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Why do I still have bebo? I'm never on it anymore lol

10/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 6
  • from Larbert
  • Member since: March 2005
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey im bob

feel free to leave a message.

borris999@hotmail.com is ma msn so add if u wanna talk.

cba fillin this in so im away.
i like all genres of music just theres a few bands i dislike cause their music is shite.
good films not really up for making a list, theres too much to list lol.
driving, thts really it for stuff i do. like to watch american sports on tv but i'm really not amazinly sporty. i try tho but tend to fail lol.
Scared Of
sum stuff but not much. ma drivin at times scares me but hardly ever. only when im goin into a roundabout at 80 when the car only just holds at 40 round it.
Happiest When
drivin, with ma friends, drivin with ma friends, not at home usually works too. basically when i have sumthin interestin to do. and when havin somethin good to drink, tht works well too.
Really Don't Like
hangovers unless theyre of the funny sort, basically not the killer headache ones, speed limits, fuel prices, getting id'd all the time when im nearly 20, just things that are a bit of a nuisance tend to make me pissed off pretty quickly, may need some anger management at some point but not yet hopefully.

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  • Chavs

    1. What do you call a chav in a box? Innit

    2. What do you call a chav in a filing cabinet? Sorted

    3. What do you call a chav in a box with a lock on it? Safe.

    4. What do you call an Eskimo chav? Innuinnit.

    5. Why are Chavs like slinkies? They have no real use but its great to watch one fall down a flight of stairs!

    6. What do you call a Chavette in a white tracksuit? The bride.

    7. You are in your car and you see a Chav on a bike, why should you try not to hit him? It might be your bike.

    8. Whats the difference between a Chav and a coconut? Ones thick and hairy, the others a coconut.

    9. Whats the first question at a Chav quiz night? What you lookin at?

    10. How do you get 100 Chavs into a phone box? Paint three stripes on it.

    11. Two Chavs in a car without any music. Whos driving? The police

    12. What do you call a chav with 9 GCSEs? A liar.

    13. What do you say to a chav with a job? Can I have a big mac please

    14. What do you say to a chav in a suit? Will the defendant please stand

    15. What do u call a knife in chaville? Exhibit A

    16. Why is 3 chavs going over a cliff in a Nova a shame? A Nova seats 4

    17. What do you call a 30 year old chavette? Granny.

    18. How many chavs does it take to change a lightbulb? One, they will screw anything!

    19. What do you call 100 chavs at the bottom of a river? A start.

    20. How many chavs does it take to clean a floor? None, Thats some uvver geezers job innit.

    21. Why did the chav take a shower? He did not mean to, he just forgot to close the Novas window in the car wash

    22. Why did the Chav cross the road? To start a fight with a random stranger for no reason whatsoever.

    23. What do you call a Chav at college? The cleaner

    0 Comments 281 weeks

  • polo problems

    found out whats buggered the car and its gettin fixed hopefully so shud be gd to go in the next few days again lol

    so really this a note to george: it aint no lawnmower soon its gonna be just shite lol

    0 Comments 290 weeks

  • the autobox polo

    its developed a misfire so its basically tryin to die. only taken me a year and roughly 12500 miles to get it to this stage haha roughly another month and it should be a gonner lol either that or ill get it sorted coz its some daft wee thing just needin adjusted like a spark plug needin reconnected or sumthin

    neways if tht dont work i need suggestions for a practical, affordable and cheap car for a runaround. preferrably not a corsa coz i cant stand them so basically im happy for u to comment back on the profile as to what u think would be a good motor


    0 Comments 290 weeks

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  • Peter Coupe Englishpeter
    Peter Coupe Englishpeter

    A Very Happy Birthday Our Kid. :-)

  • Peter Coupe Englishpeter
    Peter Coupe Englishpeter

    A Very Happy Birthday Our Kid  :-)

  • Gemma Beaton
    Gemma Beaton

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/8HUxp

  • Fiona Ray

    I made $65 in a day working from home! Check it out at - http://goo.gl/0WZi3 You will thank me!

  • Geo

    Mark 3 lol it's quality aye possibly when a get some money proper skint the now

    3/19/10 via Mobile
  • Geo

    Awryt yea shit does happen lol not got any mate am drivin my pals astra gsi Redtop lol it's fucking quick looking for a car myself but skint the now cause a got no job and a flat to pay for

    3/17/10 via Mobile
  • Geo

    Fuck sake wat u get banned for? Aye mate need to arrange a meet up sumtym

    3/14/10 via Mobile
  • Geo

    Fuck awl mate just the usual wat u been doin?

    3/12/10 via Mobile
  • Geo

    yeh it bk in garage getin ful pump, yeh mines the old skul carbed version, nice though

  • Geo

    A wil wen a get it runnin ryt lol

  • Geo

    mark 2 polo m8 just got it bk fae garage the day it minted

  • luv Sammy Taylor

    Booooooo! Since we're on everything else :L xx

  • Sammy Taylor

    Doing journalism..it's fun :P Law exam went good. I've passed it anyways :D Ooh that means you had an exam today..did it go ok? Well it's good I want to go out on the 30th then eh? x

  • Sammy Taylor

    You need to get some plans boy! :L Totally trying to get loads of folk out cos it'll be my last Saturday night out in Kirkcaldy before I move. Nah not got any exams coming up, we only do outcomes on our course. Had a law exam thing but done that a couple weeks ago. Are you finished al your exams? x

  • Sammy Taylor

    So, I hear you're coming through to Kdy for a crackin' night out? :D Well if you guys have money that is x

  • Geo

    nah was a saloon lol ni only like old cars, dont lyk loadsa electronic shite

  • Geo

    had a mark 4 b4 a lost ma licence, wen pug died i bought ma dads motor