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NArni Bubbles

live life to da fullest dnt pass up a gud time

11/13/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 102
  • from south aux rewa
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: May 24
  • www.bebo.com/korinarnar
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close About Me

hard out , you kw it
Me, Myself, and I
hay it bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well wat can i say life is great im working in kingsland now lovin it work all dae party at nite if i dnt full asleep on da couch lmao to all the one i kw and love with all my heart love u and miss u and hope u are all livin life the way u wnt to i kw i am anywayz bubblez out

loving life goin to miss all my mate in palmy ie arlia my baby sista and everyone that kwz me lol so just remember to keep in touch with me and ill keep in touch with u

to all the gurls out there dat have had there heart broken from a guy u loved just remember that life goes on and never put ur self down cuz of what they donme they dont kw what they missin out on so keep your head up the right guy will cum along one dae

i live on music if there was not music i will die lol i go to sleep to music i party to it and i just lax out to music i like slow jams old skool hip hop r&b and all da other onez
fridae, next fridae, soul plan', twilight,
softball, rugby
Scared Of
nuftin lol my mum when shes shity i hate scary movies ie saw 3
Happiest When
partying, laxin, smoking, hangin
 g with my gangstars, kwin dat my mate are oki and when they with me
FoR lOvEd OnEz
MaNy PeOpLe WiLl WaLk In AnD oUt Of YoUr LiFe BuT OnLy TrUe LoVe OnEz WiLl LeAvE FoOtPrInTs In YoUr HeArT jUsT I wIlL!!!! luf me dont hate me!!!!!!!!!!
me me me

just want to make a shout to
kimi.sharnee.shanel.matt.my gangstaz in auckz.dad.monz.all of te piringa.and my gangsta in pamy he kwz hu he is
my best mate in rewa baby sista.ash.jamie.miss t.and more i love u guys
love and miss my family in palmy and all my matez and my cuzin matty fatty

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  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    heey babe im qoin qud thanx how's things in aux OMG ! yuo sooooooo shuld cme tu rota's me miss yuo

  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' heey babe nah idnt have ne credit ikant afford id lmao but il try and txt you kaay

  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' heey baby , yeea erethnqs alrytee babe hw is yuo

    1/24/11 via Mobile
  • -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' yuo kan have pink wun :)

    12/28/10 via Mobile
  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' annd anada wun :*

    12/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' ahkaay theen bubbles heas anada love's m'bubbles x : D

    12/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' bubble's :) ims is havn a smke wid my sissy and txtn sum fulla lmao hws werk ?

    12/22/10 via Mobile
  • luv -Im He'Sz WIfey

    ' heeey bubbles hehe x hea sum loves foa yuo my bubbles :)

    12/20/10 via Mobile
  • The.Bucky.Fairy

    yea im gud i gta new man hes lovely been with him for 7 an a hlf mnths nw. i was pregnant but i miscarried at 11weeks.um an na last time i herd frm phil was wen i sed his gf was well yea lol he hasnt spoken to me sinc lol but oh well

  • Chica Babyy Xo
    Chica Babyy Xo

    hy wifey wtchu doinq ?

    8/21/10 via Mobile
  • The.Bucky.Fairy
    luv The.Bucky.Fairy

    HEY!! fuk i almost didnt know who u were lol hw u been??

  • Luukeei'

    nufing ayee , hby ?

  • Katherine Herewini
    Katherine Herewini

    mean, whats it like owning your own bar? Glad to here everything os going good for

  • Arlia

    wea r u oi

  • Katherine Herewini
    luv Katherine Herewini

    Hay chick Long time no here. How you been? Morzey and i still going strong just been busy working and laxing back together. Not sure if joyce would have told you or not but we having a baby in june, a little boy, can't wait hehe. Shove that in macs face ay lmao. Speaking of mac do you here from her at all? Morzey got a happy new year txt from her and she couldn't believe that we were still together, having a baby and getting married. Well hope everything is going good for you jus throught i would pop in and say hi. Take care ay sis and here from soon i hope

  • Baby Girl
    luv Baby Girl

    Thanks and i'm almost 7months now not much longer ta go really. How u been? did u have a gud xmas? Heas sum love back xo

  • Moe McDowell
    luv Moe McDowell

    BOOOOO lolz :) leaving some luvz 4 ur page sugar :L .................. mite c u tonight ciao bubz

  • Rhonda M
    luv Rhonda M

    Hey Swt heres a heart just 4 u have a g8t day

  • ShiNey
    luv ShiNey

    wat u up 2 sista

  • M Z L A H
    M Z L A H

    Oh thts awsme yea sme hea

    11/29/09 via Mobile