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The Morning Star

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About Me

Back in the fray again...which side will win??
Me, Myself, and I
The first born of Chaos the one called God, Ywah, her human name Lilith. She was the first of her kind it was she who through the accident of her birth that gave life to the cosmos and everything in it. Lonely she spawned Lucifer known by his human name Samael. They were perfect beings in many ways as well as intensely beautiful though they could assume any being or life form they chose. In this incarnation she is a fiery strawberry blond with intense blue eyes, and a smile that entrances those who come in contact with her. While he is stunningly handsome with dirty blond hair, a full beard trimmed down to the last hair and charm that could besot just about anyone. Theirs was a perfect love but it became the perfect nightmare when they feuded on how to raise the humans.
The Alpha wanted them to grow and learn at the pace that allowed them to absorb knowledge without it being corrupted but The Omega wanted a more hands on approach thus beginning the celestial wars.
Those who sided with Lucifer had been banished to earth and beyond the event horizons where they insidiously infected and influenced the downfall of mankind. Lucifer was initially the bringer of light until he fell. He and his minions used every medium available to them to influence the humans…radio, television, music, books, and now the internet. Their values are so out of whack, doctors, teachers and parents paid little to nothing while singers, movie stars, writers, directors etc get paid for entertainment. Where the rich abuse the poor and hunger and famine are rampant and the elderly put out to pasture like rotted meat.
This isn’t how it was supposed to be and now The Alpha and her army are bringing this battle to earth to save and free the enslaved human species by telling them the truth. They will be using a powerful weapon one that the humans use in their every day life…religion and spirituality regardless of the culture and beliefs of its tenets. They desperately cling to the desire of believing there is someone or thing out there that will make all of their suffering and joy complete. They seek cohesion and life long bonds but fail to realize that they ARE all connected. The Alpha knew that humans only believe something tangible what they can see with their own eyes and experience even still they are filled with fear and doubts that keep them from evolving…this is why The Alpha has surfaced though she is the ultimate much of what she does is delegated to those in service to her and the survival of their children…the human species.
The time had come to crush all of the embedded coding of lies and misdirection instilled in them from birth because she had been secretly entombed where she slumber to regenerate after giving birth to all. Only Serendipity her most priced creation and ally was the one being who knew the real reason she abated. Her absence allowed Lucifer to make his move for the throne he figured she could turn her back on him then they (humans) were no different. He hated them in his mind they were the reason he lost her and he would use their weaknesses and desires against them. Lucifer would need all that he could gather on his side to defeat her, his methods diabolical and endless. He even contacted his exiled daughter Cecaelia whose rage at his treatment has convinced her that she is the rightful heir to the throne of The Alpha.

All characters are original creations that are copy written © and so is the storyline. Please do not steal these characters as you will be subject to fine or incarceration. This is a role play account and a way for us to express our artistic selves. We're incorporating various religions, beliefs, creeds etc. If the subject matter is offensive to you then I suggest you avoid this page
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YouTube: www.youtube.com/TheCarpeOmnious

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~~I am the Lucifer Omega and in my human form my name is Samael. The wars on the ethereal and demonic planes have been at a stale mate. Humans are the ones who first called us "Gods" they did so because aliens isn't as interesting as gods are or so they think. My dear Lilith didn't agree with me when it came to dealing with humans. I had amazing ideas and She had hers. That's right she did and look where it's gotten us! They use our names to invoke whatever it is they desire and lay claim to us but the truth is they have no true idea of who and what we are and that's what this war is about...removing the veils that blind and enslave them. She had her turn now IT'S MY TURN TO RULE!~~

