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Heavenly Creations

Any requests for an edit/recolor? or a collage perhaps? If so, request here or on my page ^_^ (Rules in blog so plz read it 1st)

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About Me

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Me, Myself, and I
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I have a passion for art & I love to express my artistic, creative side through my artwork. Here, you will see all kinds of things I've made from the heart, & for fun; there will be many beautiful masterpieces for you all to enjoy. Alot of them, I do for my sister. ^_^

If any of you might have any requests, I will be more than happy to comply. If there's a certain way you would like for me to make it, just say so; leave all requests in the forum. There will be some things there you'll need to know, so please read it thoroughly first before making your request.

I actually have a page for all of my drawings I've done here on the computer & soon I'll post up my paper & pencil creations...once I figure out how to get the entire picture to scan on my scanner ^^; It's being a pain atm. Anyway, my other page, It's called Gallery of Art. www.bebo.com/ArtGallery07-08 Add it if you'd like. ^_^ Mata Atade Nei!!

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  • What I will need to make your request:

    1. A Photo(s) of your choice
    2. If it's anime:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Clothing Colors/Designs:
    Background Color if your photo(s) have a white background:
    Font Color(s):
    Color Invertion? (Flip the colors of the original photo(s) to look funky, creepy, etc. )
    If it's of your real-life self, friends,boy/girl friends, favorite celebs etc:

    Edit the hair?
    Edit the eyes?
    Add saying, poem or lyrics?
    Add glitter, icons, wings, etc?
    For Both:

    Animal/creature ears and tail?
    URL to tag your requests so no one steals/claims them as thier own. (REQUIRED)
    Color Invertion? (I know I already put that lol)

    3. If you'd like a collage, I will need no more than 10 photos of your choice- they can't be so small you can barely see them. If you'd like to customize even more, options are in #2.

    Note: I don't do this for , It's all from the kindness of my heart.

    What I use: Paint & Photobucket

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  • Rules & Profiles

    1. I will be the only mod here so don't bother asking to be one because the answer will be NO due to trust issues.

    2. If your profile is private, please add me first before making your request other wise I will not be able to get your photo(s) of choice to "doctor up" for you. You mat request here on this page, or on my page once you've added me. If you fail to add me first, I will DECLINE YOUR REQUEST IMMEDIATELY.

    3. DO NOT STEAL/CLAIM my work. I put alot of hard work and effort into my work. It can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to 30 minutes up to 2 hours, sometimes longer depending on how much I have to do. Please have some respect and common courtesy for my work, as you would expect to have towards yours.

     ATE photo requests! This page is not for that kind of stuff. If it is seen, the request will be DECLINED IMMEDIATELY & you will be REPORTED with a chance of your account being deleted. If it's for a hate group/band, it will just be IGNORED.

    5. DO NOT complain aboout your photo(s) if I don't get it/them exact. I do my best and do what is easiest for me to do because some things are hard for me. Be happy and thankful you got something.

    6. DO NOT RUSH ME. If you rush me I will DECLINE YOUR REQUEST IMMEDIATELY. I don't have to do your request right then. I have other things I have to do and am busy with. Give me time to do your requests.

    7. DO NOT STEAL/CLAIM THE PHOTO REQUESTS. They are not yours to just take. They belong to the original photo owners. If any are stolen or claimed wrongfully, you will be first asked nicely to remove them from your page and not to use them again. If you fail to do so, I will get UGLY and you won't like it.

    8. DO NOT LEAVE ANY HATE/RACIST/SEXUAL/HARASSING COMMENTS IN PHOTOS OR IN GENERAL. If any are seen, they will be reported as spam and deleted. The same goes for any spamming & you will be blocked.

    If you cannot follow and respect these few simple rules, STAY OFF OF THE PAGE AND MINE AS WELL. I will NOT tolerate any BS.

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    Mew Mew Zakuro Fujiwara by Mew Mew Zakuro Fujiwara
    If you'd like an edit or even a recolor, just leave your request here, but leave the photo of your choice in comments. If you want a collage, add me first, then mail me the photos you'd like to be used. The blog will contain the options of what you'd like done to your picture/pictures, thiough if it's something that has to be done on photoshop, I can not do it because I don't have the program, and I am not downloading it because it costs like $80 to have it and I don't have the money. The sites I do use though will be listed in the blog as well.

    If you already know how to make your own edits. recolors and collages, don't request one because then you won't have to worry about me not quite getting your request right and it'll save the both of us an unnecessary argument that is bound to happen. This is for people who don't know how to make thier edits, recolors and collages, and I've had quite a few requests from people asking me to make them for them, so I thought i'd help them out with this group. ^_^ So instead of having to explain how to make your own, I figured it would be easier to make them for you. But, if you do know how to make your own pictures, but don't how to do a certain thing, then you may request and join. I have no problem with that.

    If you'd like your picture(s) or collage turned into a skin, come here: www.bebo.com/FireAngelProductionz and I will be more than happy to make your pictures and collages into a skin. ^_^ The rules on the skin group are pretty much the same as on this one except there are a few that are different so please read those as well.

    I will have an album of random edits - characters you may use for rp, but please give me credit for editing/recoloring them and naming them. If you'd like one, just comment the picture and I will tag you on it. One character per person only. That way it's fair and no one will have any reason to bitch and bicker about who has more/less.

    As for the pictures I already have up, please do not take them as I've said before they're for people I love. Yes, some are for me, but still.

    Well, that about does it for now. Untill i update once again, Hasta La Bye Bye! :DD
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