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The love between these two shall never be broken

6/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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My Timeline

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One dark one light we are eternal
Me, Myself, and I
Kairi Loves Roxas loves Kairi

forever intwine by the thread of fate

destined for love

fated for eternality

One warrior

One Princess

One rival

One prize

forever they shall be in love and forever they shall fight for the light to keep the darkness at bay.

A noboddy

A Somebuddy

equals eterinty love

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  • final chapter

    The dark figure came closer towards them, it was a young man with dark ebony hair, and pasty colored pants.


    Roxas noticed that the man was pointing him.

    “I’m not Sora.” Roxas replied coldly.

    “I’m sorry, you reminded me of someone. Well, my name is Aladdin.” the man stretched his hand out to shake hands with Roxas.

    “You’re Aladdin?”

    The man looked up in confusion.

    “Yeah..” he replied.

    “How come your ship landed in the middle of the desert?” Aladdin asked, curiously.

    “We don’t have a really good driver for our ship.” Riku glared at Yuffie, who looked innocently at the ground.

    “What are you doing in the middle of the desert then?”Yuffie asked, pointing to Aladdin.

    “Well, I came to see where my monkey, Abu had ran too.” he glanced over at his shoulder, there was a monkey happily bouncingon him.

    “What are you guys doing in Agrabah?” Aladdin asked.

    "Really none of your busniess." Axel muttered.
    Aries glared at Axel, "Don't mind him, he's always like that." she smiled.

    “If your Aladdin, then maybe you can help us!” Yuffie cried.

    “You see, Sora got captured by the organization! And-” Yuffie kept shouting.

    “Yuffie, please lower down your voice!” Aries scolded.

    “Anyways, we hope you can help us, maybe you’ve seen organization members here recently?” Aries continued to talk.

    “No, actually everything is fine.” Aladdin cocked his head in confusion.

    “Have you seen heartless?” Riku asked.

    “No, everything is completely fine, and tonight, I’m we are having a big celebration in Agrabah.” his face beamed.

    “For what?” Aries asked curiously.
    “The princess Jasmine and I are getting married.” Aladdin replied excitedly.

    “Oh, yes, Sora told us a lot about you two!” Aries smiled politely.

    “Yay! I love weddings!” Yuffie jumped up in excitement.

    “I invite you guys to come, since you are Sora’s friends, I trust you, and you have a better chance to look around for the organization if you come.” Aladdin continued.

    “We don’t have time to-” Leon was smacked on the mouth by Yuffie.
    “We’d love to come!”Yuffie screamed.

    “Great! Meet me at the market in an hour. Genie will help you when you get there.” Aladdin continued.

    “Okay!” Yuffie shouted, one hand on Leon’s mouth.

    Before anyone could say anything else, Aladdin disappeared.
    “Yuffie!” Aries screamed in a irritated tone.

    “What? It’ll be fun! Besides, I wanna go shopping!” Yuffie clapped her hands together eagerly.

    “Did you forget what we were looking for?” Tifa raised an eyebrow, her hands on her hips.

    “Like Aladdin said, we have a better chance on getting information if we stay here a little longer.” Yuffie argued.

    “I guess, its okay..” Aries gave up, putting her hand across her forehead.

    “Yay!” Yuffie bounced up in excitement.

    "Why do we always have to do what she says.?" Riku grunted.

    “Let’s go to the market then…” Leon said unenthusiastically.

    They walked across, the burning, hot desert, and after a few minutes, Yuffie was already tired.

    “Leon, carry me!” she pouted, putting her arms out like a little girl.
    “Why, me?” he asked innocently.


    “I’m tired too you know..” he muttered, crossing his arms together.

    “Well I’m tired!“ she argued with him, and climbed up to his back. Leon staggered , he almost lost his balance.

    “Arghh!” Leon groaned in pain, as Yuffie, wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist, making sure he didn’t let go.
    He attempted to drop her in the ground, but that only made her grip tighter around his neck making him practically choke.

    “Get off.” Leon cried coldly, trying to shake her off.

    “Aww you are such a gentlemen!” The ninja pinched Leon’s cheek tightly, leaving a red mark on his cheek.

    “Now go faster horsey!”

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  • chapter 3

    Roxas scurried down the ship along with Kairi.

    They had just arrived at the Disney castle.

    “Axel! Wait up!” Roxas screamed waving his hand from far away.

    “Hey what took you guys so long?” Yuffie tugged on Kairi’s shirt.

    “Nothing.” Kairi responded with a smile.

    “Well, come on lets go!” Yuffie said cheerfully, skipping along the bridge.

    They all stared walking towards the castle. They were all chatting in front of Kairi and Roxas who walked silently behind them.

    “Are you okay Kairi?” a warm, gentle hand touched her shoulder.

    Kairi turned around to see Roxas right beside her.

    “Yeah, I’m fine!” she said, with a reddish color crossing her cheeks.

    Before she could blink Roxas hand was on her cheek. It was a warm, tender feeling, Kairi’s heart raced.

    “Sora will be okay, I promise.” he said with a positive smile on his face.

