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Nom W

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  • Male, 50, Luv 15
  • from Insch
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 856
  • Last active: 12/28/10
  • www.bebo.com/countryranger63
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Me, Myself, and I
Always live for today, you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Remember the glass is always half full.
To all work colleagues, remember no matter what the public throw at us we will survive.
Always up for new and exciting challenges.
Come on world do your worst!
Sept 2008
Started on a new business venture, and am having a whale of a time. Work when I want, with who I want, where I want, and I am the boss. All this and the best training programme I have ever known for new business people. NOW WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?
If I can do it anyone can. This venture is all things for all people, so come on, ask me more, I can;t wait to share my experiences with you.

*****exciting new venture***** - for details checkout www.pamperedchef.biz/nomwright and get in touch. You need me!!
Status Quo, Abba, anything from the 80s, to remind me of my ever fading youth. Also like listening to the music from the Eurovision, probably in a minority there
Being a parent for the past 20 years most films are ones aimed at kids, but hey don't knock them, there are some very good ones out there. In my youth tended to go the the weepies, romantic stuff that my now wife liked. Also like anything to do with Bond, something about all that action and the females in them
Not that keen on any of it. Never was the one who was given the task of picking the team. More like I was one of those that was left till last. With me in your team you never stood a chance
Scared Of
Heights - anything above standing on a chair is a job for someone else
Confined spaces -
Put me on ground level and everything is fine.
Happiest When
Chilling out with family doing very little
Cooking and building my biusiness at my pace, checkout www.pamperedchef.biz/nomwright

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how interesting are you?

My result is: Hitler

well, the good news is that you're interesting... but that ain't always a good thing. you're crazy!!! i'm sorry, but although you may successfully dominate the world, no'one will ever satisfy you- you'll kill them if they fold their napkin wrong.
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Are You an Angel or a Devil?

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You are the purest of all the humans, you have never told a lie and you have always done your homework. You have done your household chores, and when your parents say no to a handphone, you obey them. When you are not allowed to play the computer, you don't play. When... never mind, you already get it. You are also known as "goody-two-shoes" by the greater devils. Many people enjoy having you around. Keep this up! ^-^ And I hope you didn't lie just to get this result of course. =.=
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Are you an Angel or Devil?
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You're no moron; you're a smart cookie. You read, and write, and do all of that other smart stuff. You probably have an extensive library of tomes, and you probably have cool looking spectacles.

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You don’t enjoy the feeling of being totally out of control, and you drink accordingly. While you may not be as much fun at parties (in the eyes of the drunken masses) you are the one who takes care of people, acts as the designated driver, and doesn’t feel like absolute death the next morning. And you can actually remember what happened last night.
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what model are you?
Who's Your Perfect Celeb Mate?
Whats yuurh real name?
what will your baby girl look like
how interesting are you?
What colour best suits your personality?
What Rocky Horror And The Picture Show Character Are You?
Are you an Angel or Devil?
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  • bored

    i was bored so i thought i would draw on ur whitboard

    Meghan W 0 Replies

    Ever wondered what life would have been if hou'd one something different
    If you'd taken up the opportunities offered to you
    Like to be in control of your own destiny
    Wondering what I am prattling on about
    The answer to all the above is probably yes, or maybe.
    Well for me, it has mostly been...

    Nom W 0 Replies
  • Change of Skin

    Couldnae find a Bus so this is the nearest there was for one who is of a nomadic disposition. Comments invited - is it better than the previous sparkly one?
    does it just show that I am mad?
    Does anyone care?

    Nom W 1 Reply

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  • Nom W
    Nom W

    Fit like a you lot. Now ye must hae heard by noo aboot the latest venture. Having conquered the Shire in Priscilla, I am now embarking on educating the natives in the simple art of food and fun. Pampered Chef is the tool, yer kitchen table and a stool, and a ouckle fowk tae gies a haun and we're a' set. So come on folk, die yer bit, book yer Pink event noo for the month o' October. Think Pink and think big, the mair the better, My diary his some gaps and I need ye tae help. Gie's a shout and I'll sort it a oot

  • Meghan W
    luv Meghan W

    hi dad howz u luv u so hav sum luv

  • luv Claire Mitchell

    Aye aye auld mannie, hows tricks!!? Im not gonna manage to make it to the pampered chef thingy, as im working. My lovely boss has put me back on nites for 2 mths - must be for bad behaviour or something!? Lol!! My folks are gonna kill me later in the mth - I bought a puppy the other day and I get him later in the mth!!! My folks dont know yet!! Shoosh - dont tell them!!! They cant bebo, so im sorted!! Lol xxx

  • Ashleigh W
    luv Ashleigh W

    Hey lovely father Pampered Chef goin okey dokey? lol Hav som luv fae me luv u vry much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Meghan W
    luv Meghan W

    hey dad u havent had a comment on ur bebo 4 ages so i thought i would leave u 1 and also u can hav some luv luv u

  • Meghan W
    luv Meghan W

    hi dad howz u ? i luv u so hav some luv

  • Meghan W
    luv Meghan W

    here is luv 2 my favourite nd best dad

  • Luann Breuer

    hay Check out this site, its soooooooo much better than bebo muuch much naughtier! www.bebocamz.com byes :]

    7/20/08 via Mobile
  • Martin Whyte
    Martin Whyte

    thers always sumbdy gan aboot here, n the last u went past the hoos gruuny n geordie wer here i think cus we saw u pit yir hazzards on n yes i hav bn revisin all o the hols, apart fae the first few days, iv in aboot 6-8 hrs a day aswell as look efter shorty, so dis tht mean ur ff work or can yi still manage 2 di tht