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Super Junior is a 13 member boy band from South Korea that was formed under SM Entertainment in 2005. With a total of thirteen members, they are the largest boy band in the world. They are also one of the most popular groups in Asia.

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어
♥ EeTeuk 이특 - leader
♥ Heechul 희철
♥ Hankyung 한경
♥ Yesung 예성
♥ Kangin 강인
♥ Shindong 신동
♥ Sungmin 성민
♥ Eunhyuk 은혁
♥ Donghae 동해
♥ Shiwon 시원
♥ Ryeowook 려욱
♥ Kibum 기범
♥ Kyuhyun 규현

ANTI-FANS off limitss
i repeat OFF LIMITS

- tram; kim ryeowook
- maxinee; lee sungmin
- britt :]
- & engsterss (;

thankyou for your support 8)
& if possible.. help us advertise =D

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  • KANGIN!!! wrote this in english everyone!!!! must read!!! 1 cafe entry from Kang King <3

    Hello~ It's Kangin.
    Posted on 10.05.04 at 15:22

    Hello, it's Kangin, have you been doing well?
    As you all know, I've hold a time of self-reflection and during that time I've looked back at myself
    I am doing well. After writing and erasing many times a message, now at last I'm putting one up

    To the people who always supported me and gave me their love I want to bow my head down and say sorry
    Now my days are fillied with regrets and reflection on why did I just overlooked the important things around me during that time
    These days I get asked from the fans who do not forget me and are waiting if I'll be part of 4th album activities
    Everytime I get asked this, there is a lot of worries

    Therefore I'm posting this message

    The 4th album's work is almost finished and now waiting to meet the fans...
    For me, I thought doing those activities was too early,
    Because I feel that I need more self-reflection time
    You won't find me in this activities.
    If you are a Korean man you have to do once your defense duty... the army
    I also thought a lot of when I would have to go
    I thought to myself whether it was that time now
    Even if the exact date is not decided, I'm expecting to be enlisted in a short time.

    But I support the members who are always close and I'm thinking about them standing together on stage
    Because our members really worked hard and again tried to create an album , please give a lot of love
    Because Kangin can not exist without Super Junior, please send a lot of interest and love too.
    I'll come back soon and i want to show my image being with the other members

    As it's my beginning and end, please cheer for super junior until the end
    All of you fans, you must also stay healthy
    I hope that only good things will happen to you.

    I’ll be Back~~^^*

    * He wrote it in english

    Source: Camomile and Onsaemiro fancafe
    Translated by Alice (『SexyDino☆彡』) @ sj-World.net
    Take out with full and proper credits. Do not add your own.

    0 Comments 168 weeks

  • Hangeng: The Volunteer ambassador loves China's culture the most

    Holding the volunteering idols certificate, he was letting the journalists and reporters to capture this ‘precious moment’. Yesterday morning, the popular idol Hangeng came to Baosteel stage at the Expo site. He sang a live performance of the theme song ‘The World Watching China’ at the Chinese Element (Provinces Activity Week) Conference. He also received the volunteering idols certificate given by Shanghai Expo Volunteer Department.

    Being Extremely Excited For Performing In Shanghai Expo

    Hangeng told the reporters that he felt very fortunate and excited to be able to perform on the stage at the Expo Site. “It’s really exciting, I’m especially proud of the Chinese Element Section!”

    In the Chinese Element teaching areas, there are different sections with themes of weaving textile, pottery, fan-makings, Chinese paper cutting, tea art and other talents etc, each sections showing different Chinese traditional cultures. Hangeng visited the sections one by one with interest, and after asking an old master to teach him pottery, he even tried making one by his own. “I’ve never had such kind of feeling before, being one part of the Chinese Elements; the experience gained is surely real, I feel really happy and relaxed.”

    Using His Influence To The Public To Be A Good Volunteer

    Although after bearing all those hardship and finally became an ex-member of a 12 people popular Kpop band, Hangeng still wanted to develop his career in his own country. Regarding to this, he said “I’ve been studying Chinese national culture while I was in Minzu University of China. I have been to many historical sites and I love Chinese Culture very much.” Hangeng had learnt 56 National dances, and even knew martial arts, he has been one of the three members in a gagster group while he was in university. People from other countries wouldn’t know how deep his feelings and devotion towards National culture, even the fans wouldn’t understand his inner feelings. Geng seems to be a lively and cheerful person, but back in Korea, he has always been the ‘silent kind’. His group member would always ask him “Why is Hangeng Hyung always reading book alone?” Sometimes on TV shows, Hangeng would also try to avoid the camera. He explained, “It’s because of difference in language that makes communication difficult, and because of different culture that made me unable to blend into their society.”

