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cant stop smiling because im a ninja :)

6/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 182
  • from Balamory
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 3,014
  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: 12/19/11
  • www.bebo.com/happy_lil_pwincess
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About Me

NEVER live on the past, it only comes back to bite you on the arse!
Me, Myself, and I
In the D.P
is meee!
and me sexy wife Amberrr!

=] Jennifer McAulay
=] Likes to quote Lee Evans
=] Except the dooby doo... He nicked that from me -.-
=] 17 :D !!!!
=] Got the bestest ever news recently xD
=] my life is confusing ;)

well what can i say without sounding boring?
nothing because its too late!!!
i dont consider myself as a boring person...
more.. random and spontaneous beyond compare
im sure people that know me too well will agree.

listen to the guru!
dont be FUDDY DUDDY's!!!
why? (you ask)
well... if you're a FUDDY DUDDY
well... you're no fun... enough said
please REFRAIN from being a FUDDY DUDDY!!
i've just helped a worthy cause. go meee!

I'm gonna make a change (uh) for once in my life....


omg!! i just put that on and me mam started dancing XD XD XD!!!
The Other Half Of Me


we are twix! take us apart and the music stops

oooo! i lyk moosik! spesh galaxy lmao steve nd karen at brekkie...duno how ad liv witoot it!
a lyk n e fing.... bt not horror...ooomegod! how can n e 1 watch horror?! ano its th point bt... its scary hehehe
erm... am lyk th laziest person in th world... y wud a wanna do sports? BUT! a do dance... not voluntary tho... tis cos of college... its gud fun ooo! nd CELTIC RULES nuff sed.
Scared Of
BIRDS!!! bliddy birds!! tha eevil! am tellin ya! am a walkin target 4 em! grrr... bt ovawise am not scared of nowt (yer...ya na am lyin) lol
Beth &lt;3
What can I say? This girl is just totally amazing! I love you to pieces hun! Anyone that gets in your way, hurts you, or is just a general annoyance to you. Tell me... they be swimming with the fishies when I'm through with them ;) Mwahahahaaa! >=] You're always there for me when I need support. Even if i haven't been supportive myself to you. My dear, you are a sexy, single (Lads!!!) sister of mine. Love you hunni! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooh!! people before I forget! beware when she says mmm danone!! :D
Amber &lt;3
I love this girl! She is the sex! I have decided! I love our random piccy seshs babe! I couldnt imagine having them with anyone else :) You are so random and awesome! Love You!

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  • Big Rooney

    metro?? eggle?? :L :L :L :P a think a scared beth!:O :L :L :L :L sum buzz! :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L xxxxxxxx

  • Big Rooney

    :L :L :L :L soz aboot last night on msn! a was pure pissed!:P wot u up2 the day? hows beth?:L :L :L :L :L am no drinkin again man!:P xxxxx

  • The Savior Of The Masses
    The Savior Of The Masses

    goood im finee thanks :D i finished college yesterday woo wont be there 4 a while now :D xx

  • The Savior Of The Masses
    The Savior Of The Masses

    yo jenni :D you okies ? x

  • Nathan
    luv Nathan

    luvv lol xxx XD

  • JB
    luv JB

    lol. I wish it was that easy, i hope you had a good birthday yesterday, sorry I couldn't get you anything, no cash. Here's some love XD xxx

  • JB
    luv JB

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii XD I'm good thanks, u? Thanks for the love so I'll send some back your way XP xxx

  • Matthew Pull
    luv Matthew Pull

    Well I'm not bugged :P so I win! ha ha ha to you! xxxxxx

  • Matthew Pull
    luv Matthew Pull

    Nout too exsiting. went to Durham with Josh, Si, Conner P, Sandy and Lester after college and then saw quite a few of my old school friends on the bus home and my new favourite stoner and Beth then got home and saw my bezzie marra's Lé;o n and Jonny and went to Newcastle and the Metro! good fucking day my friend =P how about you? xxxxxx

  • Matthew Pull
    luv Matthew Pull

    Aye I'm good tar =] how're you pinkie =]? xxxxx

  • Nathan
    luv Nathan