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Amelia Xx

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  • Female, Luv 506
  • from South Wales[x]
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: December 2005
  • Last active: 11/17/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

A M 3 L I A™ ←*
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

I dont use bebo anymore, well hardly ever so get facebook or msn & add me yes? (: Goood now!

O H - B A B I I ♥ ... ▬▬►

    Family & Friends [♥ ]
      Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
           Single ...
        Eint You A Luki Fukka ;]
   One Life [&] I Live It My Way
  Nothing More To Say Babes ×

So Many Words Are Left Unspoken ... ♫ ♪
   Mr Brightside - Amazing Tuneage <3

     TARAAHH; # :D


Msn - mealz-wales@hotmail.co.uk

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The Other Half Of Me
Charlotte . X

Charlotte . X

Her Dads A Fireman ..;-] Hmm haha xX

- - ×♥
Family* .. Friends* .. Weekends .. Laughter .. Hugs&Kisses* .. Relationships* .. ManUtd - Prem.&.Champions League 08# .. Chatting .. Fashion .. Shopping .. River island .. USC .. Republic .. Qube .. Clothes .. G-starRaw .. Bench .. Sexy-Time .. Perfum .. Make-up .. Mascara .. Eye Curlers .. Straighteners .. Toni&Guy .. Handbags .. Photos .. Money* .. Tune-age* .. Sports .. Laptop .. Cuppa Tea .. MTV1 .. The Hills .. Hollyoaks .. Gossip Girl .. Mini -Eggs .. Diet Coke .. Bacardi/Malibu & Coke .. Summer <-- Gonna be the best yet.. ♥
   .. Its Fuckin Nuts
  - Very Good Friend Of Ours -
"awwwwwww my lord u 2 are like fukin tweedle dumb and tweedle dee :L "
Yeh, The Above Was Explaining Me & Cha
   Pretty Much Sums It Up (Y)
   All The Girls & Boys ..
      Love You All x

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  • The People Who Make My Life Worth Liviin [x]

    Cha Thomas
    Well what can i say about you babes? I could write a book about what we've been through & all our experiences Haha. Iv known you since we were in nappy class & i really duno what i wpuld do without you now even thought we fight like a lion and a tiger at war haa You betch:L & she also brings irrelavent things up from the past the cow but even thought you do all that to me I Love you loadz babe xX

    Cha Lovell
    You are one hell of a girl cha and i must say we've been through our ups and downs and shared emotions with starwars creatures:L haha but in the end we always end up laffin and having like 6 hour chats & we have our lil bum spottin sesions and tend to sing our hearts out to emo music Yehh:L ! Lmao You crack me up big time babe and im so glad your my matey:D Love you Shylock ..xX

    Dayna Mepham
    This girl is one wild child haahaa & she is one of the amazin singers in the band "chamewiananya" 2 3 4!!! Lmaoo :L You always brighten my day even if its by lauchin me across the room or trippin me up you bugga Haha Been through alot and now look where we are Id be lost without you Love you darlin xX

    Sian Jones
    This girls is one bitch from hell, but shes my bitch and i fooken love her:D haha Your awesum babe and even thought you like waking me up in the early hours of the mornin your still one of the tidest girls i know & i love you for it Love you Chik xX

    Amy Treharne
    This girl does fook all work in any of her lessons and jst sits there starin into space Haha But you know what, thats one of the main things i love about you, you dont give a shit:L Mind you when she puts her mind to it shes fukin better than me at art:L :L Your so funny and always share your crusts with me haa Love you loads babes ..xx

    Eleri Davies
    Shes one hell of a party animal & tbh i dont have a clue why i go out and hang round with this nutta because i always end up hammered or mentally distressed:L Shes the most funniest girl i know in my life and makes me laugh just by the sight of her Love you loads hun ..xX

    Nadz Williams
    Your my baby:D I cant tell you how much i bloody love this girl, and im always here for you no matter what babe. I love our 5hour chats on the phone and our wonderful story makin Lmao Your amazing hun never change Love you x

    Jess Rule
    All i can say is you will never meet a girl as lovely as jess. There is not one fault about her and i can garantee she will make you smile, come rain nor shine Lmaoo We cherish the memories we have in Art, textiles & maths & i dont have a clue how i would cope with school if you werent ther Love you xX

