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My Best Friends

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  • App created: May 2009
  • www.bebo.com/app-bestfriends
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About This App
This app adds an extra module to your Bebo profile, in which you can write what you want about your top 8 friends.

If you don't want to write about a particular friend, then just leave that box blank, and they won't appear in the module.

Want to write about your other half? Check out the Other Half Box - http://www.bebo.com/app-otherhalf

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  • Updated Smiley Support

    Hey guys,
    Just updated the My Best Friends app to the new smileys, while keeping (L) as an alternative to and (8*) (without the *) putting in a Musical Note.

    Hope you guys enjoy all the new smileys in your My Best Friends App :)

    :) :)) :( :D :o :O :L ;) >:( :Z :P ;o :B 8) o_O [moon] [b] [rednose]

    36 Comments 216 weeks

  • Added smiley support

    Hey guys,
    So, I just realised that some of you may have been wanting Bebo's smileys in your My Best Friends.
    So, naturally, I added them :)

    You can now add any of the main smileys :) :( :D :o :O :L ;) >:( :Z and :P aswell as (L) for the luv heart, and (8) for a musical note, so you can quote a song that means something between you and your friends


    16 Comments 220 weeks

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  • andy

    Eminem by Eminem
    its noty working;) (
    0 Replies 57 weeks
  • how do you do friends in common

    Eminem by Eminem
    how do you do friends in commonhow do you do friends in commonhow do you do friends in common
    0 Replies 122 weeks
  • christinna anni.

    Eminem by Eminem
    christinna anni.
    i actually love you bbz. were so close now! were mad fat with all of our food from china inn me and you bitchin about loads omg look whaa your makin me do your always there for me im always there for you :* ihave loads more yih alcho just effort of writing it well deena i love you

    kiara baird
    yes were cousins we found out amazed! and ehm you ditched me and jj for fuckin bogger land bitch! ye have te come down to us i miss che:* we had great times didn we like makin hot chocolate and wastin all yer cream yera slut^^; ooohh! and ehm parmo all the time we used te but now yer not here anymore good times with you love you kiara.

    geena lenord
    omfg i love you! yer amazing yih are i could tell you anything :* you could tell me too lunch in school does be gas hahaha we got caught in the fuckin toilets^^; over me makin sex noises thaa was funny ah i love you bbz yer always askin me for a smoke ! well i was in school see told che i go well l too much te write about you so ill leave eh here:* loveyih doll .

    claire mcauley
    claire claire claire ,, were real close who would think we only know each other since september our talks do be gas and dirty yih riding hoore! ah claire yer mad nice :* asking me do i want a kitten nall ah bless and ehm haa your never in school shocked i am haaa you weren allowed home teday but i was nanananana^^; well nothing else to say :* loveyou

    0 Replies 122 weeks

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  • 3/23/12
  • Bye Bebo Nd Facebook Haa

    the app's broke since last year y'guys:/
    i guess the creater moved on from bebo + he's right to, bebo is aloud of shit:D ..as for the app, i used to love it nd now it's not even gettin' fixed@_@ but move on! bebo app's not working isnt the end of the world ye loca people, get out of ye're bed's or chairs or what ever:D , live life cause bebo is definitly not a way to live:L no offence to the creaters of bebo, of course;) cause i used to love bebo when i was younger.. jus grow up a bit and live out side of the internet like:) ya i kn i have a bebo iswell:L but it's not like im gonna sit here and cry my ass out over a bebo app:D


  • Robert Anthony Kay

    same problem here not working

  • Kyshan

    mine dnt even work man>:( dum!!! wats wrong?

  • Raynar Paul
    Raynar Paul

    my bestfriend app doesnt work

  • Xox Babiie Gurl Xox
    Xox Babiie Gurl Xox

    why isn't this working I want to friggin up date my bebo!

  • Eminem

    it not working for wb z:Z :L :* :* :)

  • 反ノ塚連勝

    >:( fixxxxxxx the app i would like to write about my friends >.>

  • XoRosiie-Kelly-BiitchoX

    the app isn't working, fix it! we're all waiting 'cause this used 2 be good man:Z

  • ºbombastic

    not workin :( (((( do sumfin with it! i wanna change it a bit! :DD

  • Deztinaay

    lyyke wtf :( ehts nt evaan workn !! :DD staaaanak

  • Alejandra'

    My Best Frend App Isnt Workinqq Whats Wronqq with It!??:/

  • Destiny. X
    Destiny. X

    * this isnt even working , whats wrong with it ?

  • Mahumby

    * does dis sheext even work ?

  • Just Joanna
    Just Joanna

    It Be Dead. LAWLHEY.

  • .'Ashley-

    Uggh Iit DoOszeentt Eveen WoOrk >:( Fiiqcksz E'tt Plzzz :( :(

  • .Louie Howell

    Fuck this app its Fucken useless >:(

  • Terina Adores

    dum i had some really cool stories to write and now it doesn't work :O

  •  ºnadine

    it doesnt fucken work.:( :/

  • Lady Annabeth Aquamell

    There seems to be a problem with the application. It wln't let people get onto it. :/