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Faye Stephenson


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  • from Windlesham!
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

The Other Half Of Me
Whats that twat want now?!?
special mention to bestie mates that mean alot to me!!! stacey philymore! my moose friend haha stacey clarke! the lemons!! char - charbop lemon, jess - lemonade and sophie - little lemon!!! jenny - true gossip friend!! always there to talk to! my sis and bro!!
xx fragrances xx
(lacoste, touch of spring)
(miss sixty, flower power)
(paris hilton)
(hugo dark red)
(hugo, dark blue)
xx college xx
im now studying the diploma in childcare and eduaction and finishing the final year, i really dont kno what i wud do wid out my bestiess being their for me when times come to worst!!! ur a star and a great mooooseeee haha! but i wudnt still be here widout them. after im hoping to work on a cruise ship in the creche and travel for a few years..... then go back to study social work!
-x♥X special m8z X♥x-
♥azza ♥charlotte ♥mel ♥megan ♥mike ♥andy ♥jess ♥anna ♥amy.t ♥bee ♥mike ♥mariam ♥adie ♥nikita ♥emma ♥hannah ♥chris ♥dave ♥hayley ♥jamie ♥jodie ♥katy ♥stacey.p♥stacey.c♥zoe ♥linda ♥norman ♥rayelle ♥yasmin ♥sophie ♥da lemons ♥jake ♥ollie ♥♥
luv yu all, fnx 4 everyfin u've dun for me nd alwayz being dere 4 me at da tym needed. i'm lucki 2 av m8 lyk yu1 mwah!!!! -xX♥Xx-xX♥Xx-xX♥Xx-xX♥Xx-xX♥Xx-xX♥Xx-
if i've missed ene1 jus leav a comment
xx lemons xx
<3 -xcharlottex- <3 AKA charbop lemon
ur da bestest m8, almost 8 years ive known you hun, i dnt kno where i wuld b widout u. its been almost 7 years tht ive known u nd weve ad our up nd sum downs but overall were unseperable!! we always in laughter nd weve ad our crazy tyms bt altogether u rele r a true m8! mwah! love u forever nd ever xxxxxx

xx jess xx AKA lemonade!
known her almost 2 years, happy and bubbly mate, always up for a laugh. were known to wear sexxi trousers lmao weve had some great time and theres more to come! love u hun xxx

xx sophie xx AKA little lemon
ive known you a few years now and weve got some rele awesome memories. beatbox dancing in the street lol juice me lemon!!! i really dont kno wen we do not say that phrase lmao more times to come!!!!!! more memories. love u hun xxxx

piczo site: www.-from-us-2-u-.piczo.com

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  • .X.x.Memories of me n you.x.X.

    .xx.Memories of me n you.xx.

    ..Leave one memory of you and me together as a comment. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember.

    .x.memories will never be forgotten.x.

    8 Comments 335 weeks

  • wel,wel,wel......wt r u in my family??

    b part of my family :P :P

    My Boyfriend- *MIKE*
    My wife-
    My husband- *MIKE (to a haribo ring)*
    My mum-
    My Dad-
    My Big bro-
    My other bro-
    My Little brother- *NEAL*
    My Big sister -
    My other big sister -
    My Little sister- *CHAR* = charbop
    My other ''sister''- *JESS* lemonade!
    My evil twin- *MEGAN*
    My Daughter - *NIKITA*
    My Son - *JASON*
    My SXC best friend- *AARON*
    My Other SXC best friend -
    My other SXC best friend - *JESS* lemonade!
    My little lemon - *SOPH*
    My SXC boy m8 -
    My other SXC boy m8 -
    My cute boy mate -
    My SXC Bit on the side -
    My Niece -
    My Nephew -
    My funky boy m8 -
    My oldest friend -
    My Personal shopper -
    My Slave-
    My Shoppoholic friend -
    My Lil cutie pie-
    My Valentine -
    My SXC Chatterbox - *ANNA*
    My SXC Bumble Bee! - *BEE*
    My Hot admirer - *TROY (high school musical)*
    My Lover- *MIKE*
    My Horny Friend- *STEVE*
    My Crazy Buddy-
    My Bebo Bud- *AZZA*
    My SXC Butler-
    My Fav Neighbour- *CHAR*
    My SXC Six-Pack-
    My lil girlie- *LOUISA*
    My love -
    My inspiration-
    My god- *JODIE.L*
    My Stalker- *SIMON.C*
    My Very Sxc Fairy god mother- *MEL*
    My mad friend- *MEGAN*
    My wonderfuly skatty friend -
    My nutty mate -
    My fuck buddy - *TOM*
    My lil munchkin - *JODIE.L*
    My smelly loser friend - STACEY.P* = moose!