close Lilith Alpha

~I was created as an abstract form of intelligence without shape or form. My cradle was the universe the planets and stars were my bejeweled mobile. I got lonely not knowing who or what I was and in my dreams I realized that I could create things by mere thought or through my dreams. To sate this loneliness I divided creating The Omega aka Samael he was my first and only love but that love turned when we disagreed on how to rear the humans and that is when he decided to challenge the throne along with those who agreed with them. A war broke out and The Morning Star and his followers were drop kicked to earth where they ruled until now. I have contacted all family members and soldiers to ready for this conflict..this time we're bringing the war to earth so that the humans can finally be freed from slavery and lies. I SHALL NOT FAIL!!!~

close RavenLarik Dadelus Lee

~ Larik In psychological terms would be considered a psychopath and sociopath but seeing as he’s an alien mistaken for a deity these descriptions of him really didn’t matter. Then something happen that made his cold hearts warm (this species has two hearts) he met a woman named Anna. She purity incarnate, a crème fresh beauty with blazing red hair, penetrating blue eyes and a pouty mouth that begged to be kissed or so he thought. Anna held her own secrets under her serene veneer she was a medusa ~

close Ravenlily God of Balance

~Raven is a complex character in that she was created to keep the balance of all things but being around humans for so long has made her want to have a life of her own. For eons she stood next to the throne doing the biddings of her mother The Alpha putting aside the desire to have children of her own until she meets Juda Iscariot the original vampire curse with immortality for the betrayal of Jesus. She bore him two children Christabella (Bella) and Samael (Sam). Their children didn’t age as humans did and childhoods lasted but a few months before they stabilized at the age of 21.~

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The Official Carpe Ominous

It all began with The Alpha an alien abstract formless intelligence over time she divided into two also becoming The Omega together they created all that is within The Milky Way. Their first born was Ravenlily Goddess of Balance they were soon joined by her male aspect who was created the same as The Omega, a split aspect of the first. Anakletos is their third child born and was banished for his love of Raven because it would be too dangerous for them to mate because they were a different strain of blood and all inter-species mingling was frowned upon because it was uncertain what their offspring would turn out to be and this introduces us to Rainn the daughter of Raven and Anakletos. She is more powerful then The Alpha and The Omega combined and has the potential of becoming ruling deity. Then Anna followed Anakletos' birth , all can create lower level angels and demons and all of them can be injured but the higher up the food chain the harder it is to harm them .

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  • You can follow the characters and see who chooses which side of this war to fight for and which side will ultimately win...

    The Characters:

    Carpe Ominous

    I Am The First

    Ravenlily Goddess Of Balance

    Larik Keeper Of The BookOfthedead

    Anakletos Cerberus Lee

    Anna Medusa Lee

    Lilly Mirabella Lee

    Serendipity Chiabella Lee

    Ninib Castrata Lee

    Bella'S Rainn

    Rainn Arabella Lee

    Lilith Alpha

    Cecaelia Lamia Lee

    Purpureus Bellus Patronus De LuxLucis

    Isabella Alexandra Thaumantos

    Wynter Iscariot-Lord

    Catherine Iris Thaumantos

    Maithe Lady Of The FallsAndlake

    The Morning Star

    Samael Lee-Thaumantos

    Ever Magada Lee

    Thais Lee-Thaumantos

    Evan Alexander Iscariot-Tudor

    Maithe Lady Of The FallsAndlake

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  • Read Abstract Murder

  • ~ A deeply disturbing look into dangerous minds to see what makes them do the things they do.This is a high concept psychological thriller. A multiple first-person narrative that takes the readers into the dark recesses of dangerous minds. It's formatted in the abstract much like a puzzle, back and forth, flash backs mixed in with present day events unfolding at the same time (think of a Quentin Tarantino film in book format). This book isn't for the faint of heart and challenges the readers concepts of good and evil. In Abstract Murder as in life not everyone is who they appear to be! Abstract Murder ~

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  • ~ The story of Alice Logan your typical woman in her late 20's with a demanding and high stress inducing career as Head Trauma Nurse at Doctors Hospital. Alice is a kind and loving person dedicated to her career then one day something happened to change her life forever. She'd met the perfect man for her the trouble is he only exists in her dreams. When Alice's life hits the wall Ryder Gage enters her dreams and shows her a new life. A life she craves more then her waking life. Is Alice's dream world reality or is reality her dream ~

  • Read Remembrance A Cautionary Tale..

