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Tired and sick.

12/11/12 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

R.I.P. Dad Feb. 22nd 1949 - Jan. 1st 2010
Me, Myself, and I
Born into the cold barren this world had become at thirty-five, Messiah had no recollection of any sort of past. He had no idea why he was even here or how he was here, but he started living his life normally like anyone would do but suddenly it all came to a halt. He had a calling, unknown to him at the time that it was from within his own head, to cause harm upon himself and other people, so he was led to believe. A couple of short months down the road he came in contact with a man known as Tobias King Baal, the voice of Baal captured Messiah’s attention, Messiah realized that the voice of Baal was the same voice he had been hearing in his head but the big question is who is Tobias King Baal and how is he able to control the mind of Messiah? That my friends, is an entirely different story.


The Other Half Of Me
Tobias Baal

Tobias Baal

The man who commands my evil that I deliver.

Overall Record since my return. Promo wise, I don't count non promo
12 1 0

Current Fed Records


12 1 0

Currently contracted to OWA and UWW

Alex Hunter
Steven Arex
Chris Walker
Craig Knightly
Craig Adams
Bobby Hogan
Blake Eradist
Joey Alderson
David Hughes

Ricky Maine
TK Jones
Hayden Porter
Jason Ryan
All feds read
I am currently not joining any feds. I am in one fed and one fed only. I am very busy keeping up with just that one. I am not joining anymore feds so don't even attempt to ask because the answer will be no. I am a one fed exclusive. My duties lie with UWW and UWW only!
Entrance Theme
Burning The Cornfield by Jonathan Elias
The Burning Embers (Canadian Destroyer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YBs3...
Satan's Rage (Joker Driver)
Basic Moveset

Kick to gut
Front face suplex
Double Axe Handle
Kane Uppercut
Arm Drag
Snapmare & Necklock
Modified version of GTS
Headlock Punch
Mat Slam
Back Chop
Scoop Slam
Eye Rake
Forehead Bite
Low Blow
Snapmare & Dropkick
Super kick
Crucifix Pin


Argentine DDT
Reverse Suplex
Sleeper Hold

Downed Opponent

Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop
Mounted & Punching
Mexican Armbreaker
Camel Clutch
Cross Armbreaker
Standing Legdrop


Big Boot
Back Body Drop

Cornered Opponent

Elbow Attack
Knee Attack
Figure Four Neck Lock
Corner Choke
Illegal Pin
Lucha DDT
Toss Into Ringpost


Body Punches
Elevated DDT
Running Leg Drop
Vaulting Body Press
Dive Through Ropes


Diving Leg Drop
Diving Cross Body Pin
Diving Elbow Pin
Mid-tier Title Reigns
x2 EWA Elite Champion

Very last UWW Cruiserweight Champion Never lost it. The fed closed while I was still champion.

x2 COA Undisputed Tag Team Champion w/ Chris Walker

Former WBW Openweight Champion

Former NSNP Divas Champion :L
Long story.

Current OWA Intercontinental Champion
World Title Reigns
Former FWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Former NSNP World Heavyweight Champion

Very last NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Left as the uncrowned champion.

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The Falcon Bryan Hellion's Titantron

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  • Victims claimed since my return!

    1. Taylor Westfall (NEW)
    2. Basilio Raul Morenos 2x (NEW)
    3. Revenant (NEW)
    4. Matt Young 2x (NEW) and (RHW)
    5. Seth Knight (NEW)
    6. Jamo (OWA)
    7. Mark Taylor 2x (OWA)
    8. James Janetty (OWA)
    9. Starrbuck (OWA) Intercontinental Championship