    Rachel Price
    I fooken miss this girl soo much, even thought i see her everyday Haha Used to love the days with Alec in music & history:L Your bloody awesum chik and we have lovely gossip sessions about the backstreet boys in Llandeilo outside the bank:L & i must say she has one lovely mother;) Love you loads chik ..xX

    Jodie Toms
    Well your my laugh and a half in science arent you jodie fach:L Me and you lil geeks at the front of the class in biology comparing our gliter stars on our hands Lmfao Love you x

    Tina Pen
    Well this girl is my booze buddy;) Iv never got so drunk than when im with this girl!! She makes me drink disgusting stuff and uses our plan to get it down me;) Wish you lived closer babe but ah well, the nights out are willd! Masterbation For The Nation:P :L :L Love You x

    Boys - Believe it or not, Tre-gib has some of the most tidest guys going, & if you eint in our school you would definately be jelous of the talent we have haa:L Cant get much better then them. Your all sound boiis:L ..xX

    There are plenty more of these Nutters which i love too pieces, but if im onist i cba to write a paragraph about you all explining one thing, How much i bloody love you:L You know who you are all my dudes & dudettes

    3 Comments 294 weeks

  • Mine & Charz Tenerife Madness Lmfao

    Omg wer do i fookin start eh?
    The important bitz haa:P
    LUKE - 1st we meet lil lukey:D awwwwww:D :D :D i loved him!! 'do you know brian who lives on a farm???' No love lmfao:L Oh he was the funiest eva!! TARA ... dont you mean bye??? lmfao aww hes a lil legend lik!! 'i love rugby, oh ye wt do u play? .. i duno? :L :L
    LEE LEE - wel dis legend of a dude was on our plane der lmfao!! & we saw him on the 1st night der in this pub & him singin lmfao:L :L :L oh he was hilerius ini cha!! he was so pissed he had to go home lmfao:L & den we saw him in aqualand haha oh he was so funi!! reminds me of a monk 4 sum reason:L :L
    KURK (AKA DUCK MAN) & BARRY - omg des men were the most perviest men eva but at the sme time the funist lmfao!! every mornin sittin on his bed lookin around for sum talent haha!! i swear they are lik bii or sumin?:L & us movin his beds lik evry mornin haha:L
    WOB - omg dis guy managed to wrekc the best noght of our lifes haha:L He was sooo posh haa & he goes to golf colege just outside bristol:L (say it in a posh voice lmao) he wod follow us evrywer n lik do dat smile haha oh god he was a twat thu!! im tramps lmfao i cod of swung for the fukka!!:L i cnt beliv it thu we fot we lost him n he was stood der haha!! & den wen tailor saved us from him haaaa oh diw diw the list cod go on haa:L Super mannnn haha
    TAILOR - Alriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:L :L :L dats the 1st & last thing he eva sed to us lmfao:L :L
    Oh dat night he came ova was the best!! everything i sed he wod say he fookin sed haha!! that convo has got to b the funiest eva:L 'You go out lst nite den?' yeah ... to the shopz & stuf haha WILLLD:L :L :L oh he crakz me up im tellin u haha! & dem starin at us sun bathein haha with his bro :L :L crist almighty:L

    1 Comment 306 weeks

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  • AmeliaCecelia David
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    Hey Welsh girl, How are yah! Im half Welsh . How is that Place. I aint been there since 1990 .. :DD

    5/4/10 via Mobile
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    Stunner 09

    personal invite.. ur a stunner.. join dis group!!!:D :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • SeanDavid
    luv SeanDavid

    ive added you on msn (Y)

  • luv .Charlotte

    It's santaaaaaaaaaaa!! we need to watch that:L ..i'll rent it haha. love you more than snowdrops (: Lol xxxxxx

  • luv .Charlotte


  • .Charlotte

    that's right:D how are we then? x

  • Mr.Mitchell

    haha your makin me blush:P lol yeah was good laf, better the dovery anyhow. aww unluky, i would of offer u my jacket, but i didnt have 1 haha plans for this week n? xxxxxx

  • Mr.Mitchell
    luv Mr.Mitchell

    found you!! hahah good night last night en? jeees it was cold outside metro's :| tap bak xxxxxxxxxxxxx Give Amelia Xx your luv for today.

  • .Charlotte

    Hellooooooooooo (:

  • Rhodzz.
    luv Rhodzz.

    Amelia got floored :P Czz I'm So Strong:L :L :L :L :L Have Sm Lovee;) :L Wb x