  • ~ She was just a normal girl living at the highest end of the economic chain in a material world. She hated my life, her friends, her parent's but loved her Aunt Ruth then one day her world was flipped upside down and inside out. One minute she was getting into a limo that's been sent to University told some horrendous things then shipped off to deal with it..ain't life grand? Glad she bought a ticket to the fair..... ~

  • Read The Carpe Ominous Series

  • ~So now come and enjoy the new up and coming Series of books from the same writer. These new raw books are now exclusively on bebo for you to read before they become best sellers: ~

    Thais Secret Journals

    Savior of Mankind

    Ever's Secret

    Abstract Murder

    The Tortured Soul

    The Mother of Evil


    Raven's Saga

    The Merciful One

    The Dirty Secret

    The Twins Bella Rainn

    The Keeper of The Book of the Dead.

    Dream Lover

    Why am I Evil D'Andra DeMarco

    Remembrance A Cautionary Tale..

    Chaos Made Flesh

    The Trinity Of Lilith

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      ~Время пришло для подъема всего из моих поистине детей темноты. .rise. .rise. .rise и принимает ваше rightful место. Это будет наше время, котор альфаа утомленн теперь будет время для нас. Теперь время поработить или rid эту планету всех людей, котор они дали рай и они загубили его. Им дали абсолютную свободу человеческой воли и смотрят они повернули в. Я пощажу те обхватывали к мне и разрушаю все не делают...

      The time has come for the rise of all of my true children of darkness..rise..rise..rise and assume your rightful place. This is our time The Alpha is tired now is the time for us. Now is the time to enslave or rid this planet of all humans they were given paradise and they ruined it. They were given free will and look what they turned into. I will spare those who bow to me and destroy all who do not. I have spoken in my favorite Russian dialect and those true to me shall understand and feel my words like battery acid splashed upon them.~

      5 Comments 217 weeks


      ~ In the beginning there was a perfect love between The Alpha and The Omega. They were alien intelligence devoid of shape until assuming one. The galaxy was their dark and cold playground..the stars jewels that lit the way together they created the Milky Way Galaxy within that galaxy lie several different realms of reality and planes of dimensions and so forth. What humans call "Angels or Demons" are the ancient ones who were the first to walk on the face of this planet. We are an incestuous species by nature but we can mate with other species as well as being self progenated (like an amoeba divides itself to become different versions of itself) things can go very badly if we breed with other species and precautions have to be taken to ensure all parties involved are well and safe but there are some among us who do not believe in breeding with other species because the results are unstable while they have no problem bedding other species they prefer to breed with their own species.

      The Ancient One's were charged with creating life..Angels where given the earth and air and Demons were given the water and earth both were allowed to shape shift upon creating a new life forms. All life is connected..all are carbon based..perfect machines their brains a micro-processor their organs, blood, bones replaced wires, metal skeletal structures and blood IS life so that's the only thing we didn't change.

      When we first came back to this blue planet to see the progress of the ancient ones. We discovered that some of them resented the human species and felt their was no need for them. Thus began the war..The Alpha felt that they needed guidance and nurturing to be given the chance to evolve. The Omega in the beginning wanted to have a firmer reign over them to influence what happens to them and what they will do in life. The sides were drawn in the blood of the ancients Angels and Demons are the same creatures with different post codes. The Omega never forgave the human species for removing him from the eyes and love of The Alpha, his love turned to rage that gave birth to undoing creation...

      The battle will be brought to this realm so that humans can see and learn the true origins of themselves and those who decided to edit OUR words creating the miasma of religious confusion and hatred will pay for enslaving their own species. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE!!!

      4 Comments 221 weeks

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    What type of god are you?