    Although Geng still haven’t got out of the contract problem, he had already come back (China) and entered the entertainment industry, and was supported by many mainland fans. Being at the World Expo this time, he said “I will treasure the identity of being a ‘Volunteer’, and I’m going to use my influence as a singer to be a good propagandist of Chinese culture.”

    Source: labour-daily
    Translated by 3unam @ sj-world.net

    0 Comments 168 weeks

  • Beijing Olympic torchbearer gathering at Sanya, Hangeng singing at The End of World

    100504 Beijing Olympic torchbearer gathering at Sanya, Hangeng singing at The End of World

    PRC Sanya Channel 4 May (Reported by Mao Lei):

    (The first part was unnecessary)

    On that day, Hangeng, who is a singer, a Beijing Olympic Torchbearer and the volunteering ambassador of Shanghai Expo came and pushed the atmosphere to the climax. He shared about his journey after being a volunteering ambassador of Expo and he sang the theme song of Chinese Elements ‘The world watching China’, making the fans present screaming.

    Source:P RC Sanya Channel
    3unam @ sj-world.net for translating

    0 Comments 168 weeks

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  • Britt.
    luv Britt.

    If anyone else is reading this .. hello ~ :3

  • KimRyeowook
    luv KimRyeowook

    It seems that this is group is dead now. No stress though. Let this webpage be preserved . :D SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING! Good luck on your 5th Album. Once an ELF, always an ELF.

  • KimRyeowook

    WOW, it's been so long. :D

  • . vᴀʟᴇɴᴛιɴᴇ .
    luv . vᴀʟᴇɴᴛιɴᴇ .

    Super Junior <3 - - ~ ! ~ - -

  • Elle Q
    luv Elle Q

    btw, i have a copy of their Super Show !! Concert DVD - IT IS AWESOMEEEE =)

  • Elle Q
    luv Elle Q

    randomly popped back onto bebo to share some love to the one & only, SUPER JUNIOR <33 SARANGHAE

  • luv Annisa Aziza

    sarangheyooooo super junior

  • Qwendalina Malama Isaia
    Qwendalina Malama Isaia

    hi, i adore ur guys so much..........im one of ur fans, but u guys are way cute and handsome.......i hope ur guys do best in da future......luv yall

  • Neah Head
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    herez heart share it bak

  • Kazuhiko

    i freaking love you alll XD

  • ᴀʟᴇxᴀ sᴀιɴᴛ
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    - Fav band of all time!

  • KimRyeowook
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  • KimRyeowook
    luv KimRyeowook

    and yes.. of course bonamana and no other are awesomee (: love the album and the repackaged!! ~ i am still a major fan!! :D and maxine still likes them~ please continue to support them. just like i am. you can always be a member of sj-world.net/ to get updated with the latest news.. :D it's a really good peoples!!~

  • KimRyeowook
    luv KimRyeowook

    hello guys. yes, this group is pretty inactive atm. but that doesn't mean we don't love super junior...:D us mods..have either deleted our accounts (oops) or are just too busy or have moved to fb. even so.. please continue to love this group. if you would like to be a new mod of this group.. please comment. we will get back to you asap. :) continue to love super junior just as we mods do!!! happy beboing..

  • Elle Q
    luv Elle Q

    I realise the group is kinda inactive atm .... well, you guys should come back! super junior's new song NO OTHER is hot hot HOT XD i love it it's been on repeat for the past few days and their whole repackaged album is soooo GOOD! esp. "A Short Journey", which has Kangin in it!! <3

  • Elle Q
    luv Elle Q

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR BEAUTIFUL LEADER LEETEUK-SSHI !! You are forever my angel =) Continue being an AWESOME LEADER to the boys, and stay strong! You're 28 now .. stop being a crybaby! unless of course, it's TEARS OF HAPPINESS :D haha, jst kiddings, i love my teukie being sensitive, emotional, yet CUTE & FUNNY & ADORABLE :D I hope you receive lots of presents & love from your family, friends and other suju members! HWAITING! XD

  • luv Maxine.


  • Elle Q
    luv Elle Q

    @Siwon i love Boom Boom!! XD especially the "twinkle twinkle little star" part

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