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bored ea enit lol !

1/23/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 111, Luv 161
  • from davidzz
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: 8/29/08
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About Me

i love willy tbh
Me, Myself, and I
<----------- me and david im on the left

im gay
ye its lousi ea 2k8 standard
hold tight all da mandem sfe as fuk
puddleduck 2 dan and hid dad lmao :]
puddlesplaher 2 luke lmao:]

●<<[On the map]>>●....
ice skatin gettin legged enit luke lmao
●●!-» 13 years old
●●!-» best m8s dan && luke
●●!-» lives in kbury its wank
●●!-» loves booze money bikes causein shit da usual teenager lol
██████████ 100%
██████████ 100%
██████████ 100%
║ ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ HAPPENS. ║
ALCOHOL truck | '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@
ly soph dude!!!!x
▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Tυяп iit Up_*
●●!-»50 cent ●●!-»drum and base●●!-»lil wayne ●●!-»terror squad ●●!-»channel u ●●!-»mc devilman ●●!-»mc fearles ●●!-»and da rest
●●!-»white, chicks●●!-»holes--●●!-»blade--●●!-»scary, movie, 1, 2, 3, 4●●!-»final, destination ●●!-» lil, man
sian u was a real m8 u was always funny and luaghed and always cheered me up wen i was down r.i.p babe i miss u so much i cnt belive ur gone it is so hard 4 every1 we jus all want u bk r.i.p babe ly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
яσѕєѕ αяє яє∂ νισleтѕ αяє вlυє ιll кιll αиу fυ¢кєя ωнσ мєѕѕєѕ ωιтн уσυ
Happiest When
●●!-» pissed up down da field enit dan && luke
●●!-»out causin shit
●●!-»wit me m8s
●●!-» on me bikes
or kikin rongens heds in man standard
bare manz

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    6. would u fuk me?
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  • all about sex!!

    1.Wuld u b in control?
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    8.Wuld yu let me gve u a hickie?
    9.How many rnds wuld we go?
    10.Wot wuld u wana do aftawards?
    11.Wuld u take off all ur clothes then take mine off slowly?
    12.Wuld u lick n bite me all over?
    13.Wuld u lyk 2 play or get straight 2 the point?
    14.Wuld u wnt me to take my time?
    15.Wuld u fal asleep wen we were done?
    16.Wuld u wnt me to go fast or slow?
    17.Were wuld u wana "do it" at?
    18.Wuld u be loud or quiet?
    19. Would you mind if i liked you?
    20. Would you do it 2day?
    21. Would you do it 2morrow?
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    x.[ My Mummy ] =
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    .x.[ My Shexii Lil Fighter'z ]=
    .x.[ My Lil Bruva ] = batesy
    .x.[ My Guardian Angel ] =
    .x.[ My Sexii Bwoy ] =
    .x.[ My šєχι Body Guard ] =
    .x.[ My Shexii rugby playa ] =
    .x.[ MY Stunna] = hayley
    .x.[ My Bezzie Boy Mate] = luke
    .x.[ My šєχι Body Guard ] =
    .x.[ MY Stunna] =
    .x.[ My Lil Angel'z] =
    .x.[ My TopbwoyS ] =
    .x.[ My Partner'z In Crime ]= luke
    .x.[ My Bad Bwoy'z ] = luke stewart joel matty
    .x.[ My Shexii Footballer ] =
    .x.[ My Baybee Bwoy ]=
    .x.[ My lil Gangsta ] =
    .x.[ My lil Gangsta ] =
    .x.[ My Daughter ] = chloe
    .x.[ My Son ] =
    .x.[ My Biggest Sista ]=
    .x.[ My Lil Sista ] =
    .x.[ My Half Sista ] = podge
    .x.[ My Biggie Bruvas ] =
    .x.[ My Half Bruva ]=chris
    .x.[ My Auntiee ] =
    .x.[ My Uncle ] =
    .x.[ My Grandma ] =
    .x.[ My Grandad ] =
    .x.[ My Bezzie Girl Mate ] = lucy
    .x.[ My Baybee Gurl ] =
    .x.[ My Fuck Buddy ] = megan h lol x
    .x.[ My Sexii Gurl ] =
    .x.[ My Secret Admirers ] =
    .x.[ My Bad Gurl'z ] = riss and gego
    .x.[ My Babies God Parents ] =
    .x.[ My Bitch ] =
    .x.[ My Topgurls ] =
    .x.[ My Everything ] =
    .x.[ My Unstoppable Buddy ] = luke
    .x.[ My Partner ] =
    .x.[ My Shexi Babii ] =
    .x.[ My Prince ] =
    .x.[ My Babeh Doll ] = lucy
    .x.[ My 3 Pwincess'S ] =
    .x.[ My Little Star ] =
    .x.[ My Little Angel ] =
    .x.[ My Best Cuz ] =
    .x.[ My Personal Shopper'z ]=megan lool
    .x.[ My Smexy Biatch ] =
    .x.[ My Lovely Gurlie'z ]=
    <3.x.[ My Lil Chatterbox ] =

    .x.[ My Gawjus model ] =
    .x.[ My Bebo Lover ] =

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  • snowman =]
  • gun

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    ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = =>
    .....), ---.(_(__) /
    ....// (..) ), ----"

    Louis 0 Replies

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    Just Fat.

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    Alistair Trivett

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    Just Fat.

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  • .

    Hello ♥ ii aiint spoke 22 uu iin ages :s ♥♥ uu Okaii ♥ w/b Soon ♥ xx

  • Farleyd

    that picture is really gay mate. i shud be down on tuesday text me

  • Ashley Miller

    sfe sfe gayboy i thought u didn't roll like da w.e floats ur boat i suppose lol inabit

  • Steph

    hiya m8 u aint goin gay r ya howz u? n wot u been up 2 wb x steph x

  • Nadine R
    Nadine R

    heya chick i fink ur reli sweet wb xx

  • XChloex
    luv XChloex

    hai membame:D oo yh me phone kinda got leftin a bowll of water hope u ent gay;P hmmmmbored tlk 2 u lter bbe ly still hehexxx av da lurvv chek bak:D

  • Nuneaton Bitch.X
    Nuneaton Bitch.X

    lewis u lil gay get ur bebo sorted out lmao

  • Kyle
    luv Kyle

    safe bigman fuk all just at home chillin wubu2 den doooooooooog if u dont write back ill slap tha black of ya dik hed u can ave ya luv back huh

  • Rachel In Glass Houses
    Rachel In Glass Houses

    Hiya Just wanted to say your bebo rocks Rachx

  • Chloee'

    :O omg yhuv changed yhur passord :O lmao x

  • Chloee'

    HeloO ent spoke 22 yhu 4 ages wht yhu biin upp 2 ? Yhu Ok ? Wb Chloex

  • Fayee
    luv Fayee


  • Megann.
    luv Megann.

    eyahh twat face : ) x yhoo okaii >? x wubu2 >? x loveyhooloads x xxx Megan xxx