    Destructive God

    You like to rule your world with an iron fist and a harder will! You destroy all the heathens and let the people know whos boss by smiting all who get in you or your religions way! You dont let anyone mess with your religion or your people, your the boss! You dont really care for your people, but you care less for their enemies!

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  • Ravenlily Goddess Of Balance

  • ~ I am the God of Balance and known by many many names but none know my true name or the true names of my family. I am the eldest daughter of The Alpha (God, The One) and The Omega (Lucifer.).I am the literal embodiment of Light and Dark with perfect shades of gray. Being a God I am both FEMALE and MALE energies and am able to assume the identity of anyone or thing. I'm am now back to fight in a war that's been in a stale mate for a millennium between my parents, now relatives I've not seen in ages are in this realm. During a violent fight with Larik both parents swept in and carried us off to our home planet to recover and plan the initial phase of this war. I was kept away from Catherine when she needed me the most (not my choice) as soon as I was strong enough and I came back for her and nothing and I do mean nothing will keep us apart on pain of death... ~

  • Lilith Alpha

  • ~I was created as an abstract form of intelligence without shape or form. My cradle was the universe the planets and stars were my bejeweled mobile. I got lonely not knowing who or what I was and in my dreams I realized that I could create things by mere thought or through my dreams. To sate this loneliness I divided creating The Omega aka Samael he was my first and only love but that love turned when we disagreed on how to rear the humans and that is when he decided to challenge the throne along with those who agreed with them. A war broke out and The Morning Star and his followers were drop kicked to earth where they ruled until now. I have contacted all family members and soldiers to ready for this conflict..this time we're bringing the war to earth so that the humans can finally be freed from slavery and lies. I SHALL NOT FAIL!!! ~

  • Lucifer Omega

  • ~ That's right we disagreed on what to do with them and I have to say that they are more inclined to follow me then they'll even admit to themselves. I am blamed for all that is wrong in the world and in their lives but truth be told all of their wounds are self inflicted. If evil is what they want then I'll show them what true evil is. ~

  • RavenLarik Dadelus Lee

  • ~ I am the other aspect of the God of Balance and known by many many names but none know my true name or the true names of my family. I am also the eldest of The Alpha (God, The One) and The Omega (Lucifer.).I am the literal embodiment of Light and Dark with perfect shades of gray. Being a God I am both FEMALE and MALE energies and am able to assume the identity of anyone or thing. I am going through a change literally. Raven separated dividing her male and female aspects that was a jolt to me as I'd been inside of her for so long. She recently gave birth to a pure bred deity and I wasn't there to help so I've been stricken with a shape shift into a black cougar that as of yet I'm unable to control. He represents my primal, animalistic, base . I know that in time I'll be in control of this aspect of me. I hope that those who love me understand and give me distance while I complete this process.... ~

  • Anakletos Cerberus Lee

  • ~ Anakletos had been part of Anna since the dawn of human Existence . She was transformed into this alien creature within the depth of the ocean by her father, Lucifer. He need such a creature to carry his demons creations but Lilith got wind of this ,also using her vessel to carry her pure essence in the form of a new creature which the human named Fairies. She would carry such creatures when the The Alpha And The Omega saw fit to place their essence into this realm. But One day as she was out saying goodbye to her new creations a man came upon her , they spoke when he transformed into a wild cat and chased her away from her safe Location . When the chase was over he Invoked Anakleto who was soon attacked , left to near death. His attacker was Larik . They were both part of their fathers essence but of completely different sources and so when Anna/Anakletos become a vessel for their father's Demon creation, Larik became a unknown specie , no one truly knew what he was within The Family. ~

