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Ice Productions

Help me and my crew out by purchasing our 1st cd release! $10! soul_skript@hotmail .com 0212588283

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Self Published
Fairfield, HCITY, New Zealand
D'Angelo, Quincy Jones, Dr Dre, KRS1, Ice Cube, Bob Marley, the list goes on...
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Me, Myself, and I

I love music. It doesn't matter what type, what coast its from, what colour it is, i love music. Have been in love with music since i can remember. The passion i have for it transcended from hobby, to need. I.C.E is my philosophy on life that i learnt thru music. My goal is to inspire youth to make better choices, and to help shine a light on the dark corners of the world. I've always wanted a voice, and music is my stage. To Inspire, to create, and to express. I'm from Fairfield, Hcity - New Zealand. If you are an artist, a producer, a muso, or even just a fan of music, you are more then welcome to hit me up. I'm always keen to collaborate with anyone and everyone. One Love people... Iceman

P.s I produce instrumentals, and i also make my own music. All tracks i put up are rough copies, and all lyrics will be posted on my whiteboard, should you choose to delve into my mind. Album coming to a ipod near you :D

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Soul Skripturez - "Top 2 Bottom"

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  • Welcome music lovers

    What up peoples, just a quick message to those of you who choose to browse thru... All my songs are written, produced and recorded in the comfort of my home studio. Hence the crappy quality of the vocals lol so bare with me. All tracks are rough demos, and will be done up as soon as all tracks are completed. Any questions or whatever, just leave a comment.

    7 Comments 219 weeks

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  • Lyrics - What You Lack

    You lack the mentals, just for you to hear what I’m into, you have to prepare for it. The grand audit of the music game, I didn't choose this shit, I was given the name, I take music past where I found it, extinguish all the evil that surrounds it. Well gah dayum, ain't it a shame how these leec...

    Taipari Waaka 0 Replies
  • Lyrics - Don't Take Pity Upon' The Frost

    Compare me to the next man, and you've lost already. The Cold Man, sent here to rock blocks steady, regular ain't for me I need my shit upsized like "can I get a BIG mac, BIG coke, BIG fries? You look surprised at me, never thought you would see me M.C? Freely flow around my city? Well, I guess ...

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  • Lyrics - My Lady

    Verse 1
    I know your pain, i see it all, and yet you hide your feelings. Girl i am here to bare the load, you must have faith in something? Rest your head, put up your feet. I know it's been a long day. Now it's your time to unwind. Let me cater to you babe

    My lady keep your head up, fi...

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  • Taipari Waaka

    Just finished a track for Black Friday in HCity, gonna upload it to youtube, will put the link up when its done, cant wait!

  • B A B E S
    B A B E S

    1. say a girls/boys name who you wanna be with twice. 2.say your best friends name 5 times. 3.post this to 5 bands. 4.press f8 5.and your crushes name will appear!!!

  • LAwl
    luv LAwl

    bad my g ice proz jst fawt ill drp u a line sum tymes tha shit gts so damn hard the peeps n a owt let n u gt the trump kard

  • LAwl
    luv LAwl

    bad my g ice proz jst fawt ill drp u a line sum tymes tha shit gts so damn hard the peeps n a owt let n u gt the trump kard

  • Pania-Moana Johnson
    Pania-Moana Johnson

    Hey G Fa your doing well aye... Good on you bro im happy for you... Was listening to some of your old beats the other day actually... Mean maori mean!!!

  • Big Dub
    Big Dub

    Whats poppin my homie i got u some of our new traxz holla at me and i'll get them 2 you a.s.a.p okay kuz oh and holla at me if you gonna make it back 4 the show at charmers bar on the 11th of dec....i'll send you a copy of the flyers wen cy gets at me sometime today algud okay kuz hope all is well down your way my bro and i'll hear from you wen you get at me k......wun........

  • luv CHuck Tee

    chur brutha. wad's ben hapenin dwn ur wais ?? good?? mean jam u dun bro . CROUND REK .CHUCK T

  • Big Dub
    luv Big Dub

    ICEMAN Whats poppin' homie jus heard them new trackz brotha DOPE G "incase you didn't no" g im feelin all them bra ill get at u wen u come up aight.PEACE G CROUND REKORDZ 4SHO!!!!

  • Dinilla-Lee

    TAIPARI! Wheres paint a world! >:( PUT T ON EGG!

  • luv Leianne Simeon

    Finally had a look its GREAT!!! nice work my friend keep it up :D

  • . ThugPassioon
    luv . ThugPassioon

    hey ice man ; just dropping some love ;

  • Big Dub
    Big Dub

    what it do homie mean weekend b get at me g and we'll head n2 da lab and get 2 work on these new traxz no doubt H-CITY on da rize g holla out 2 all da H-CITY crews g lets put in work and do this shit g aiight peace out homie

  • luv Rik.B'Z Baby

    finally had a jack pretty mean beats thea kuz oxox

  • Big Dub
    Big Dub

    Iceman wht it do homie big dub dropn u a line g cround rekordz fo sho homie c u n da studio g.

    7/30/09 via Mobile
  • luv Charzs


  • Dilworth Bugsbury
    Dilworth Bugsbury

    churr taipari! just been jacking out your sounds, mean as looks like you got things on the move! who does the singing to your songs? sounds phat have you done any collabs with mu? whos doing your album design? churr will be looking out for it peace Docsta

  • luv Andre Pickering

    shot stranger brother kuzzy,, loven that beat playn kuz,, mite have to colab one day with ya when an if that time come's, only time wil tell. ol anyway,,, an how about life howzit treatn ya now.... howz all ma kuzzies share mai aroha round dont be to greedy haha nah,,, keep on keeping on Peace...... ..SuBLiMiNaL..

  • Nikki. B
    luv Nikki. B

    hahahaha love the profile piccy, just wait till its finished hehe, c u friday mwah! xxx p.s what u lack? nice!!!! keep it up you :p all my love xxxxxx