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IcE.Ice.Baby Rxc


11/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 69
  • from Norton. Bath/Bristol area
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Me, Myself, and I

Life is like a burger, eat it too fast and youl get indigestion but usually its worth it, eat it too slow and it might go cold and gay. Trying to live life to the full without the pain(unless you count getting wanked every weekend and waking up with every muscle in your body sulking because whatever dumb thing you did last night is finally taking effect on your body althought to be completely honest, was so worth it even if you cant even remember it). Its weird when you kinda start thinking about the future.. well after moving away you find out who youl miss when things change and who you wouldnt really miss if they got hit by a blimp(also if that happened youd just be mad that you diddnt film it and whap it on youtube). mintage.

U.W.I.C BA Fine Art


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Kel & Sash xx
The Other Half Of Me


''she's mint like polo's''

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.... Mighty Boosh Oct 08....

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    I think thats how you spell it? Haha..well im very creative as you can see (:

    Kelzz 1 Reply

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  • Cherise West
    Cherise West


    3/31/09 via Mobile
  • Kelzz
    luv Kelzz

    Jammin..i miss you! Can you hurry up & come home please? Im gettin sick of norton WAAAAAAAAAA! :'(

  • Sarah Louise
    Sarah Louise

    Yeh that would be a good night out i rec!! im up for it lol! and i get paid friday wooop i cant make it this saturday tho as im off to butlins! Wehey!! But yeh really wanna see ya and get on it like we did in ibiza n my bday night lol! Ummm clothes, phone bills 2 pay, n my partyin is kinda insane lately drink drink drink is all i do haha! Well il have to give dan a text n see when es free n il spk 2 sash wen i can! but yeh wouldbe good to come see you! if u prefer the old Facebook you can write back on there i just tend to use both! Loves xxx

  • Sasha

    jassy jasmine!!! me n ricky are in cardiff on sat (22nd of nove) :) i wil give you a txt and we culd mayb meet up for lunch?? love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sarah Louise
    luv Sarah Louise

    Jasmine, Im gutted i dint get to see you this weekend! When are you back next? We seriously need to go outy and get on it! Moneys a bit tight at the mo so maybe sometime in december of janurary? We need to get on it hahaha! hope Uni is all good n ur enjoyin it! Shame cudnt see u fri at the carnival but i wasnt rly in the state to walk far n meet u hahaha! Send me ur new number! actually no dont cos i got a new 1 so either send in mail over bebo or Face Book! Love you xx

  • Nissan Amira
    luv Nissan Amira


  • Nissan Amira
    luv Nissan Amira

    yea.............. i love ur dimples even more tho :P x

  • Kelzz
    luv Kelzz

    Hello!! Cant ring you as i have no mins :( Get them on the 16th/17th. You need to be on orange so i can have you as my magic number and have unlimited calls to you!! Yehh everything is goin fine. Me & Ry are wicked : ) All loved up lol..you know how it is ha. Work is goin well, had an interview for clinique (make-up) today back at jollys : ) so fingers crossed!! Awh apparently im having a little baby!! Haha thats the lastest ballshit. Its gettin ridiculous!! But its funny so o well. Goin to gener8r at Lakota on sat, so should be good : ) Get a stomp on!!! Errm..thats about it thats gwanin atm : ( You been upto much? Still partyin hard?? I expect when i come up will be for my 18th. Real sorry but money is a serious issue atm with xmas and what i owe mother so : ( Gay face homo. Mother says 'hello' Father says 'hi yakida boyo.wheres all me sheep gone'?!?!? Whatever that is meant to mean haha & Moo's says 'alright jas' LOVE YOU xxxxx ♥

  • Kelzz

    Umm...Jammin i had a really really really horrible dream about you : ( hope your okay xxx

  • Nissan Amira
    luv Nissan Amira

    y am i gay???? :L :L :L :L :L Yuuuusssss 2 the p.j. partyyyyyyy!!!! woooohooo! xxx

  • Kelzz

    Hello My Jammin! Hope you had a safe journey back (: And is all fine & Dandy...missin you now. This weekend was okay...just for the fact you weere here lol. Next time your down...we shall have a blaaast. wot wot wot! lol. Dans extensions are itching my head ): ha. Well heres all for now. Gimme a shout or a txt when you got 5...i'l prob ring you in a week or so! Let you know how i got on @ SLAMMIN BLUD...o and when you get those piccys developed scan them in if you can & send em to me (: Want some new ones of us to put in a photo frame. Lve you loads Jammin xxxxxx

  • Kelzz
    luv Kelzz

    Omg..everything is so shit atm! Really need you here...cant wait til the weekend. Fucking cheer me up init. practically EVERYONE in norton is against me xxx

  • Dan Cook
    Dan Cook

    alrite yh i had a gd day thanks bin working tho, hope ur gettin on ok, if ur bk then il pop up and c u k] xxx c u soon xx

  • Kelzz
    luv Kelzz

    Hellooooo jammin!! Sorry havent rang you, will prob ring in the next day or so! How are you? Hope your all good and getting on okay! Got quite a bit to tell you...... IM leavin college, to go into full-time work (explain when i speak to you) also....apparently according to the twats of norton iv caught an STI off of whittock HAHAHAHA, Fucking joke....wonder who started that? lol. Me and Laur.P had a slaggin match down the phone last night as she seems to think its funny to tell the world a load of made up shit about me! Apparently im a k-head who treated jay like shit...what when i found out he cheated on me several times?!?! YEH SURE lol. Went to lakota on saturday...was avin it! All us girlys went in :) Meant to be goin out in bris this sat on the waterfront. But im too scared and skint haha. Annyyywhos! Hope your gettin on with your work, and avin it at the same time! LOVE YOU MILLIONS!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • Sasha

    PHAHAHA i wrote myself a comment on bebo that was suppose 2 be for you bt it ended up on mine......WHAT A RETARD....so i anit gunna delet it cuz it just shows how much i am a nutter lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sasha

    actually jas i got a job interview on tuesday yay!! so hopefullyi will have a full time job then if not then i will come dwn n c you but i will skint lol!! get the fuck in! i need a hair cut 2....................... ...... loove you jasminda!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx x

  • Sasha

    heyyy how sad is this? its a saturday night and im staying in....help me jas im turning in2 an old granny.... im bored bored bored bored this sucks. got ur numb sorted yet? love you xxxxxxxxxxx