  • Anna Medusa Goddess lee

  • ~ I am not of the same species as my other siblings but of a subclass of my father true image . One day, when my mother revolted over the matter of the humans, my Father ordered I be created to serve his need for other beings to roam the earth surface; those who would rule the seas and skies , as humans would rule the land. As I produced unknown devil creatures upon the earth for my father. I felt my mothers divine spirt consumed my flesh. She had set the seed within me to produce beings who were caught in between my father and mother's creations, they became known as fairies and werewolves . I give birth to my semi-brothers and sisters souls. They are of me and of the The Alpha And The Omega. So are half bloods but are not fully devine like my siblings and parents. ~

  • Lilly Mirabella Lee

  • ~ I am Lily Mirabella Lee created from the love juices of Ravenlily and Anakletos though I am my own being. I made a deal with one of my grand parents The Alpha and The Omega so that I would no longer be an aspect of Raven. I was there when the frogs guarding the box the held within it the Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony, Vanity, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Envy and Wrath are my children. Hope is the only one to remain within the box so that there would be hope even in the bleakest of time. You may be wondering why entrust something as precious as a box that contained the Seven Deadly sins to frogs? Well back then humans were not to be trusted not to look into the box and they're still not to be trusted. Yet they seek the unknown on the Internet which itself has become a living box (entity) flooded with the energies of those who use it..somethings are better left alone and I am one of those things but alas. I have a job to do and do it I must..let the games begin!! ~

  • Serendipity Chiabella Lee

  • ~ ~I am a muse and my purpose is to inspire. I was the wife of Raphael the Archangel who was Gabriel's right hand and brother in arms. When the first war began those who did not choose sides and wanted to wait to see which side would win were cast out and exiled from ever returning to our home planet and were removed from the presence of The Alpha. Those cast out where given dominion over the earth and everything that walked, crawled, slithered, flew or swam. They hated being here and hated the human species more that's when she dispatched me here to keep the humans safe from the dark side of our kindred. She is their champion and protector imbued with the powers of a god. Her personality is pleasant her beauty ethereal the reputation on the ethereal plains legendary.There isn't much known about Serendipity but I'm sure that we'll all find out in good time.~ ~

  • Ninib Castrata Lee

  • ~ ~I the Blind Dragon rides Lilith the Sinful -- may she be extirpated quickly in our days, Amen!-- And I The Blind Dragon brings about the union between Samael and Lilith. And just as the Dragon that is in the sea I have no eyes, likewise I The Blind Dragon that is above, in the likeness of a spiritual form, is without eyes, that is to say, without colors..~

  • Christabella Rosalina Lee Goddess of Original Sin.

  • ~I am Christabella Rosalina Lee Goddess of Original Sin. I have been summoned away from my family and peaceful existence to come back here and deal with the situation at hand. I emerged from Rainn's tongue from her kiss with one of her kinsmen. Her tongue elongated and grew to enormous proportions to allow me passage back into this realm. It was bloody and excruciatingly horrid..blood spilled upon the floor by the bucket load and I feared for Rainn's safety during this arduous process. I was soon freed from her tongue and wound up on the floor covered in blood and viscus fluids. I looked up at Rainn and saw her rapid recovery from this. I am the original aspect and Rainn was spawned from me she and I are one. My return was prompted by our mother Raven who whispered an ancient incantation to bring out my return for now Rainn and my mother are the only ones who know of my return.~

  • Rainn Arabella Lee

  • ~I am Rainn, an aspect of Christabella and the Yin to her Yang. I have been summoned back to this realm to partake in the on going battle between my grandmother (God, Yaweh, Alpha) and my grandfather (Lucifer, Omega, Satan). Do you really want to know what this war is all about? My grandparents are the same being just different aspects and energies theirs was the first great love and their break-up catastrophic for all involved. Some chose grandmother's side,other's sided with my grandfather and the rest just got swept up in the wake of the destruction of what was a perfect union. Only they know why they went their separate ways and neither is eager to come forth with any information or insights into why all of this is happening. Right now they're using my mother Ravenlily Goddess of Balance and Larik God of Justice to do their dirty work and I'm here to level the playing field while my kids are tucked away & safe.~

