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Looking for an Akatsuki partner

In Search of two new moderators, Must be Akatsuki partners. (Sooner or later we will be hosting a meeting for who will be)

2/21/10 | me too! | Reply

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This is a place where Akatsuki is looking for the right partner
Me, Myself, and I
This is a place for an Akatsuki who is looking for a partner.
An Akatsuki member who is tired of being alone can come here looking for a good friend.
If you are to lazy to look for a partner just send a message to one of our moderators & we will try hard to find a good match.
If your not happy with your partner all you have to do is tell us whats wrong & if we agree with your excuse we will find you a new one.

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    Here in 'Looking For An Akatsuki Partner' we want you to find the perfect partner! We want YOU to tell US what your looking for in a partner.
    So, please fill out this fourm.(:





    About you:

    What kind of partner you are looking for:

    Then we will add the parners to this blog > http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?Mem... < Thank you! :'D

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  • Words Every Partner Needs To Look Out For

    Time for flip-flop!! = time for change arounds of partners meaning that anyone could be assinged a diffrent partner

    Training time!= every akatsuki partner will be shown how mutch they are well together in battle with another team if you loose you will be assigned another partner who we think will lead you to be a better ninja

    35 Comments 215 weeks

  • Akatsuki Partners

    ººCos-Kairi-Rukia Uchihaºº and Kouta And Luk Tsusuna

    Hèir No Itachi Uchiha and Un-Faith-ful

    'Unreal and Dante Rockimaru

    Alex Shadow and Sweet Akatsuki Vampire Neko Sakura

    Rosie Uchiha and Hidan

    ºRåïkåïïº.Teåmº.Kåmïkåzèº.Leådº and ºRyuu No Outcast-.

    Eve and Tatsuya No Outcast

    Deidara and Sasori Of Sungakure and Tobi

    Ñârûtø Ñø Akåtsükï and Aøkawa Uchiha Ryu Ñø HiddènMist (Not permanent yet)

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  • Tenzei Toragochi
    Tenzei Toragochi

    excuse me but I haven't had a partner and I've been a member for a long time. if I don't get a partner im going to leave

    3/7/10 via Mobile
  • luv StrawBerri

    i need a partner... please i don't need a girl on my side but if u wish u may... i just want someone

  • luv - Soralina Homesley

    i'll be new Moderator

  • Hime

    Hi *runs up to the mountain* how you all doing I'm new here :D

  • Tenzei Toragochi
    Tenzei Toragochi

    A white Falcon flies down to you and drops a poster that had a picture of me rolling in money and in purple said. " I am holding a Tournament. Which contains One on One fighting , Two on Two fighting , And Team Fighting. First will be the Team vs Team. The team that wins will recieve luv from the losing team. Then all members of both teams will split into 2(2 people per team) and battle the others. The winners will get extra luv. Then there will be One on One fights that will occur. The winner of this tournament will get  Edited picture of their choice. And Tons of Luvs. See you at the Registration booth(blog). Oh yeah , good luck you'll need it. The tournament starts. February 9 , 2010. Don't forget to tell your friends about it. See ya". 

    2/8/10 via Mobile
  • Sniper Wolf The Huntress

    looking for good people, some one kind and careing, add me plz,

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    I hate alot of thing and i dont particulary like anything but im looking for a partner that can have a similer friendship that Itachi had with Kisame and Suigetsu is the closest to the fit but i cant find one

  • Evolution

    I need a partner plzzzzz

    1/25/10 via Mobile
  • - - Blueberry

    . . . .. IM BEYOND GOD!!!

  • Яєηєgαdєン
    luv Яєηєgαdєン

    Well i guess thats a space open for a new partner not fussy just someone that can acctually fight and can roleplay decent

  • Young Hate
    Young Hate

    i want a partner

  • 秘密の性的虐待

    *Gets her paperwork ready and starts looking for new Akatsuki partners, she sighs and screams in the top of her lungs* DAMNIT SAKURA, NOW I HAVE TO WORK! *She sits in her desk, takes out a pen and begins asining partners*

  • StrawBerri

    not to sound.. ummm.. yeah.. but i need a team... a boy... yeah... i don't care if you are a killer i just need one... so yeah just add me.. mail me or comment me... i won't bite...

  • Dex The Shadow Noriko
    Dex The Shadow Noriko

    ++ ☇☇ 『 アーカード, Ākādo [P]owerful [W]arrior of the [H]ellsing Organization 』 ┊┊ † ┊┊ Look for a female partner that doesn't care about a thing but only take charge from me... like a slave... but not really.. she can do fuck all.. she can kill anyone she likes to do... if there is a female that likes doing that... come and add me... if you do... then send me a pm or comment....

  • Sora

    I AM GOD.

  • Hinata Akiyama

    i want a bf :(

  • luv Katarina Kern

    i need a male akatsuki partner please someone that is like itachi but different appearance akatsuki is better than team snake

  • Chiryoku

    For them to be smart and calm at all times even in the worst situations ^^

  • ナルト

    ummmm. i havent really fought about it:L im still thinking.


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