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I want someone to roleplay Keaton Stromberg for me:) -

Jul 11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remeber someone you never met
Me, Myself, and I
I am Kaylee info about me is in blog.
Guys Im a role player! I made up these characters! I wanted something new to work with! If you don't know what role play is Google it! I dont want people telling me Im fake (I made up these characters I dont see how I could be!) Thank You!
About my Roleplaying
No Godmoding, Text talk is fine as long as I can understand it!
The Other Half Of Me


She's amazing:)

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    I am so over everyone hating on eachother. I don't want anything posted on my profile, in my blog, or in my mail about anyone else! I'm hurt so much I just had a kid in my school that I knew committ suicide because of bullying. I'm sick of the hating and people telling others to die. I don't care who's saying it I don't want it on my page. In other words I don't wanna here about it. You don't like it. I DONT CARE!-

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  • Cassandra

    -Look you people need to grow up and give her a second chance. I did and I'm perfectly fine with her. And you people who are sitting their saying mean shit back and are calling her a cyberbully, or ugly, or telling he to kill herself. Guess what? Your the fucking cyberbully too! This whole argument and making accounts to have people bash on her is stupid. GROW THE FUCK UP! Guess what. She was rude to me and pissed me off too but I gave her a second chance so do so as well. I'm done talking. Wanna disagree. I don't care but any comment that bashes against her will be deleted :) -

    48 Comments 81 weeks

  • Bridgette

    So I'm Bridgette. I'm beautiful. I know this. I'm seventeen cheerleader for the sharks. If you wanna know more about me. Talk to me. Duh! :)

    0 Comments 110 weeks

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    "Beltbuckle" you announce and your mate Kyle who you've liked forever�stands up "Oh, Kyle!" you say and he laughs but is blushing...
    Once you two are securly in the closet you start talking and notice he is extremly quiet and not his usual self you ask him whats wrong and he blushes and is very quiet still he begins mumbling but you can't hear him. You ask him to repeat it and then he finally says "I've always loved you, but I know it won't go anywhere so nevermind" You look at him and smile, you pull him close and kiss him really softly on the lips and whisper "You're the man of my dreams" in his ear. He starts doing his cute little happy dance and hits his head on a pipe, he is instantly knocked out and falls on you. You yell for your friend to open the door because Kyle's been knocked out, they open the door and you lay him down and sit with him refusing to move until he wakes up about 10 minutes later.
    You both laugh about it and sit together holding hands for the rest of the night, you two officially start to date but after 2 years, he leaves to go to Paris to study French.

    You are heartbroken but don't worry because he can't even get on his flight, you are waving him off at the airport when he runs back screaming " I can't leave you! You're the love of my life!" for everyone in the airport to hear. When he finally reaches you again he plants a big old movie style kiss on you and proposes the next week, you are married and grow old together with only one child.

    Now thats love <3

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    • :)

      M.F.F.F.F. stands for, Magical Fork From Foo Foo!! :D

      Undo The Undone. 0 Replies
    • i love you so much

      justin bieber will you go out with me i am 12 years old will you ever go out with a 12 year old girl but my bffl thinks im pritty p.s i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
       ooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you are soo sexy love jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Jessica 2 Replies
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