  • Cecaelia Lamia Lee

  • ~I am considered a separate unrelated species among my kin as I was deformed in some way at birth. I was not created the same as the others and so have been forgotten but by Birth Mother Anna Medusa who has called me back as I am needed to protect Christabell Rosabella Lee and Rainn Arabella Lee from my sister Callista Lee Dadelus. I fear I was rejected as I contain the blood of the forgotten , My true mother Gaia {Lilth} Mother's Mother , Chaos. My Mother Gaia is the primordial and chthonic deity of us all and the Mother Goddess or Great Goddess but Chaos is the original state of existence from which the first gods appeared. In other words, the dark void of space. My Grandmother or My Blood Mother Chaos was the 'vast and dark' void from which the first deity and maybe not the True first, Gaia, emerged. Gaia's sister Eurynome emerged from this Chaos and created the Cosmos from it. This state was called the 'Womb of Darkness' from which the Cosmic Egg that contained the Universe emerged. Primal Chaos is what I contain!~

  • Purpureus Bellus Patronus De LuxLucis

  • ~I was created in the heat of battle for war but given the capacity for love greater than all others, a counter balance to my savagery, a lifeline to save me when the world faded away in a tidal wave of blood and hatred. I was given a heightened sense of justice to keep me from being corrupted by power and turning away from light and love and God. I was made incorruptible but allowed to feel temptation so that I would not judge those who fell too harshly, allowing me to forgive those who truly repented. I was created with a heightened sense of loyalty and honour to help me stay the course that I had to travel, without honour and loyalty what being could look at themselves with pride and respect after millennia of war and pain, what being could face themselves and others with impunity. I was given strength and speed and grace and skill in all forms of war and death and battle in far greater excess than all others for I would need it in order to stand against all that came before me. It was I who stood at the forefront of heavens armies, I who schooled Michael in the arts of war, I who struck the decisive blow in the decisive battle, claiming victory with peerless skill and matchless strength in the face of almost certain death. It was I who stood alone at the gates of heaven and answered the endless challenges of the enemy. It was I who cast down the pretender to the throne and my other half with him. It was I who harried the enemy into the abyss, I who placed the great gates at the mouth of hell and I who sealed them shut. And it was I who struck down my beloved.~

  • Catherine Iris Thaumantos

  • ~Catherine discovered through Raven's male aspect Larik that Raven Loved Catherine since their first encounter in Rome. Raven was in slumber with child but soon awoke to the most violent pains of Childbirth. Raven went through a most vile birth Experience but soon enough the child was born. Raven died of the pains but the child reinbodied her soul back within her human form ,soon after some talk Catherine and Raven had the night alone they were waiting for since that first sight. Larik was of Raven so he too shared in this heated night. Within Days, He soon turned in a most evil beast , violently attacking Catherine with his pricked organ. She has now been inflected with his intense liquid , as it travels throught her bloodstream. It seems she been morphed again becoming more than a vampire but into a Alien Snake and God!~

  • Thais Lee-Thaumantos

  • ~I am Thais Lee-Thaumantos . I am born of two very special women of an advanced species of aliens. In this life my name is Thais which is the Greek name for "Beloved." I carry both of them in each strand of my DNA and the memories like blood that come with it. I was born to protect my brother and the rest of my family and species but this outer shell is beginning to show some cracks in the foundation. Things were less complex back home even though I never felt comfortable with the rage lurking just beneath the surface and often lashed out to protect those that I loved from perceived and real harm my heart was deep and flowed like a river like a bow hoisted in its quiver.~

  • Samael Lee-Thaumantos

  • ~I am Samael the first pure bred child of Raven . My birth was violent my mother has been in a deep slumber for eons to await the birth of me. Shes had to slumber because she's bringing a pure bred into this realm in the form of a human as this would caused cataclysmic results. My mother Raven was pulled back into this world by Catherine and her love. "Angel Eyes" who was there for the birth as she is the only one Raven trusts.~

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      OOC: Care to roleplay?

