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Angelabensonmsn.Com Benson

click ME TOO if you have lost someone close to you and still breathe a sigh and wish they were still in your life today xxx

3/5/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 53, Luv 65
  • from new lodge belfast
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,550
  • Last active: 12/26/11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
at the minute im watchin family guy n at this minute its a lafff maybe 2 moro ill wonder what i was thinking lol .
ghost is my fav coz its about the dead and it dont scare me, i cant stay still long enuf to watch a film, best of all is one flew over the cuckoos nest ack i like oul films my mam n da made us watch, any sinatra films or brando
kinda like football but only if its celtic, prefer the rough of good gaelic, love good proper boxing, think if i cud swim i wud be class!!!!!!!!!
Scared Of
Moths, , pigeons(rats with wings)definitely wasps and bees they should all be exterminated they are terrorists they terrorise many people.
Happiest When
in my kitchen havin a swally n smoke with everyone who visits me, love talkin hard to shut me up but so what, sleepin is a waste of precious time, having the tv to myself

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  • luv Migsybhoy

    hi angey.how did you get on over easter? hope all was good.tell BB i was askin for him.hope all is well.

  • Kevin Mckenna
    luv Kevin Mckenna

    Awrite Angela and Bb, Everything ok over here. Siting wae big Chico getting a bottle of Buckfast. CAnt wait till we see you on Easter Monday for a Drink!!!! Hope you are all ok

  • luv Migsybhoy

    oh thats terrible.tell BB he has to do all the housework now.you will have to take it easy.have some birthday love to make you feel better.hope to see you all soon.

  • Migsybhoy

    happy birthday when it comes!! 21 again?

  • Migsybhoy

    hi everybody,hope all is good!

  • Back To Black
    Back To Black

    hi miss, iv not got ure num as aye broke ma phone but im havin a bday party on the 31st of oct if u bb n laura fancy cumin over for it xx

  • Chic O'Hagan
    luv Chic O'Hagan

    Nut be long now angela, hows bb, tell him i was askin and i wil se us on monday

    8/13/09 via Mobile
  • Chic O'Hagan
    luv Chic O'Hagan

    Angela hope to see u on monday , al be in the bar for noon get a wee drink before i go , joan sed hi , so red stuff bk , share it with gerrad

    8/10/09 via Mobile
  • luv Maria

    lol angela he was on tv, eveybody was ringing and textin to say his big head was seen lol thank fuk i wasnt seen, trust him! ha

  • luv Maria

    Awk u headin to Dam? im so jealous.. i love it :-( wer tryin to get a wee trip over in sept hopefully

  • Back To Black
    luv Back To Black

    hello mrs:D wits been hapnin, anything exciting? cant wait till the weekend:) u up for partying ? xxxx

  • luv Maria

    Alright ange, thanx for the luv, have some back Im dead on, hows u? Never really down the road anymore, up in torrens living, bit of a hermit these days lol xx

  • Migsybhoy

    hello,hope all is well.

  • Louie
    luv Louie

    Aye its a real one alrite!! if you type in ali quotes they all come up there is some crackers there!

  • Back To Black
    Back To Black

    :L :L :L :L :L :L lmho how can 1 person sleep that long!!! he is defo off his head, how many nock backs was it:L i still wasnt with the normal world yestarday fs. wen u get the pics on the comp e-mail them to me. did u speak to mariea? xx

  • Back To Black
    luv Back To Black

    hello petal :D hows u? u recovered? im just recoverin i was fucked lol sori i never came in b4 i went but i slept rite threw n had to jump up sean quickly made food,got ready nhad to run to the airport. ill b over next week coz me and sean are goin to book a holiday n head away next month. just for a week. need away from this shithole.xxxx