    6 Comments 336 weeks

  • special mention.........xxx

    -x mike.h x- ive known dis guy since june last year, one of da first ppl i started tlkin 2 wen i strted working at waitrose, main memory was him nd matt dicussing wt oil it is u wuld use to pleasure wid....wel da ansa is spray oil! or matt prefers da extra virgin. onli recentli started tlking to him agen nd weve started a rele close friendship, he's always dere for me wen im down nd i cn trust him wid all my heart to tel him enefin. fnx for everyfin hun! haha remeber kissy kiisy, licky licky, sucky sucky, tossy tossy! chipmunk! mmm boobies! the snickers man! hugo dark blue and ultraviolet! haha lmfao times moved on, nd we've gone thro sooo much! the holiday to taba was amazing, something i wud definatly do agen wid yu. now we've become the best of mates, ur the one mate i want to be by my side all the time, u'll neva ben forgotton! bmfl!!! always to be...the horney three! love you hun!xxxxx
    xxx mwaheys xxx *hugs* xxx *kisses* xxx

    -x jenny x- dis gurl...friendship started off awkwardly, but developed into an amazing friendship. she always dere wen u need a girly tlk, nd always understands yu. we av sucha laugh together! almost unseperable! yup we r perfume addicts lol lacoste touch of spring, ultraviolet, miss sixty flower power, paris hilton nd many more to explore. soo many umbrella oopz wasnt me! omg my belly top has fallen ewww lol lets jus watch our m8s pee haha what loosers! the 10p machine, its gna fall, dance machine!! neva gna forget yu hun nd ile always b here 4 u wen u need a m8 most. bmfl!!! always to be.....the horney three! love you hun!xxxxx
    xxx mwaheys xxx *hugs* xxx *kisses* xxx

    -x megan x- Ooooo how intersting! i really don't kno wt i wuld do widout dis gurl, she truely is part of me nd i wuld be lost widout her. us together ... known as 'The Evil Twins' nd 'da indestructable pair', 'da giggley pair', full of laughter, neva kno wen to shuut up!! :P lol welll megan wt i can say..... ding dong!! thnx for everyfin nd always being dere for me xxx mwaheys xxx *hugs* xxx *kisses* xxx

    -x charlotte x- weve ben da best of m8s for ova 6 years, shes known as my sista, always together! also known as charbop lemon :D she's my bestest m8 eva nd lucki to av a m8 lyk her. we go from dancing, singing, swimming, rollerblading, cycling, sprinkler diving, long grass jumping, cooking, caravaning, scary movies, ben nd jerrys ice cream, thorpe park, thorpe waterski, shopping, ice skating, to wteva we cn fink of. thnx for being the bestest m8 eva hun, u nd hux, u 2 r soooo sweet together xxx mwaheys xxx *hugs* xxx *kisses* xxx

    -x Aaron x- ive known dis guy since november, weve gone from a relationship to the best of m8s eva! ive neva known a guy to b able to tlk 2 u nd understand as much as he does. honestli if ene1 seys one bad fin bowt him, dey either dnt want yu 2 kno him or dey dont kno da real him. if deres eva sum1 i need to tlk, hes dere right away.
    memories show weve dun sooo many outings together, tyms ile neva forget, tyms ..... unusual lol (walk thro gr8 park, nd stepping into a huge muddy puddle), or even da spice gurls, sorry az! lmao, but overall deres not a tym i feel unhappy being around him, i can speak to him bowt enefin nd kno he will keep it to himslf.
    if he was to walk away know, i dunno wt i wuld do. sooo thnx sooo much az for being dat one person u av, even tho weve not known eachother for long, i hope we can continue our close friendship nd continue our adventurous outings. xxx mwaheys xxx *hugs* xxx *kisses* xxx

    -x mel x- luvvvv dis gurl, wasnt til da end of yr 11 we came as close as we r. sinc weve gone to college, it feels like were seperating from eachother. misses u hun! but were not gna let dat happen! lol well.... lol we r da blow up dick gurls haha nd dat pic dat we took in woolys hehe ile neva 4get our blondness words 'willy dribble, bumberclut, tit wank, fanny hole, tit wink, brrruuup ting ting, nd sooo on'. fnx for always being dere for me hun, love ya loads xxx mwaheys x

    0 Comments 338 weeks

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  • BMFL

    i love it!!!!
    wat a fantastic masterpiece!
    make especially for u!!!

