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Honest Eyes

you have until tuesday morning to get your pictures in or you will face elimination

6/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Don't you despise how models always look utterly flawless when really, they don't look a thing like their photograph? I told my best friend about my thoughts and we decided to create this. A group not only for the unique and individuals but for the beautiful people behind the camera! This sight is dedicated for both models and photographers of this century, for now. We're looking for a new prospective, a new image where anyone can be shown how beautiful or talented they are! We're honest too, so if we dont think that something is working for you, we help you. We want fresh, fun and inspiring new people to join, boy or girl.

Cycle one contestants have been choosen!
Well done girls, task one is in the blog!

Great girls! We have started to recieve task one entries and they will all be placed in an album on the due date, keep it up!

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  • luv Walton Veronica

    Trusted name for dating a women online http://th.ly/31w

  • Eden

    Sorry for the horrendously late reply; i don't really use bebo that much anymore! Sure, i'd love to join :) xxx

  • Stephanie.

    when are these getting judged btw?

  • .

    hahaaa. wanna use any? take as many as you want :L just attached a random photo. wb x (might have to add as a friend first)

  • Jodie

    i've been very busy sorry

  • la vie est beaute
    la vie est beaute

    Come and show off your modelling skills, Photography skills, looks and personality! Ask for your pic up-It will go up. Apply for cycle two closes soon!

  • Marr.
    luv Marr.

    i'm so sorry ..i have a picture, but i think i might have to face elimanation? i have loads of things to do recently and school stuff so i havn't really got much time atm to make my pictures very good and to the standard that everyone else has done. & i havn't been on bebo much when i do come on its just quickly to see my comments. thankyou for picking me anyways, and when school starts to give me less bloody work and revision i will apply for another task and hand my pictures in (; i'll keep my eye out for new cycles on this group (: thanks alot xxxxx

  • Samantha.

    okay, but im pretty busy exams etc. so i might as well get eliminated. sorry.

  • Chelsie

    sorry, ive been super busy. going to beyonce tonite and all. i will try and get it in tomorrow nite.

  • GlamourTrash

    Joinn ^^

  • Blossom Models
    Blossom Models

    join us and apply for cycle 1 ♥

  • Vegeta.
    luv Vegeta.

    Hey I'm Gonna Have To Drop Out Of The First Task... I've Got Family Stuff Going On. I'm So Sowwi I've Let You Down xx

  • Stephanie.

    when do we know what happening? do you put us thro' or do folk vote? xxxxx

  • Stephanie.

    http://s628.photobucket.com/albums/u... its not too good i think. but ive been busy all week with family illness so im sorry. but at least i got it in . . . just. xxxxxxxx

  • Hollie

    i know you said not to do it in black + white, but i really wanted to capture the red hood to make emphasizes on 'little red riding hood'. i've done two different pictures just in case. but this was my favourite. (: just message me if it's not okay. thanks x http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/m...

  • AmyMonster.

    Thanks for the reminder (; Here it is: http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/j... Drizella, from Cinderella. (: xx.

  • Model Mania
    Model Mania

    Model Mania! Anyone can join anyone can apply for cycle 2 so JOIN and APPLY now x

  • SNAP

    SNAP the spotlight is on Please join ! Applying now for both Photography and Modeling competitions, take a look and leave your application. http://www.bebo.com/snapcompetitions :) Sorry for the ad, feel free to advertise back.