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Elizabeta Ayra Dana

new character now on. who wants to rp?

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Elizabeta "Belladonna" Dana

Angel of darkness
Don't follow your command,
But I will fight and I will stand.
When darkness falls,
Pain is all,
The Angel of Darkness
will leave behind,
and I will fight.

When she embraces your heart turns to stone
She comes at night when you're all alone
And when she whispers your blood shall run cold
You better hide before she finds you

Elizabeta was the grandaughter of the "Bloody Countess" Erezabet Bathory. She is the youngest of many children but only her 2 older sisters Marianna and Jocasta survied and her brother Damian (Who is Lycan not Vamp like the girls). Elizabeta has nothing to do with her sisters coven but she is a rouge and has a human Consort which is against the Vampire rules. Elizabeta goes by the name Belladonna after the deadly flower. Elizabeta "Belladonna" has a bad temper but she only is kind and calm around her consort Michael and his sisters Mia and Viola

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  • Starters


    Queen Valindria had been talking to male suitors for her little sister.She found them all boring and after meeting them for most of the day she had told her ladies she would like a walk alone.She picked up her skirts and walked out to the gardens


    It was a beautiful day outside and Valindria was sitting in the gardens telling the little girl in her lap a story whilst her and her ladies played a card game on a short tree trunk that was the remainder of a cut down tree.Valindria's red hair glowed in the sunlight whilst she sat on the grass dealing out the cards


    Valindria was horse riding around in the woods.Her horse was brown and Valindria's fire red hair was flying behind her as she rode fast through the forest.She used her horse to jump over a river bank.The brown horse landed fine but stopped suddenly as she approached a castle.valindria got off her horse and looked around

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  • Looking for Rp'ers

    Hey i am in need for some people to roleplay some people of my characters Fae court.They can be of any race such as Witch, Shape shifter,Vampire or Faerie too.If you are intrested please mail to www.bebo.com/PrincessValindria

    (Fae) Princess of Galaria, Anastasia Rosalina (Image- Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary from the Tudors)
    (vampire) Duchess of Titanus, Alexandria Lefevre (Keria Knightly)
    (Elf) Duchess of Larissian, Camilla Rousseau (Kirsten Dunst)
    (Elf) Duchess of Le Grange, Claudia Leveque (Liv Tyler)
    (Changeling) Duchess of Sanitria, Valentina Babineaux (Nina Dobrev)
    (Sorceress) Duchess of Angilinas, Victoire Laurent (Sophia Myles)

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  • Katherine Pierce Gilbert

    for for accpet me

  • Morgana Le Fay
    luv Morgana Le Fay

    Im a big fan of Repo. :L

  • Morgana Le Fay
    luv Morgana Le Fay

    Ooooo A repo roleplayer! :D Would you like to roleplay?

  • 'ReposessedEyes 3/19/12 via Mobile
  • Elizabeta Ayra Dana
    Elizabeta Ayra Dana

    ~~new character~~

    3/18/12 via Mobile
  • JamesTown.

    OOC: Hi , care to roleplay ? :)

  • ºвoυndιng'elĸ.

    Nor at the moment either so how about just winging it and seeing how it goes?

  • ºвoυndιng'elĸ.

    Yeah sure a roleplay sounds good and okay we can discuss a storyline then =) Got any ideas?

  • Elizabeta Ayra Dana
    Elizabeta Ayra Dana

    [OOC-New Character]

  • -Zydrate
    luv -Zydrate


  • -'Nefertiri 3/14/11
  • Inactive.

    "Thank you"he said with a smile before takeing a deep breath in.

  • Inactive.

    "A pleasure to meet you as well"he said looking down into her eyes with a smile formed on his lips."its my farthers uthur pendragon but one day it will be"he said.

  • Igraine De Bois
    luv Igraine De Bois

    OhOhCee Changed characters, want to start roleplay again?

  • Inactive.

    Prince Arthur stood their with a smile formed on his lips folding his arms his chest riseing and falling."Welcome to camelot"he said with a smile unfolding his arms before lowering his head takeing her hand and kissed it."A pleasure to meet you your magisty iam prince arthur"he introduced himself.

  • Phoenix.
    luv Phoenix.

    OhOhCee Hiya you okay?

  • Inactive.

    Prince arthur walked the same way his sword banging against his side while he was deep in thought before looking ahead noticeing someone who was knew to court who seemed lost.He smiled as he apporached her. "My lady are you lost..?" He asked.

  • ºDragon King.

    ooc; Would you mind starting? I'm trying to get this account going again.

  • Andor Elessar

    ((Well why thank you for accepting my friend request! Storyline or freestyle?))

    1/27/11 via Mobile
  • Elizabeta Ayra Dana
    Elizabeta Ayra Dana

    -----------Replied to here-----------