    Kairi looked stunned at him.

    “T-Thank you.” she stuttered her words. She turned as red as a tomato as Roxas started walking away.

    What am I thinking? I like Sora.. Sora….

    Kairi walked along the cobblestone path, looking towards the ground the whole time.

    They finally got inside the Disney castle, it was an enormous castle. The doors where smaller than them sometimes. The whole castle was a lovely pasty color with cerulean. They finally got to the King’s room.

    Riku knocked politely on the door.

    The door immediately popped open with a tiny mouse coming outside.

    “Riku!” the mouse hopped on Riku, causing him to almost fall over. Everyone laughed at the sight.

    “Mickey!” Riku yelled excitedly hugging the mouse.
    “What brings you here?” the king lead them inside the throne room.

    Riku exchanged glances with Kairi, who had a heartbreaking expression on her face.

    “Well……” Riku began.

    “Sora got captured by the heartless!” Yuffie spat out in panic.

    “What?” Mickey looked at them in surprise.

    “Well..yeah..basically, we thought you can help us..I think the organization took him.” Roxas explained.

    “The organization?” the king looked at them in confusion.

    “Well..he was taken by a hooded man. We believe is part of the organization” Riku explained.

    “Do you have any idea how to get to the organization?” Aries asked.

    “Yes, I believe members of the organization are scattered throughout the worlds.” Mickey explained, taking out a map.

    Yuffie slapped her hand on her forehead, “We have to go to all the worlds!” she groaned.

    “ You have to locate the organization members, and follow them, to see where they are going, maybe then you will find Sora.” Mickey continued talking.

    “Well..if its for Sora..” Tifa bit her lip.
    “Yeah, we’ll do it for Sora!” Aries said in a confident tone.

    Cloud nodded his head in agreement.

    “Mickey, can you help us get to the worlds?” Riku asked.

    “Well..” the king began taking out a map.

    “Its not that easy, your ship….it won’t be strong enough to go to all the worlds..” Mickey replied.

    “So what do we do?” Tifa groaned.

    “I’ll let you borrow the Disney ship..,its just like the gummi ship you had before, Riku.” the king said glancing over at Riku.

    “Thanks” Riku bowed to the king.

    Axel yawned, “Well, lets go!” he said, snatching the keys from Riku’s hands.

    “I’ll drive!” Yuffie raised her hand high on the air.

    “Yuffie..” Leon said with amused tone.

    She is so funny…maybe that’s why I love hanging out with her………what…am I thinking?

    Leon head spinning with thoughts as he stared blankly into Yuffie’s excited, lilac colored eyes.

    “Come on!” she said tugging on Leon’s sleeve.

    Leon put a faint smile on his face as Yuffie grabbed on to his hand.

    “Hey! You’re smiling!” Yuffie shouted, pointing to Leon’s face.

    Leon tore his eyes away from Yuffie and had a serious face back on.

    “Man! That was once in a lifet

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  • chapter 2

    “Kairi, wake up!”

    Kairi woke up with a violent shake.

    She quickly rose up with a terrifying look on her face.

    “Where am I?” she barked looking around the shadowy area.

    It was deserted, a small black colored room, with no windows, just a small door and a computer lab.

    She looked up in shock as blurry figures stood in front of her. Kairi quickly rubbed her eyes and looked back at them.

    “Riku!” Kairi embraced her arms around a teenage boy with snowy white hair and bright blue eyes.

    Riku staggered a bit to keep balance as Kairi hugged him tighter.

    “Where were you….” she whispered in a barely audible voice.

    “Sora…and I…there was-” she stuttered through her words as a tear tickled her face.

    “Riku, they have Sora!” Kairi spat out, violently shaking Riku.

    “I know.” Riku whispered, brushing Kairi’s hair.

    “How do you know this? You weren’t even there!” Kairi whispered in a confused tone.

    Riku glanced over at seven other figures standing next to him.

    Kairi peered over his shoulder to see a boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

    The blonde haired boy's eyes lazily studied Kairi, and put a grin on his face.

    “Hi.” he said coldy shaking her hand.

    “Who are they?” Kairi asked glancing over to other boy with spiky red hair.

    “The names, Axel, this is Roxas.” The boy with spiky crimson hair introduced himself.

    “Hi,” Kairi replied with a half smile on her face.

    Kairi glanced over at the people she knew, Leon, Yuffie, Areis, Tifa, and Cloud.

    “What are you guys doing here?” she asked with a startled look on her face.

    “We’re here to save Sora!” Yuffie replied happily.

    “Where are we? And where is Sora, who took him?.” Kairi demanded.

    “Woah, slow down…Sora, will be okay, we’re here to save, him, besides Roxas’s wants his half back, so don’t worry.” Axel replied in a cool tone.

    Kairi’s eyes flashed at Roxas who was leaning against the wall with his organization outfit.

    “Are you part of the organization?” Kairi asked raising her eyebrow.

    “You can say that, but don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Roxas replied half laughing.

    “Right, now we are in Twilight Town, we h

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Roxas and Kairi's love story.

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