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  • Female, 17, Luv 35
  • from Shitty Belford
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 180
  • Member since: May 2009
  • Last active: 1/23/10
  • www.bebo.com/nufcasbogit
Me, Myself, and I
Katie Little 8)
13 ;)
Duchess's High School
The Other Half Of Me
Lucy Jeffrey

Lucy Jeffrey

bestmaaaates :)

i ♥ music. all types of music except all that headbanging bullshit ahaha. mainly listen to rap, hiphop and rnb. although me ipod has got a wide variety of different genres (:
love just football tbh ;)
Scared Of:
bees/wasps! not Gonna lie, hate them with a passion! ahaha.
Happiest When:
sleeping mate :D
Favourite Food:
well.. its gotta be an chinese. chicken chow mein wi fried rice and curry sauce is 'the sex' ahaha.

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  • 100 Questions


    1. Full name: katie grace little
    2. Nicknames: dafty
    3. Birthday: 31st october
    4. Place of birth: ashington
    5. Zodiac sign: scorpio
    6. Male or female: female
    7. Hobbies: MSN, bebo, facebook + hangin oot with mates
    8. Siblings: 1 twin brother- archie (13) + 1 half sister- gina (27)
    9. Occupation: pupil
    10. Residence: belford
    11. MSN display name: Katie (Y)

    --Your Appearance--

    12. Hair coloor: dark blonde
    13. Hair length: medium
    14. Eye colour: dark blue
    15. Weight: average
    16. Height: idk
    17. Braces? no
    18. Glasses? no
    19. Piercings? aye but its gone
    20. Tattoos? nay yet
    21. Righty or lefty: riighty

    --Your 'Firsts'--

    22. First best friend: cani memba
    23. Imaginary friend: idk
    23. First award: footy
    24. First sport you joined: footy
    25. First pet: dog- teddy
    26. First holiday: turkey
    27. First concert: neva been to one
    28. First love: idk

    29. Movie: idk
    30. TV programme: sky sports, da soaps, waterloo rd + shit like dat
    31. Colour: blue
    32. Rapper: dizzee rascal
    33. Band: n-dubz
    34. Song right now: strong again- n-dubz
    35. Friend: idk
    36. Sweet: mints
    37. Sport to play: footy
    38. Restaurant: maccy dees
    39. Brand of chocolate: wispa<?b>
    40. Store: jdsports
    41. School subject: none
    42. Animal: dog
    43. Book: none
    44. Magazine: idk
    45. Shoes: trainas


    46. Feeling: alrite
    47. Single or taken? single
    48. Have a crush? idk
    49. Eating: nwt
    50. Drinking: nwt
    51. Typing: dis duh..
    52. Online? wot do u fink
    53. Listening to: da mobos awards
    54. Thinking about: nwt
    55. Wanting to: dunno
    56. Watching: laptop screen + tv
    57. Wearing: nike fleece trackies, nike white tshirt +adidas grey hoodie

    --Your Future--

    58. Want kids? aye i suppose..
    59. Want to be married? mayb
    60. Careers in mind: footballa
    61. Where you want to live: nay sure
    62. Car: a flash one innit
    --Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex--

    63. Hair colour: any
    64. Hair length: short
    65. Eye colour: any
    66. Measurements: any
    67. Cute or sexy: both
    69. Hugs or kisses: Both
    71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
    72. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
    73. Fatty or skinny: average
    74. Sensitive or loud: loud
    75. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
    76. Sweet or caring: both
    77. Trouble maker or hesitant one: both
    --Have You Ever--

    78. Kissed a stranger? no
    79. Had alcohol? aye
    80. Smoked? -
    81. Ran away from home? no
    82. Broken a bone? aye 4 times
    83. Got an X-ray? aye
    84. Been with someone? eh
    85. Broken someone's heart? aye
    86. Broke up with someone? Mb>aye

    87. Cried over someone of the opposite sex? yee

    --Do You Believe In--

    89. God? naaa
    90. Miracles? nay sure
    91. Love at first sight? bit yee
    92. Ghosts? pfffffttt naaa
    93. There's gotta be something out there? eh

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  • Laura.
    luv Laura.

