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Likes how my age is now visible :)

6/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I realize now how silly it was of me to delete my old bebo, although I doubt I'll use this much. But it sucks having to start all over again.....

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1.What is your name?

2.How old are you?
15, 16 in two weeks :)

3.Who are your best friends?
Not really sure.

4.Do you have a bf/gf?
No :(

5.Are you happy with your life?
Not really.

6.And your love life?
It's not good.

7.What's one thing you want right now?
A cuddle.

8.Are you currently missing anyone?
Yeah a bit.

9. have you had a gf/bf in the past month?
No, dont think so.

10.Have you had a gf/bf in the past 6 months?

11.When was the last time you went shopping?
Erm....cant remember.

12.What's your msn screenname?
Fen, (f)

13.What's your bebo username?

14.What phone have you got?
Lg KF600- Its rubbish.

15.What time was your last text message received?

16.When time was your last text message sent?

17.What does the 5th message in your inbox say?
"House party last weekend of June, bring your mates! x"

18.Who is the 10th contact in your phonebook?
Beckii V

19.Do you get along with your parents?

20.How many siblings do you have?

21.Who makes you happy?
I dont know anymore, no one really.

22.Are your family close?

23.Are you in love?
I dont know anymore.

24.How many times have you gotten drunk?
Haha, lots.

25.Ever tried drugs?

26.Do you want children?
One day.

27.Do you believe in yourself?

28.What age do you want to get married?
20s or 30s.

29.How do you want to die?
In the arms of the one i love. Haha, so CHEESY!

30.What are your fears?
That I'll end up alone, being alone, injections, falling, heights.

31.What's your favorite place to go shopping?
Malaysia- everything is amazingly cheap!

32.Do you think you have ever been in love?

33.Answer truthfully, do you care what people think of you?

34.Have you ever punched someone in the face?
Not properly, but i want to.

35.What are your views on abortion?
It's ok in the early stages.

36.Do you smoke?

37.Who in your close family smokes?
Mum, Step-Dad.

38.Which do you prefer, pink or purple?
Erm...not sure. Pink probably.

39.How many pets do you own?

40.Do you prefer touch-screen or button phones?

41.IPod or iTunes?

42.Do you own an MP3?

43.Do you own an iPod?

44.If you do, what type of iPod?
Touch :)

45.Who do you get along with most, boys or girls?
Erm...not sure really.

47.What do you think of beyonce?
Shes stunning.

48.Do you watch skins?

49.How often do you lie?
Quite a lot :D

50.What is your favorite style of music?

53.Have you seen dirty dancing?
Yeah, but i cant remember what happens.

51.Look to your left, name 3 things you can see?
Stairs, bookcase, chair.

52.How many people, on average, do you text each day?
Dont know, a couple.

54.Do you prefer 50cent or Jay-z?

55.Have you kissed anyone named Josh?
I think so.

56.Do your parents live together?

57.Are you a virgin?

58.Shopping or cinemas?

59.What colour are your curtains?
Plum :)

60.How many messages have you sent from your phone? (You can check via settings, calls, time&cost, message counter, or something like that)
Im not sure, i cant do that on my phone.

61.What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Erm.....apple sourz.

62.How long have you known the 3rd person in your top friends?
I dont know who it is :S

63.Have you enjoyed this quiz?

64.Anything to say before you go?
Bye xx

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