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Miss Ash

really should delete this stupid page.

6/11/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • bloody maoris :L

    You Know Ur Maori Wen:

    -You go to the senior ball with your cousin

    -A nice restaurant is an 'all you can eat' place

    -A sleeve is a form of tissue for your nose

    -You have to do dishes more than 3 times a day

    -Boil-up is your preferred healthy food choice

    -Breakfast is the left over boil-up from the night before

    -Your sent to pick watercress for a funeral, at 3 o'clock in the morning -You get to the watercress patch at 3.30am and the marae down the road have already beaten you to it

    -You organise for a get together at 2 o'clock, and everyone shows up at 5 o'clock

    -You can sprint barefoot on sharp rocks

    -You visit cuzzies, and someone's wearing the clothes you left behind last time you were there

    -You and your cousins sit around, and dis everyone who walks past

    -You give the longest shout outs on the radio

    -You have 6 people in the back seat of a two-door sports car

    -In a photo, someone's pulling some kind of gang related hand signal

    -Your at a party, and your aunty turns the stereo off then starts playing the guitar

    -You know all the words to 10 guitars

    -You see someone wearing your shoes that went missing at the marae

    -The words 'oi' 'eow' 'umm' 'chur' 'sweet' 'nah & yeah' are all part of your vocabulary

    -you go to school to eat the other kids lunch

    -you go to school to watch the teacher teach the other kids

    -bullrush is your favourite sport

    -you think your tribe is the best in the world

    -your older brother/sister makes you cry and your the one who gets a hiding for crying

    -Hello and goodbye are both said by raising your eyebrows.

    -your jandals / gumboots are: your running shoes, your work shoes, your flippers and your going out shoes.

    -your swimming togs are shorts and t-shirt. (and your in Maui, Hawaii, where all they wear is a bikini).

    -you run to do bombs at the public pools where it says no running and no bombing.

    -brushing your hair is ... just putting on a beanie.

    -you start driving, smoking and drinking when you are in form one (year six)

    -you cant speak Maori but are fluent when you are drunk

    -you laugh at everyone who cant sing

    -you laugh at everyone who cant dance

    -you laugh at everyone who cant do both at the same time

    -you go to a party and at least a couple of your relatives are sleeping on the table

    -you go to the same party three days later and its still going

    -you go diving with one flipper, a broken snorkel and no goggles

    -playing the spoons is right up there as percussion for the guitar.

    -you'll know your definitely a Mäori if you've read this email right to the bitter end, because...... Mäori don't like to miss out on anything.....

    0 Comments 253 weeks

  • ***KIWIS***

    Are you a kiwi?
    You know you are if...

    * you hit some1 if they tell you to cook them some eggs...
    * Whats a sweet potato its called a good ole kumara.
    * You’ve lost at least one filling to a K-Bar/Mintie.
    * You know that ‘thongs’ go on a girl’s bum – ‘jandals’ go on your feet
    * The difference between your winter and summer uniforms at primary school was a jersey.
    * You wouldn’t touch Steinlager with a 10 foot pole
    * The sound of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ makes you feel physically sick
    * You got fish ‘n’ chips for lunch at school on a Friday
    * The underwear you put on depends on which rugby team is playing that day
    * You get excited when you walk into a 7-11 overseas & see L & P
    * The America’s Cup results interest you.
    *You love the outdoors
    * You were made to learn how to count to 10 in maori before age 3
    * You know that “the big taste always gets through!”
    * Any sport is interesting to you when we beat Australia at it
    * The temperature hits 20 degrees and you have to strip down to your undies and sit under a tree in the backyard
    * You know for sure that Rachel Hunter is the hottest woman in the world
    * The thought of sitting on the toilet in winter makes you cry
    * You’ve trodden on a cowpat in bare feet
    *You know of the G line a.k.a Hot Gossip
    * You’ve referred to an accident as a “Minties moment”
    * You know what a ‘Perky Nana’ is.
    *You know all the words and actions for "Toi a mai te waka nei..........."
    * You can swim (really big in Europe)
    *You learnt how to make a bivawack (tent) before you could spell
    *You eat fish n chips in bread (or pies)......or anything for that matter
    * You don't trust any sunblock under SPF20
    * You can say 'Mate' with just the right accent!
    * You played rugby at least once in school.
    * You know that the only way to get out of PE is to have a limb in plaster(preferably the leg)
    * You'd kill for a frozen buzz bar and a TUI on a hot day.
    * You can say Whakatane without thinking it's a swear word.
    * You miss earthquakes.
    *You cant go anywhere without bumping into a "aunty" or "uncle"
    * You get excited when you see anything remotely sheep-ish!
    * You can take the lid of a beer bottle with a lighter
    * You had a pet lamb/calf, & attended your schools Pet day
    * You miss going to A&P shows
    * Hotdogs come on a stick, with crunchy batter and heaps of tomato sauce.
    * Watties is the king of all tomato sauce.
    * You know what scroggin is & wont go bush without it

    3 Comments 253 weeks

  • 100 fucking percent are you kidding me!!!

    If you say yes to at least 5 of these, you are a BOOZEHAG!

