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About Me

Lovee Aint All It Is Describedd to Be
Me, Myself, and I
Follow Daa Lovee Stories Of Shayy,Awa,Felicia,Olivia [&&] Sara
The Trials And Tribulations(Mainlyy Trials)
Shayy-Quiet, Cutee Wun
Awa-Loud,Hoeishh Boom Wun
Felicia-Sexayy, Rudee
Sara-Fuglyy,Loud Wun
Katrina-Sexayy,Quiet Wunn

To All That Havee Small Brains(Not Mentioningg Names Yuu Know Hu Yuu R) Shayy And Felicia Love Phillip Thee Whitee Boyy. Awa Loves Abiodun And Sara And Olivia Love Deandree.
99.9% Truee
Daa Batchh Is Basedd On Lieesz Andd Snakeyness.
Copyrightt :D

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  • Chapter 22-Olivia

    Awa Feelsz Likee Shit. Shee Must Havee Fort Shee Wasz Gonna Get Phillip. Narr Man He Was Mynee. Now Shayy Daa Bitchh Wasz Dead Phillip Wasz All Mynee.
    "Soo Phillip Howsz Lifee"
    "What Kindd Of Dumb Qwestion Is Dat How Am I Meant To Feel Myy Wifee Is Dead!"
    "Shee Wasz Yur Wifeyy?? Wow. Thatsz A Shock"
    "Ohh never Mindd"
    "Noo Tell Mee Olivia"
    "Well Shee Wasz Bangingg This Mann A Week Beforee Shee Wasz Shanked"
    "Shee Was Basically Cheatingg Ornn Yuu"
    Yhh I liedd! Andd Wot!
    "Daa Bitchh"
    "I Knoo"
    KMT He Startedd Cryingg What A Pussyy.
    "Dont Cryy Phillip"
    I Liftedd Hisz Chin Up. I Gavee Him A Look Andd Lipsedd Him. Hee Didnt Resist Yess.
    "Look This AInt Right I Know Yur Lyingg Cusz Awa Wud Havee Toldd Mee Thisz Aint Right I Still Love Her!"
    "Noo Cum Back Pleasee Sorry I Liedd"
    "KMT. Yur All Daa Samee! All Of Her Soo Called Friendsz!"
    "Pleasee Phillip Itsz Just I Havee Alwaysz Likedd Yuu"
    "Yuu Did"
    I Began To Unzip Myy Short Black And Pink Dress(Yhh I Woree Pink To Daa Bitchsz Funeral It Wasz A Special Occasion A Littlee Colour To Celebratee Her Death)
    I Bit Myy Bottom Lip.
    "Stop It Olivia It Is Not Right Okayy Yur Meant To Be Her Friendd"
    "Shee Never Likedd Mee"
    I Began To Cryy(Fakee Cryy)
    "Aww Baby Dont Cryy"
    Hee Didnt Even Cum Near Mee When Hee Said It. I Contiuedd To Undress Sensually I Revealedd Myy Bodyy To Him.
    "Cover Dat Up Olivia"
    "Noo Look Phillip I Wont Hurt Yuu"
    Hee Turnedd Back To Facee Mee. I Corresedd Myy Bodyy Andd Moanedd I Cud See Him Getting A Bonar.
    "Yhh Yhh??"
    Hee Said Lookingg At Myy Pussy.
    "Sit With Mee"
    Hee Wipedd His Foreheadd Andd Edgedd Towardd Mee.
    I Rubbedd Hisz Legg Andd FOundd A Way Into Hiszz Trousersz. I Rubbed His Stick. Hee Hadd Big Tinggsz Shett!
    Hee Wass Reluctant At First but He Began To Suck Myy Breast.
    "Phillip Fuck Mee Pleasee"
    Hee Turnedd Mee Roundd Andd Enteredd Myy Bumholee. I Havee Never Donee It Disz Wayy. It Iss Soo Painful. Hee Bangedd Mee Hardd Pullingg Myy Hair Andd Mouthh.
    "Ahh Pleasee Stop Get Out Phillip"
    Hee Slappedd Myy Bum andd Thee Back Of Myy Head.
    "Shut Daa Fuck Up Yuu Wantedd Mee To Fuck Soo I Am"
    Hee Waszz Soo Violentt.
    Hee Threw Mee Off Thee Benchh.
    "Suck Myy Cock Fuckingg Gungee"
    I Did As Hee Askedd. Hee Grabbed Myy Head Andd Began To Forcee It In My Mouthh. I Wasz Chokingg But Hee Didnt Caree. Hee Cummedd IN Myy Mouthh 5 Timesz.
    "Swollow It Bitchh"

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  • Chapter 21-Awa

    I Had To Come Clean About It. I Felt So Durtyy. I Watchedd Her Diee For Sumfingg Shee Knew Nuffingg About.
    "Yuu Killedd Deandree Right?"
    "Yhh Right What Reason Wudd Yuu havee For Dat?"