    2 Comments 80 weeks

  • Retirement

    I don't really know how to say this but under terms I can't fully understand myself. I feel it's time for me to leave but even though I'm gone that doesn't mean I'm gone forever. I don't have many friends on here. Reason for that is because I'm a fucking prick. I'm an asshole but there is a few people on here that I do owe a contribution to which would be Craig Knightly. What can I say about him? A great guy and one of the nicest people I know on here. He's been a good friend to me and he's helped me when times were hard. That means a lot to me. I'm not going to get all sentimental but he's one of the best friends I have on here. Another person I'd like to thank is Aaron Destiny for giving me the pointers I needed to produce better quality promos. He taught me what I needed to know to be able to do that. Another would be Chris Walker. Never thought I'd say anything about this guy because I hardly knew him but after working with him for a few short months he has helped me a lot and helped me get the push I deserved as we worked together. Another would be Adrian Flynn, well Adrian Flynn has to be credited for my sucsess if not for Adrian Flynn there would have been no Raydin Simpson and if not for Adrian Flynn I may still be Romeo. Adrian Flynn a true Champion of Champions. I would also like to thank Joey Alderson, may sound strange but he always made me work harder than I would normally have to and last but most certainly not least would have to be Chelsea Armstrong. She's a great girl who I have known for quite some while. She's great when it comes to creativity. If I missed anyone please let me know and I'll be sure to add you. That's really all I have to say if you have any questions about why I'm retiring message me on msn and if you don't have my msn then obviously there's a reason why. The reason may be because I feel you were a little bitch and shouldn't have it or maybe you simply never asked for it. There's always a reason. Well good bye for now folks. See you all in the future after life.

    26 Comments 144 weeks

  • My father's death

    Hello, under ordinary circumstances I would never reveal my true name but in this case of tragic events I think it’s an acceptation. My name is Ricky Lovelace better known as Raydin Simpson or Romeo and I’m one of the three sons of Hugh Foy Lovelace


    House fire claims man while he slept

    SHELBY - The new year was less than four hours old when a fire claimed the life of a Shelby man as he slept.
    The call came to the Shelby Fire Department at 3:48 a.m. on Jan. 1. Four days later the news became public through a press release from Chief William Hunt.
    Hugh Foy “Hughey” Lovelace, 60, was dead before firefighters could get into the house at 229 Putnam St., held back by “rapidly expanding fire,” the release stated.
    The information from the Chief did not identify the victim, but his family talked with The Star on Monday afternoon.
    Ricky Lovelace and his younger brother, T.J. Lovelace, sat around the home and talked with their dad on New Year’s Eve. He had three sons.
    Like any other visit, Ricky said, “We talked about whatever came to mind.”
    The sons left about 10:40 p.m. Thursday and headed to Ricky’s house, near Jackson’s Cafeteria.
    We told him we loved him and we’d see him later.

    The fire

    First reports to firefighters indicated that three people might have been in the house.
    Ricky said that was understandable.
    “T.J. had started living at Daddy’s house, about three months ago,” Ricky said, and sometimes he, too, would sleep at his dads house. They had started to that night, but changed their minds.
    “I wouldn’t go to bed there (until) about 6 - I’d stay up and watch TV,” Ricky told The Star on Monday. “If I had been there, could I have helped?
    I still don’t want to believe it.”

    At the scene

    It was Della and Crystal Crump, Hughey’s nieces who lived nearby, that notified Jerry Lovelace, the oldest son, Ricky said.
    “Jerry came busting in my room: “Get up! Daddy’s house is on fire and they can’t get him out!”
    The brother’s rushed to Putnam Street, Ricky still in his “Wanna Horse Around?” Joe Boxer pajamas.
    “I believe that’s the fastest I’ve ever moved in my life,” he said.
    Family at first thought Lovelace, a smoker, may have gone to bed with a cigarette, but investigators told them no cigarettes were involved, Jerry said.
    “Then, from what we saw, we thought it might have started in the front room.”
    But there’s another possibility, he said.
    “Daddy had gas cans on the front porch and people were shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood.”
    Lovelace, known as a tinkerer and trader, had six old riding lawnmowers, a gray station wagon and a white Jeep on the property.


