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wat a shit week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 124
  • from wusta
  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: 9/23/10
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About Me

xXx---GHETTO- BOI---xXx
Me, Myself, and I
$kash$ here

name; kashif Saleem
age; 18 yrs old
hobbies: i play cricket and football
study at; Worcester tech
sex; male
support: Manchester united
fav plya:ryan giggs

$____ $
$ _$

__ $___$

_ $$$$$$
_$ _____$
_ $$$$$$

i listen to loads of music which i love but mostly i listen to bhangra, rap, hip hop and the occasional michael jackson
i like gladiator, all 3 lord of da rings, speed 1 and 2, all rockys, all matrixs, happy gilmore, family guy, click, exorcist, texas chainsaw massacare, dodgeball, longest yard, mean machine, the italian job and 300
my fav sport is cricket i also play football and golf
they r the only things im gd at!
scared of
nothin accept allah
always happy
im happy when im playin sports and drinking pepsi lol!!!
and wen im with my m8's and wylds lane crew!!!!!
many freinds the list is so long i can't be botherd to write it down, if u want to be my freind .cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thts my msn so feel free to add me cuz i luv talking to people and my freinds so feel free to add me.

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  • JINGLE BOMBS!!!!!!!

    Dashing through the sand
    With a bomb strapped to my back
    I have a nasty plan
    For Christmas in Iraq

    I got through checkpoint A
    But not through checkpoint B
    That's when I got shot in the ass by U.S. military

    // It's not funny!

    Ooo, Jingle bombs, jingle bombs mine blew up you see
    Where are all the virgins that Bin Laden promised me
    Jingle bombs, jingle bombs your soldiers shot me dead
    The only thing that I have left is this towel upon my head

    I used to be a man, but every time I cough
    Thanks do uncle Sam my nuts keep falling off
    My bombing days are done, I need to find some work
    Perhaps it would be much safer as a convenient store night clerk,
    Ooo, Jingle bombs, jingle bombs I think I got screwed
    Don't laugh at me because I'm dead or I kill you!

    // I kill you!

    0 Comments 282 weeks

  • memories!!!!!!!!!

    leave one memory of you and me together as a comment. it doesnt matter if i now u a little or alot, anything u remember. next repost this bulletin on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you!!!

    0 Comments 284 weeks

  • bebo family!!!!!

    > my ghetto girl < = ashliyee
    > My GanGsta < = yasa
    >My Dadd y < = rally
    > My Daughter < =
    > My right hand man < = ifran
    > My Son < = kashif jnr
    > My Big Sista = mev
    > My Lil Sista < = arshey
    > My Best Bruv < = Amaan
    > My Stripper < =
    > My Boyfriend < =
    > My Guardian Angel < =
    > My Babeh gal < = sian
    > My Idol < =
    > My Babe < =
    > My Stud < =
    > My Hot Stuff < =
    > My Secret Admirer < =
    > My Bad Gal < =
    > My Rudeboi < = sahad
    > My Babies parents < =
    > My Pet < = uzi
    > My Emo/Goth < = wasim
    > My Gawjuss Model < =
    > My Babeh Sitter < =
    > My Hairdresser < =
    > My Dirty Dancer < =
    > My Bit On The Side < = hassan
    > My Body guard < = BEANZ
    > My Homie < = nag
    > My Partner In Crime < = yasa
    > My Bitch/Babeh < =
    > My Prom Date < =

    9 Comments 293 weeks

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  • Rabby

    go fk urselffff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • T J
    luv T J

    i think she does and yh she will have to to be working ther hehe lov tj xx

  • T J
    T J

    nah not really just out and about eint it in town and shit speak to her when i go in macs though cuz she works in their dont she

  • T J
    luv T J

    just out wid mates really it shit around worcester these days eint it holla back TJ xx

  • T J
    luv T J

    iiyurh yh i safe tah you ?? glad it easter all the choco i get hehe and tym off college you avin fun wat you got planned for da holidays love ya TJ xx

  • Yasaroo

    :L nerd same bruv...i returned ur game...they gave a £25 credit not xxx

  • Yasaroo

    waazuuppp ghandiii or is i gandoooo wubu2? xxxxxxx

  • T J
    luv T J

    i think the teacher would end up avin a nervous breakdown hehe they had enough of us for that year let alone two years hehe we would have had sum amazing tyms though hehe

  • T J
    luv T J

    hehe well sixth form all missed huh xx have love back xx

  • T J
    T J

    2 year course eint it thats you doing science eint ya

  • T J
    T J

    i am in social work but i have to do social work first hehe it well boring but i have to put up wid it at the end of the day eint wb tj xxx

  • T J
    T J

    oh yh i forgot about her you could get away wid anything in her lessons hehe

  • T J
    luv T J

    oh yh i can remember that kerry = pathetic sue = always shouting graham = just use to stare at you that is what i remember of them hehe wb tammi have my love

  • T J
    T J

    yh i can remember when we were dun that hehe and when ash and amaan hit lucy by accident hehe that was funny they nearly got kicked out didnt they ! ! ! wb love tammi

  • T J
    T J

    aww you ok now though eint ya i bet you still taller than me hehe i loved 6th form hehe everyone use to get into trouble hehe yh i dnt think the teachers wuld want me and ash back i no that for sure the thing is ash is still their doing child care so i think they still she ash wb love tammi xxxx

  • T J
    luv T J

    iiyurh,, gurd gurd =] fair play 6 th form eint that gurd i am glad i have moved to tech what opertaion did you have i just cum out of hospital from having an operation on my ears i know i said we should all meet up again it will be funny wb tammi x x

  • T J
    T J

    iiyurh hun hows you ?? i didnt no you went to tech now hehe how long you bin going there and what you doing their ?? =] scribble bk love tammi xx xx

  • Anees T
    luv Anees T

    your gayy yassir