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Alessa Vibeke Blackthorne

If anyone is looking to take on a character please message me

May 17 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Watch your back because
I am coming closer
Shivers down your spine
You were not expecting me
Are you afraid to see me here?

Alessa Vibeke Blackthorne
A-less-a Vee-beh-keh Black-thorne

Twenty Three physically | Roughly 517 |
Vampyeric Demon | Experiment
Insane | Flesh eater | Lesbian

Don't they know I'm a predator?
Don't they know they are the prey?
Don't they know I'm a predator?
Don't they know I'm insane?!

If I'm a danger to myself
just think what I could do to you!

Original account
I've been around since November 2007

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  • Notice.

    After some thought I've decided to go semi active until further notice, for personal reasons that I am not going to state here. Basically all this means is that I won't be online as often, but everyone will still get their replies/starters when I get around to doing them. Some people will be more of a priority with replies than others because I have more muse for that storyline.


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  • One of those blogs

    Table of contents

    * Priority
    Two people are on the priorities list.

    - Most replies/starters listed in this blog will have a note underneath them stating how they are coming along. Please note that I can be slow at replying at times, but I try and write the best quality replies I can.


    1. 'Lethal Charm (Lucien Moriarty)
    - Partly written

    2. Emmaline

    3. Sapphire Cooper


    1. Ophelia *

    2.Ophelia (<xTheVampireQueenx>)
    - Almost finished

    3.Lucius Winchester


    Ophelia *
    Alessa's sire
    Current Storyline -
    Ophelia has kidnapped human Alessa after becoming infatuated with her. She is being held hostage by the vampire, but will eventually be turned into a vampire herself.

    'Lethal Charm
    Alessa and Lucien are old friends that set each other challenges/play games with one another that involve horrible/sadistic things . This is set where vampires are out of the coffin.

    Allan Adron
    Allan is hired to kill Alessa, but instead he decides to try and convince the insane hybrid to help him eliminate the secret order. Alessa plans to kill Allan after the order is eliminated, but changes her mind once the task is done and decides to get him to help her create her own coven.

    Enemies. Emmaline's family of hunters were after Alessa before Emmaline became a werewolf.

    Ophelia (<xTheVampireQueenx>)
    Alessa wants to destroy several ancient vampires and comes across Ophelia. Alessa attempts to Kill Ophelia after mistaking her for someone else but Ophelia over powers her. Ophelia then decides to try and help Alessa get better, but Alessa is violent.

    Emilie Merit
    Under Co

    If I've missed you please leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.

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  • BIO {WIP}

    Alessa Vibeke Blackthorne
    Pronounced A-less-a Vee-beh-keh Black-thorne
    Age; 517, Appears to be twenty three.
    Heritage; Finnish/British
    Sexuality; Lesbian
    Currently 'Taken' by her sire

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  • ºophelia


    Many centuries had passed since her family was murdered and she had revenged their deaths. Since being turned into a vampire she has never felt more alive and stronger. Ophelia Black is now the Queen of all vampires and many others want to be like her. She has immortal powers and can not die how many times humans have tried. She also can change her identity so no one would dare look for her. She is a disturbed person and didn't have much friends left since they were killed by humans over the many years of her life. Ophelia wants to re-build her clan again by recruiting new and young vampires to trust and maybe teach them new powers. They will have to be faithful and loyal towards Ophelia before she decides to teach take them under her wing.

    Mar 31
  • ºophelia


    Ophelia had once again arrived back in London after she had just visited a few months back. She was hoping to find other Vampires like her or find humans who are worthy enough to become a vampire. Ophelia wants to make a new clan since all her family and friends in the past have been killed from hunters. She was inside her house alone thinking of what to do that night. After a few minutes had passed, Ophelia decided to go out. She walked outside to the balcony and took flight towards the center of the city to see if she could find any vampires who were still living.

    Mar 31
  • Alessa Vibeke Blackthorne
    Alessa Vibeke Blackthorne

    New Start, comments below mean nothing now.

    Mar 13
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