    The Shelby Fire Marshal’s Office, with assistance from the Shelby Police Criminal Investigation Division and the SBI Arson Investigation Unit, continue the investigation. Hunt’s statement said,
    “Preliminary findings point toward the fire being accidental.”
    Fire scene tape - strung between two trees in the front yard and circling the house - flutters in the wind.
    The back of the house isn’t as bad on the outside as the front.
    Inside, most everything is charred or melted, said Lovelace’s only daughter, Tonya Asquith.
    Fire melted his mattress, and elsewhere in the bedroom, only items inside the dresser drawers were not destroyed.
    In those were some family Bibles, Lovelace’s birth certificate and other paperwork, preserved enough to use as they try to settle his affairs.
    She found one thing that encouraged her - her father’s Bible. Scorched on the outside but with pages intact.
    “You opened it up and inside it said, ‘Hugh Foy Lovelace, Born again 5-16-99.’ That’s when he got saved. He just changed completely after that.”

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  • Fusion

    You are scheduled to go one-on-one with Alex West for the final Pot of Gold spot at All or Nothing.

    If you want open mic time, you're more than welcome.

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    Hello, Messiah. How about giving DWF a try? We offer promo and non-promo, and you could take a part-time deal if you wish.

  • OWA Ramifications
    luv OWA Ramifications

    Just reminding you that you're defending your Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Norton this week.

  • The Future Federation
    The Future Federation

    Messiah get your ass back online and join our federation!!

    Love Maddog and Amber ;)

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Yeah, when it comes to needing to do one, ill do some search :)

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Aw right I see, looks pretty diffecult aha.

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Sounds good, how do you make promo's i've heard them mentioned, do you make youtube videos? I got a friend of mine to make a bebo wrestling account, female, always need a dark female character xD


    I will get her to add you, get her stuff up and running :)

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Dont worry about titles, don't need them to dominate a fed xD

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Aw no don't give up, no need to do that, sure if people see wrestling accounts might get more roleplayers! :) Does Messiah have a tag team? If not I was thinking we could create a team like Undertaker's old "Ministry of Darkness" with many people involved.

  • Lionel Messi
    luv Lionel Messi

    Thanks, rp sometime? :)

  • Oblivion

    We know each other very well Ricky ;)

    Love TDD

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    Hell yeah! First the Legends Title, then onwards to the World Title!

  • Underworld Wrestling
    luv Underworld Wrestling

    Promo Reminder!
    Show: UWW Underworld
    Deadline: Wednesday 11:59pm UK Time, 31/10/12
    Please promo ASAP!

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    Hopefully I can become the UWW Champ again!

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    Ah that sucks man, I'm sort of in a similar situation. Keep on losing out at titles and #1 contenderships! I'm sure you'll win the big one soon enough (:

  • Johnny Viper
    Johnny Viper

    Haha thanks! It's partly to do with my character at the moment, but I am on a bit of a losing streak :P

  • - Falcon
    luv - Falcon

    Aw man that's really cool, thanks. Appreciate it! Will upload it to my page when I get on a pc. Not seen a lot of that footage before. That just off youtube?

    10/15/12 via Mobile
  • - Falcon
    luv - Falcon

    I used to accept mailed promos then post them into the blog via the fed page. Don't like 'secret' promos. Don't think they're fair. Nobody is going to give it their best if they assume their opponant isn't going to bother. I would suggest asking JC if either have promo'd.

    10/15/12 via Mobile
  • Underworld Wrestling
    Underworld Wrestling

    Promo Reminder!
    Show: UWW Underworld
    Deadline: Tuesday 11:59pm UK Time
    Please promo ASAP!

  • - Falcon
    luv - Falcon

    You'll need to promo first! =P To be honest, I'm not sure Adams or Phoenix will promo. Could be a cheap win but screw it, eh? It's the UWW IC Championship! All the best.

    10/14/12 via Mobile