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Naomi Imoan

........ x

2/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 162
  • from x da gud old st.keyne x
  • Profile views: 21,447
  • Member since: December 2005
  • Last active: 7/7/09
  • www.bebo.com/_x_Da_SpEcIaL_no1_x_
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Charlene Matthews

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scared of ♥ღ
♥loosin ppl dat mean so much 2 me.. x x x x♥ but then agen SOME of the ppl that u think MEAN so much 2 me reali dont!!... x x x
Happiest When ♥ღ
♥ wiv my mates!!!!♥
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  • тнιик ιм ...

    [_] тнιик ιм ƒιт؟
    [_] тнιик ιм нσт؟
    [_] ωαит тσ кιšš мє؟
    [_] ωαит тσ ¢υ∂∂ℓє ωιтн мє؟
    [_] ωαит тσ нσσк υρ ωιтн мє?
    [_]тнιик ιм ωєιя∂
    αяє ωє...
    [_] αqυιитєи¢єš؟
    [_] ƒяιєи∂š؟
    [_] ιи α яєℓαтισиšнιρ؟
    [_] ğσииα нανє кι∂š؟
    αм ι...
    [_] šєχу؟
    [_] ¢υтє؟
    [_] ƒυииу؟
    [_] ¢σσℓ؟
    [_] ℓσνєαвℓє؟
    [_] α∂σяαвℓє؟
    [_] ¢σмραššισиαтє؟
    [_] αииσуιиğ؟
    [_] ğяєαт тσ вє ωιтн؟
    [_] αттяα¢тινє؟
    [_] мєαи؟
    [_] σ∂∂؟
    нανє у0υ єνєя...
    [_] тнσυğнт αвσυт мє؟
    [_] тнσυğнт тнєяє мιğнт вє αи \"υš\"؟
    [_] тнσυğнт αвσυт нσσкιи υρ ωιтн мє؟
    [_] ƒσυи∂ уσυяšєℓƒ ωαитιиğ α кιšš ƒяσм мє؟
    [_] ωιšнє∂ ι ωєяє тнєяє؟
    [_] ğяαввє∂ мє؟
    [_] нα∂ α ¢яυšн σи мє؟
    [_] ι∂σℓιzє∂ мє؟
    [_] ωαитє∂ му иυмвєя؟
    [_] нα∂ α ∂яєαм αвσυт мє؟
    [_] вєєи ∂ιšтяα¢тє∂ ву мє؟
    αяє у0υ...
    [_] нαρρу уσυ киσω мє؟
    [_] мα∂ αт мє؟
    [_] тнιикιиğ вσυт мє؟
    [_] ğσιиğ тσ ¢σρу тнιš šσ тнαт ι ωιℓℓ яєтυяи тнє ƒανσя

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  • mah family tell me wot u wana b

    My Mummy -
    My Daddy -
    My Big Bruuva -
    My Little Sister -...:::* lydia*:::...
    My boyfriend - AaRoN ...:::* luffyhoo*:::...
    My Hubby –
    My Fitness buddy -*[x]crowler spose[x]*
    my gettin REAKD buddy-...:::* abz*:::...
    My Drinking Buddy - rusty
    My Hospital Buddy -
    My Caravan Buddy - ...:::* wosie webb*:::...
    My Son –
    My Love -
    My Special One - AaRoN oV cOrSe x0x0x0x
    My Star -
    My Angel -
    My Best friend - abx, jen
    My Gay Best Friend -buddah
    My Sexy Best Friend –*[x]CrOwLeR (AGEN!!!)*[x]
    my Other best friend -
    My Shoppoholic best friend – jen
    My Bit on the side – harry hahaha
    My Other bit on the side -...
    my other bit on the side hahaha-...
    My Guardian angel -
    My Personal shopper -* mah luffy sis holly *
    My Slave - charlene
    My Crazy Buddy - SHABBA!!!!
    My Msn Buddy -...:::* simon hehehe*:::...
    My Legend -
    My Monkey -
    My Big Legend - ...:::* charlene*:::...
    My Shower buddy - (*@#)
    My Idol -...:::myself :P
    My Valentine -
    My Porn Star - jamesy
    My Pimp - chink
    My Horney Friend -gotta b tj hahahaha x x
    My School Bitch - kinky kez OVIOUSLY!!!
    My Body Guard -x0x humpers x0x
    My Laughing Buddy -mel pedler lol (litrally) x0x
    My Hot Admirer -
    My Bebo Friend -
    My Fuck Buddy - harry...
    My Tit Lover - (*@#)
    My Joker -my sis(holly)

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    Andrex condoms - Soft, strong and very very long
    Renault condoms - size really does matter!
    Ronseal condoms - does exactly what is says on the tin.

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    hey its luke ur cuz lol u ok? wubu2 l8ly?

  • Josh

    what on

  • Sarah Louise
    Sarah Louise

    Alryt Stranger Wubu2?? Havent Seen You In Fukin Agggeeessss How You Findin College?? What You Doin At College?? Haha... Speak To You Soon LoveLove..♥

  • JAmmintechybass

    98 my house numba ya knob chopper........and ive been out u wierd just not down the club ov gash apart from friday....wt u bin up 2 x

  • Ashcroft

    wuu2 2day then hun? Xx

    1/19/09 via Mobile
  • Ashcroft
    luv Ashcroft

    gdgd glad you enjoyed yourself :-p lol you loved everyone liftin ya skirt up they just wanted to see ya sexy bum ;-) not been up to much really workin and livin up bristol home in plymouth every now and then its great up here i love it you'll have to give me your number again soon i lost it and its been ages since we talked last wat you up to these days then gawjuz xx

    1/19/09 via Mobile
  • JAmmintechybass

    nah its ish dj...in pole position haha...gt fucked nobby u ket head!!! yess number 98 is pounding...need neil to re plaster me room...the walls cant hack the bass from ish dj lol x

  • Ashcroft

    i'm great ta gdgd glad your ok yeh christmas and new year was ok nothin special wat you do for new year? Xxx

    1/17/09 via Mobile
  • MR Reggae Embasida
    MR Reggae Embasida

    Ite add me please :-) sound x

    1/16/09 via Mobile