    Heyy Katieee Wtc? w/b Laura xxxxxxxx

  • luv Shanna Babyy .X

    Heyyyy nuthin much wbu ? erm sum little birdy bt am nt sure iv am aloud 2 tell :S xx

  • XSarax

    okay x

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    aye, aye. lol what time you there til? see you soon! :D

  • XSarax

    hi why did u say allways here 4 you?????????

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    hey, hows you? not talked to you in a while, been busy this week! just came bak home from walkin up cheviot, it was mint fallin in the big deep mud pile all the up and down the hill, it was funny when freddie fell in and it up to his waist man!! you been up to much? w/b soon ILY!! lucy x

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Hiya, sorry im bored and i just keep visiting your profile so i decided to leave a comment, but i dont know what to write so i prob be on about nowt lol hahahahaha btw im quite hyper!! xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Hi Bru, gd, i dunno when i can be on msn but i'll try and be on soon. xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    hiya do you like my new skin that i put on today? how are you? you up to much? write back soon xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    Lucy Jeffrey

    Thanks for the luv Bru! cnt wait for summer 09!] you? x

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Bru + Irn, Irn + Bru! we are the bestest out of them all, hehe lol my last luv! i thought i give it to MY TRUE BEST MATE!!!! xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    BEEP BRU, lol im ready too lol, wuu2? sys, w/b xx p.s- Summer 'O9 will be the rockest coolest summer we've ever had, the summer we will always remember

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Hiya BRU!! Alnwick high soon,,, oooooooh, are you ready? (4 high school) our summer '09 will rock too much lol.. see you soon... w/b..... xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    hello bru, hehe, im gd you? same, ive not had great hols but this one will certainly rock!! lol we rock! xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Hello Bru!! lol hows you? wuu2? phone charged up yet? cant wait for high school and the summer hols! were going to rock the summer hols and it'll be the best summer ive ever had!! lol w/b xxx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    Lucy Jeffrey

    hello, :L oh god stop making me laugh with all the funny memories we had so far lol, and tbh you were abit stupid then but it did look like the window was open! lol we are the coolies collies haha :L GAY BOYS! (do we love them ? lol ) xx ILYSM!! :D xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    Lucy Jeffrey

    hi, yeah that was so funny you were like oh lets go out this way, jumped onto the radiator sticked your head out and bumped on the window :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L lol, that was like the longest laugh ive ever had cos i couldnt stop laughing!!!! The Duck, lol, we need nicknames that noone might have mentioned before! ILYSM!!!!! your so fuckin cool 2 man!! man!! THE GAY BOYS! (scott, woody, ben) xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    Lucy Jeffrey

    Heyya!! Katie Woooo, Kielder was soooo Mint!!! Met all these mint people, got bruises :S lol MY DUCK WAS IN THE HOUSE AND FLEW INTO THE BLOODY WINDOW, thought it was the way oot but there was glass in the way lol :L :L :L :) :) :) :D :D :D hahaha, i had to play tennis in the rain today !!! :D i got drenched!! :) w/b/i/y/w lol True Best Mate, ILYSM!!! xx Gay Boys hehe theyre cool

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    Lucy Jeffrey

    Hello ;) ;) lol Our sleepovers will be the mintest ever!! lol :D :D well, yeah i agree nobody will be able to stay awake for 6 weeks with no sleep, :L mrs mob, grr >:( lets us stay awake during the night! :L :D :) hehe write back true matee :( no luvs :( hehe xx

  • Lucy Jeffrey
    luv Lucy Jeffrey

    Katie Woooooooooooo..... lol :D :D Sleepovers in Belford would be MINT!!!! lol cant wait for the 1st one!! and YAY lets see if we can be awake for 6 weeks without sleep, we failed the two nights one in kielder :( lol ;) w/b MY TRUEEE MATEEEEEEEE!!!!! p.s this is the last luv i have:(