    **Drinking at least a bottle of wine or cheap champagne BEFORE leaving the house.(tick)

    **Purposely not eating before you hit the bars, cause it'll slow down the drinking process. This is also affectionately referred to as eating is cheating"). (tick)

    **Drinking more than 10 jagerbombs. (possiable)

    **Dancing on any available table, not discriminating against pool tables of course.(tick)

    **Screaming I LOVE THIS SONG for every song. (tick)

    **Having the bouncers, bar staff and DJ all know you at your local bar. (TICK)

    **Taking a flask of vodka in your handbag or jacket. (does a bladder of wine count)

    **Taking at least 60 photos of yourself. (tick)

    **Sucking face with a random dude on the dance floor. (has happend)

    **Being that person on their way home as people are jogging, and going to work/school. (TICK)

    **Doing the walk of shame, either home or out of the club, with shoes in hand. (tick)

    **Sustaining an unidentified party injury. (tick)

    **Making emotional phone calls to friends you haven't spoken to in a while. Or worse, family.(tick :s)

    1 Comment 260 weeks

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  • Dickford Terepai
    Dickford Terepai

    aloha hehe

    12/21/11 via Mobile
  • Heather
    luv Heather

    hello ash :) r u looking foured 2 be coming down bake to nz aye hope that u r aye you and thati just hope that u will still like it in nz aye just hoping that u wan to thank hahahahahaahaha nah buy buy just hoping hahahaha bye bye:)

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    hello ash what r u up 2 ? hope that u r haveing a great time.

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    hi ash its lovey.sori took so long to get intouch with u.heather did me a bebo and we both cant remember what the password is lol.Silly aye.im on her's....(only just)i told her i needed to send u a message she had a moan and said dont read any of my stuff and i wasnt even allowd to watch her sign in....weired!!!.Any! im so glad you're comming over in December.Have you got anywea to stay because if you havent you are more then welcome to come by us...and you know that ok.i always miss you ash and never stop thinking about you.Hows mum,dad,and jackson....ohh how he'"s grown up.You look beautiful as usual cant wait to see you.I have a facebook just look under rose takiwa.I tried to find you on thea to but no luck.i hope you get this message soon so that you can type to me on face book.love you heaps ash....i hope to hear from you soon...very soon. Take care and love to the family...heather said i can give you a love.

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    hi what r u 2 a hahahahahahahaha thats my fay thing to writ is hahahaha hahahaha... :)

  • Robert Gatu
    Robert Gatu

    hay sorry Ash the names rob from but anyways just wondering if your able to free ots from his chains just dis once, so he can bebo his boy in the number 1# place in the world (Wellington,New Zealand) hayhay lol nah sorry!!!! ive seen he hasnt been on line since last year. please can you past on the msg Ash rob

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    yep very long ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm

  • Hyzbaeby

    nqaw cool yay december nt that lonq oh tel mumzie i say helo hehe x

    6/16/10 via Mobile
  • Hyzbaeby

    yip excitd much hope ur here wen i have hm mising u heapz hows ur mum thease days ges havnt cen her in agez lol hpe ta c you soon thou aw and im naminq my boy tihi-oateranqi kinqston-lee takiwa qerrard :) u like haha x ryt bck soon as love ya loads babes x

    6/16/10 via Mobile
  • Heather
    luv Heather

    k mum really happy that u r coming round 4 a holiday and so am i i just cant wait hahahahaha

  • Hyzbaeby

    hi ash yip havnt had hm yet hez due tha 28th of october lol oh cool hw is it ova thea?

    6/14/10 via Mobile
  • Heather

    hi ash we all miss u and we really want to come 4 a holiday and i want u 2 come over 4 a coffy if u do hahaha.

  • Hyzbaeby

    hae ash how u bean aye lol ths b loma x x

    6/13/10 via Mobile
  • Heather
    luv Heather

    heyash what r u up 2 have a love......

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    hi ash mum was laghing when she herd that and i will tell everybody that you said hi ok and mum is so happy that you replyd.Mum can't remember her bebo password and she's been using my little cousin aliyah's one...um she forgot i have 1 she can use mine from now on to keep ntouch with u k?im gonna send u a love to keep.

  • Sensimellia - Strait KapitiCoast 5/13/10 via Mobile
  • Bonnie Wiki
    Bonnie Wiki

    hey huni well that soundz great...everythngs tha same hea bt definitly wl b kumin ur way sumtym.love u heaps an heaps.xoxo

  • Sensimellia - Strait KapitiCoast
    luv Sensimellia - Strait KapitiCoast

    l0ve 4 u miss ash xx fr0m me mikey n bayb b0y Isaiah x0x l0ve an miss u ash xx

    4/6/10 via Mobile
  • Kerrilee Yip
    Kerrilee Yip

    hay luv, em hada great bday big kindy girl now lol, pictures i know slack aye im gna get my cord from hme soon an transfeer sum photos frm my phne k so there should be photos on here lata lol, sons name delyric by the way anada random neme like em's haha talk to ya soon k hunny

  • W.S.K.C
    luv W.S.K.C

    sh0wn sum l0ve

    3/15/10 via Mobile