    "Awa Yuu Were A Good Beat"
    "Yhh I Get Dat Alort"
    "Wanna Cum Backk Somee Timee?"
    "Narhh Sorry I Dont Beat Niggasz Moree Than Oncee"
    "Ahh Watevaa Gungee"
    (Whyy Do Boysz Doo Dat When They Go Onn A Mad Wun Andd Insult Daa Girl?)
    "Dont Skeen Mee Do Yuu Know Hu I Am??"
    "Noo But I Know What Yuu Aree A Gigalo Now Low Yurselff Andd Get Outta Myy Wayy"
    "Noo Bitchh I Am Daa Rass Gen Andd Nobodyy Disrespectsz Mee Andd Getsz Away With It Soo I Suggest Yuu Re-think Yur Answer Andd Attitudee"
    "Ohh I Am Scaredd! KMT. I Havee Thought About It. Hmm. Not Gunnahh Happen Now If Yu'l Excusee Mee"
    I Bargedd Past Him Andd Heee Yelledd
    "Yur Gonnaa Regret This Dayy Gungee"
    I Slammedd Thee Door. What A Cunt. Hee Must Havee Fort I Wasz Gonna Goo Im Sorry Deandree Wee Can Fuck Anytimee Yuu Likee!" KMRT. Boysz Nowadaysz
    I Wasz Homee Alonee Myy Parentsz Hadd Gonee Owt To A Weddingg Yesterdayy,
    I Switchedd To Channel 101. Yes I Wasz That Boredd. BBC NEWS Yahh Dunnoee:P
    "Last Night There Wasz A Murder A Man Calledd Curtis Ekerin Wasz Murdered In His Car"
    That Wasz Wierdd That Wasz Myy Dadsz Namee.
    "Alsoo His Wifee Carol Ekerin Wasz Rapedd Shee Claimsz Thee Attacker Wasz A Young Teenager..."
    Thee Description Andd Picturesz Matchedd My Dad,Mum Andd Deandree.

    "Yuu Expect Mee To Believe That Myy Sweet Deandree Did That Pa-leasee!"
    "Sara How Fuckingg Blindd Do Yuu Havee To Bee Not To See Hee Is A Slimyy User Andd Abuser?? Thee Prick Knockedd Yuu Up Andd Madee Yuu Look Likee A Loosee Slungee He Madee Yuu A Clown A Jokee What Will It Takee For Yuu To See?"
    "Noo I Refusee To Believe It"
    "Well Yuu Better Cusz Hee Hasz Causedd Thee Death Of Yur Soo Called Friend!"
    I Bargedd Past Her Andd Walkedd To Thee Graveeyard. I Took Thee Shovel. I Looked Down At Her Gravee And Mouthedd Im Sorry i Love You. I Dugg A Bit Of Durt Andd Threw It Ornn Her Coffin. I Fell To Thee Floor Cryingg Likee iN Dem Nigerian Moviesz Andd I Felt Strongg Armsz Pull Mee Up.
    "Itsz Itee I Lovedd Herr Too."
    "Yuu Did??"
    "Shee Was My Wifee"
    How Did Shayy Pull Thiss Hottiee.
    "Ohh How Longg Did Yuu Guysz Goo Out"
    "Bout A Week B4 Shee Wasz Shankedd I Never Got Thee Chancee To Hear Her Voicee Again" Hee Brokee Down Ornn Myy Shoulder. I Wasz Thee Reason Hee Neveer Got Thee Chancee To Hear Her Voicee Again.
    "Im Sorryy"
    "It Aint Yur Fault Bbz Dont Worry"
    "EHemm" Olivia Said.
    "Sorry To Break Up Yur Littlee Moment Buhh I Wud likee To Console Withh Phillip"
    Thee Heartless Bitchh Winkedd At Mee. Wee Aree At A Funeral For Godsz Sakee. Herr And Shayy Were Meant To bee Thee Closest.
    "Cum Ornn baby Letsz Goo Sit Down Insidee Thee Churchh"Shee Sed Again Shee Lookedd Back As Theyy Walkedd Away And Mouthedd. I Am Gonna Fuck Him Haha Bitch Shee Makesz Mee Sik.
    Shayy Why Shayy Whyy!