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: Did i reply to the coment from 3 days ago??

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: Replyed :) sorry it's short :) my brain's not working well at the moment :P

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      luv Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      She started in his eyes, her eyes filled with lust. She removed her tank top throwing it to the side of the bed on the floor. She smiled when he played with her brests and nipples. Her skin was a mixture bettween a pale marble color and a golden color. She lay on the bend in tottal ablivant as she was caught up in the lust she had for him.

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      OOC: Care to roleplay?

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters 10/1/09
    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      luv Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: Will reply to the comment reply i sent last night :) when i get back on later tonight :) as i'm going out like i sayd in my saying and in a OCC comment on Catherine's page.

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters 9/28/09
    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      luv Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      She wouldn’t deny him at all; she knew in here that what they do is safe as she wouldn’t tell anyone and no one else would find out what they do for so long in the deepest pits of the Pazeme. She is willing to be the mother of the new Generation which will bring there specie peace at once. She lays there in total eagerness for him. She had always felt this way but hided it for reason she didn’t know. She hid it from everyone. She had sex with other people on Hell just to try to break to desire for her farther but it never worked. She would forget about it when she was having sex with other people but a few minutes after it would come back.

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      luv Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      She never told anyone what happened between her and her farther as people would question her about her disappearance for hours on end and now they would question her on her disappearance for years and her sudden reappearance. She wondered if her friends still were her friends her had an change of heart because she disappeared and didn’t come back in so many years in tell now. ..part2

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      Lee lays on the bed. Her long raven hair know out of the pony tail, it lays waist length underneath her body. Her head on the pillow she know is naked on the red rose peddles and silk sheets. She liked any kind of silk but was most fond of silk night gowns and silk sheets making it slippery if she would combined both together. She recognized her father’s tattoo’s from those in the cave’s before she never knew that they were linked to the cave and that they were put there knowing Catherine would take here there than be brought back here. It was all starting to come together now, why her farther raped her, why he always fought with her mother, why he let her go and came to get here back...part1

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters 9/27/09
    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: Ok :) i won't be on as i have school :( i get out at 2pm which will be 7 or 6pm your time..So we can roleplay than :)

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters 9/27/09
    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      She looked around and stared at a place glaring to herself. He was right that other won't but two men from her past when the war broke out here. She ment one and he showed her another place only two men knew how to get out of. She befriended both of those men and spent most of there time around one or both men intell she left. One of theme was one of the most feared asspects in heel. She laughs slightly to herself ''They won't but some might try..Did you forgot how friends i've made here that would and probably still will do anything for me'' She questions him still looking at a sertain spot.

    • Catherine Iris Thaumantos

      ~ Catherine saw he was now gone with Lee in tow. Catherine was unsure how she could find them , so with Alexis near her decided to search for wallow or Trekos who might know where he would would keep her ~

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      luv Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: yea :) you owe me a reply from Catherine's page aswell, but which ever one you want to do first or last is fine with me :) and ok. Could we bring a person or two into this roleplay sometime/anytime?. Maybey wallow or Trekos the man who helped her through Hell??

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      OCC: Ok :) i have to go at 6pm but will be back once i get to my grams than might be back on once i get back home at 9pm :D will read now :)

    • Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters
      Lee And Dasia Devil Sisters

      She looks at him. Show no expiration in her face or body. Her eyes turning her mother’s eye color. ‘’You can, but you won’t.. Why do you want me back?’’ she asks. Her long raven hair blowing slightly in the breeze. She had addles 10 different forms she could shape shift into. One aspect the represents both her farther and Mother. A form the represents her Farther. A form the represents her mother. Vampire form. Demon Form. Human four, and a few other forms. She did not care that the by standers were watching.

    • Ravenlily Goddess Of Balance
      Ravenlily Goddess Of Balance

      OOC~totally thrilled and excited..can't wait to see them:) Are you still coming over tomorrow?