    PRINCESS 0 Replies

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  • Rachael

    I just pulled $812 in five days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://goo.gl/TNaKs Your going to be so happy!

  • Hannahh.
    luv Hannahh.

    hahaaha yeaaah OLD SCHOOL! hahaa yeaaah hes a tit :L OMG MY AUNTYS A KNOB AND SHES COMING ROUND IN A MINUTE >:( xxxxxxxxx

  • Stacey
    luv Stacey

    Heya my moosey pal, i hope you are feeling better now!!! i miss you loads and loads, we SOOOO have to meet up soon and go clubbing or sumthing (will be a right laugh)!!! anyways was just checking in!! LOOOVVEEE YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

  • .Sophie Anne.
    .Sophie Anne.

    Babeeeee =] how r yu?? yu been upta much recentlyy?? i miss yu lemon :( i hope i can c yu soon bub!!! :D LoveYou xxxxxxxxxx

  • Stacey
    luv Stacey

    heya moosey moose!!!! how are u and how was ur fab hols, bet u missed me terribly nt lol! i miss u loads and loads and i cnt believe all our fun at college has ended!!! PLEASE DO NOT ever loose contact with me because u are one of the greastest friends i have ever had!!! loads of love until the very end!!! love ME xxxx

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards

    hey babe yer last nit was awesome fanx i no i can't believe it either it's well wierd. yer def av 2 go 4 meal soon wud b a laff. hi bk. i fort u wud lol nt a g8 party trick is it lol. xx

  • Stacey
    luv Stacey

    hey sexy bum lol!!! good imes at college lol peering at other peoples phones, (No names mentioned lol) hows placement going while i am stuck indoors with a viral throat infection yay me!! anyways see u on monday for thrope park going to be wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya xxx

  • Roxanne Howard
    Roxanne Howard

    ello huni u k? so its me, u, lauren, beth, stacey, and fi goin thrope park?? i hope da weather is goin 2 b ok 4 us!!! lol! i am jus bout 2 look at da openin times 4 it n if we get dere earlier we will b da 1st in dere! lol! x x x

  • Loz C
    Loz C

    elo elo!!! i no, did u hav fun at legoland?? i thort it was quite gd lol yea am well excited bout thorpe park man!! WIT WOO!!!! lol my placement ent bin that bad wot bout urs?? xxxxx

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards

    ello babe. yer lego land was bloody wicked lol was proper nakered afta tho. i ain been to block placement this week feel like shit it's not even funi. hows yours goin? dem photo's from stacey's party r awesome i can't wait to see the ones from fiona's camera love n peace xxx

  • Roxanne Howard
    Roxanne Howard

    o huni u k??? well me n lauren were lookin 4 u all but cudnt find ya!! den wen we saw u at da burger ranch u were gne again lol!!! o well! i cnt wait til thrope park eitha!! shud b a laff!!! x x x

  • Sam Edwards
    luv Sam Edwards

    bless ya u sud reli stop drinkin it's nt gd 4 u! u alki. lol hope u got ur tooth sorted nw wat dey say it was? u ned 2 reli stop sucking lol lovely thought i cn't believe u actually ate it after u dirty cow lol. only jokin m8. im wel glad fiona, beth n stacey passed dere drivin test lol proper wierd dat dey al passed on da same day tho lol ne way peace out blood. xx

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards

    hello u y weren't u @ colege 2day we missed ya!! hw r ur nipples bet the m&m's melted lol that was proper funny. helen actually thought that you were being serious lol peace out. xxx

  • Char
    luv Char

    Its been a while!!! i love fayeleeannamorrisleeejonesisabella  farnsworthwollybobblestepehson!! and i miss her sex :( xxx