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  • Chapter 20-Sara

    *Shaysz Funeral*
    "We gather here today to give thanks for the life of Shay Williams
    , who shared her life with us and died on May 15th 2009, at an age of 14 years.
    It is in her memory that we gather and for his/her life that we are thankful.

    For everything there is a season,
    and a time for every matter under heaven:
    A time to be born and a time to die;
    A time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;
    A time to break down, and a time to build up;
    A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    A time to seek, and a time to lose;
    A time to keep, and a time to cast away;
    A time for war, and a time for peace."Thee Priest Said.
    I Could Barelyy Concentrate. Myy Head Was Goingg In Full Circlesz. I Felt Likee Bawlin' Buhh At Thee Samee Timee I Wantedd To Open Her Coffin Andd Yell.
    "Yhh Bitchh Karma Has Turnedd Full Circlee"
    I Lookedd Aroundd Mee. I Saw Manyy Peoplee Aroundd Mee. All Swelledd Up With Tearsz Even Awa Andd Felicia. Thee Idiotsz That Wantedd Her Dead.KMT. I Couldd Feel A Tear Roll Down Myy Facee. A Tear Of Remorsee. An Apologyy Typee Thingg. But Wait Shee Killedd Deandree. Shee Got A Tastee Of Her Medicinee. KMT. Cunt! I Hatee Her. I Am Gladd Thee Bitchh Is Dead. I Lookedd Over At Awa Wuncee Moree But This Timee Shee Caught Mee Watchingg. Shee Lookedd At Mee With Suchh Anger Andd A Sort Of How Could Yuu Look.
    "Oh Lord, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is over, and our work is done.
    Then, in thy mercy, grand us a safe lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last.
    Amen."Thee Priest Saidd To Endd Thee Servicee. As Wee Walkedd Towardd Thee Gravee Yardd To Bury Thee Dead Bitchh Awa Grabbed Mee Into Thee Churchh Toiletsz.
    "Ow Mann Whyy Suchh A Firm Grip Gheesz!"
    "Shut Daa Fuck Up Sara"
    "Rude KMT"
    "I Know Yuu Did It"
    "Skeen Did What Okayy Yerhh I Stolee A Mint From Thee Church Toilet God Forgivee Mee. Now If Yuu Will Excusee Mee I Am Gonna Goo Buryy Myy Friend"
    "But Thee Thingg Is Shee Werent Yur Friendd Wasz Shee. Or Elsee Yuu Wudnt Havee Pulledd Thee Plugg Wud Yuu Havee"
    I Took A Deep Breath. How Did Shee Find Out? If I Playy It Cool Andd Plead Thee Fifthh She'll Believe If I Denyy It
    "What Plugg"
    Slap. Tht Stungg Likee Madd Oh Myy Daiisz
    "Yuu Killed Shayy I Saw It Withh Myy Own Twoo Eyesz"
    "Y Yuu Actingg Likee Yuu Didnt Want Her Dead"
    "Theresz A Differencee A Feelingg Andd An Action"
    "Yhh Bitee Mee! Goshh Yuu Shankedd Her"
    "Yes I Know I Madee A Mistakee. But All I Wanna Know Is Why? Why Sara? Whyy?"
    "Shee Killed Him"
    I Fell Too Thee Toilet Floor Cryingg.
    "Shee Killed Deandree Myy Onlii Lovee"
    "Ohh Dat Brehh"
    "Hee Werent Justt Anyy Brehh Hee Wass Thee Perfect Wun For Mee Andd Shee Destroyedd Anythingg Wee Had"
    "Yuu Guysz Had Nuffingg"
    "Wee Havee This Childd I Am Carryingg Do Wee Not Andd Pluss How Wud Yuu Know"
    "Cus I Bangedd Him A Couplee Timesz Andd I Saw Yuu Blowingg From His Yardd Ballingg In Thee Nudee He Treatedd Yuu Likee Shit. Yuu Aree Simplyy A Bang"
    "No No Shutup Awa Yuu Know Nothingg!"
    "I Know Alortt Actuallyy Andd I Alsoo Knoww Shayy Didnt Doo It!"
    Myy Heart Skipped A Beat. I Was Shuree Shee Did It I Mean Princee Toldd Mee.
    "Hee Told Mee!"
    "Well Thiss Boyy Liedd To Yuu"
    "Huu Did It Thenn Hmm?"
    "Mee I Did It"

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