygnus this August! Offering content that is rare and unique, players of this popular game can expect a totally fresh concept that they won’t have experienced before. With upgrades to the interface system, new functions and hotkey add-ons as well as the anticipated community improvements the Knights of Cygnus is one to look out for!

Recent news - Knights of Cygnus is out now! It's still free to play and download. So, what are you waiting for?

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  • Adam Shauna
    Adam Shauna

    a great African woman from Tanzania http://lilurl.com/Iz85Av

  • Liam N
    luv Liam N

    my favourite character is shadow2mist he is a ninja and is who i mostly play as big shout out LOVE MAPLE STORY

  • Daniel Wong
    luv Daniel Wong

    Anyone in Ems, Kradia lvl 50+ need a guild? (ForceAura) Contact daniel20008 (lvl 73 hermit) or daniel20010 (lvl 63 flame wizard)

  • Jigglypuff Drowned
    luv Jigglypuff Drowned

    Just started playing again, quit as soon as I got my job last time because I got bored :p Will play properly this time :D

  • Bexxi Emm
    Bexxi Emm

    hello!!! Maplestory is the bomb. HAHAHA not, No i love MS can't stop playin it. It gettin a wee bitty borin though. No offence! NEW UPDATES!!!

  • Kyle S
    luv Kyle S

    Been ages since I've played, but what the hell. :D

  • Danny'

    anyone from Uk or Northern Ireland add me :) BabyFaceSin :D

  • Lisa Here Do I NoYou
    luv Lisa Here Do I NoYou

    i play maple story im level 72 ranger come and find me on it

  • luv Danny Dunford

    love maplestory my guys name is firebooster

  • Kian

    add mee! i'm a lvl 36 cleric, Pokkky adn i play in kradia:L

  • Alistair Doran
    Alistair Doran

    I made a Maple Story skin if anyone wants to use it (p.s mapleeu please dont sue ;) )

  • Aidan M
    luv Aidan M

    Love Maplestory EU im a lvl 36 Bandit Aidie20

  • luv Tom Carré

    Can't wait till knights of cygnus. Add me Arclight (banned till 27th augest) And HellsLight

    7/30/09 via Mobile
  • Liam Mason
    luv Liam Mason

    Add Meh if you play ms Pl0x SoulJustice - 5x Hunter HypahDK -9x Dragon Knight

  • luv Chloe.

    Maplestory <3

  • Ghost Beatz
    luv Ghost Beatz

    Lol, 15th member. You gotta admit, this profile thing kinda sux badly though.

  • AmYxq
    luv AmYxq

    Ms <333' ^^

  • luv Tom Carré



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