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Katherina Bathory

Reactivated after over two years ;)

Feb 17 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Give It Up! 'Cause Now I'm Back!

Katherina Bathory


Katherina Bathory is the youngest daughter of the Bathory clan, making her the lowest rank, in spite of being perhaps the most powerful. The only other member of the clan who has been able to overpower her thus far is her younger brother Paul and current head of their clan.

Her past has not been an easy one, having disputes with her clan, a messy divorce and various relationships that have ended badly. But it is these events that have made her stronger and more determined to one day become “number one”.

She herself is known as the greatest surgeon in the world, having cheated with her abilities on necromancy (an illegal practice) and is sometimes even able to restore life to those who have died. . A class A criminal, seeking her services too has become illegal, but those dying or in desperate need are always willing to pay vast amount for her to treat them.
Katherina never really considered herself to be a murderer or a torturer. Instead she considered herself a scientist, testing to see how the human body functioned and how much it could take. Result of this research meant that she was able to "repair" bodies. ( she considered them to be broken rather than injured).
Maria Bathory: Eldest daughter high ranking vampire in the council.
Flint Bathory Rookwood: Eldest son, well known con man with little magical/ vamparic ability, currently living in America.
Lenard Bathory Crouch: Greatest Lawyer in Europe thogh mentally unstable, son of Barty Crouch Jr.
Iago and Rika Bathory Rookwood: Twins, currently still in education, though considered too "dangerous" for Hogwarts.
Scared Of
She would rarely admit fear to anything to those she was close to, let alone to those she was not. Though it had been observed by some that she has a deep fear of dementors and fire.
Second Form
Kat also has form of a small Imp. While most vampires will choose the traditional form of a bat ( weather sureal or realistic) Kat "traded" this form for the former. Being a harbinger she finds that she must spend alot of time in the realm of the dead. Inspite of not being truely alive, this dead world slowly drains away any and all life sorces. While in there she met the ruler of the dead and asked for her secondary form to be changed so she may move through worlds with ease. This form also has its advantages in the world of the living - however she doesnt like showing it to many people - it isnt exactly the most intimidating!!!
No I do not thik this is real, or anything along those lines. Katherina is a fictional character made up by myself. And i am not Dita Von Tease either - who i use as my characters look. And no - I know I am not "Midna" from LOZ TP either. Also this is not a new accont either. Katherina has been around on roleplay for nearly 3 years now. This is a re-made account.

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  • OOC - 69 Things About Me (stollen!))

    Height : 5' 7"
    Weight : I never want to know.

    Birthday : 4th Aug

    Town you were born in : Maidstone

    Single or Committed : Committed

    Favorite band : Ayreon

    Favorite sports team : do not have one

    Favorite drink : Rum

    Favorite getaway : anywhere foresty

    Favorite pasttime : painting

    Favorite reality show : i dont watch reality tv

    Best thing to ever happen to you : hasnt happened yet

    Favorite clothes : underwear!

    Your hair color : Darkish Ginger

    Pepsi or Coke : Coke

    Do you kiss on the first date : no

    Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate

    Favorite restaurant : anywhere as long as the food is good!

    Favorite movies : Saw (s), and beauty and the beast (diverse i know)

    Love or money : Um....

    Blondes or Brunettes : not blonde....ever

    Your ambition : to be a forensic investigator

    Ever bungee jumped : No but i want to

    Ever swam in the ocean : yup

    Ever been in love : twice

    Ever broken someones heart : unfortunatly yes

    Had your heart broken : very much

    Broke a bone : Yes, many

    Favorite TV show character : the doctor

    Cats or Dogs : cats

    Pizza or Burger : Pizza

    Your first crush : i can not remember, i have had too many

    Ever lied to your parents : naturally

    Worst fear : to be alone

    Your weakness : i wear my heart in my sleave

    Any tattoos : two

    Favorite subject in school : Drama, art and psychology

    Kisses or hugs : depends on the type of kiss

    Done anything you regret : yeah...

    Passive or aggressive : depends

    Morning or Evening : evening - i dont do mornings...

    Summer or Winter : neither. Spring.

    Ever won a sports medal : yeah for karate

    Ever been out of your country : yeah, lot o times

    Your dream vacation : Florida.... again....

    Best gift you have received :life

    Favorite Actor : David Tennant, Johnny Depp

    Favorite Actress : Shawnie Smith

    Best compliment someone gave you : that i smile with my eyes

    Do you hate anyone : yes. there is one person.... and i know hate is a strong word so i do not use it lightly....

    Hip-hop or Rock : Rock!

    Favorite perfume : i dont like perfume....i like lynx lol

    Ever been fined by a traffic cop : nope

    Country you : country i what?

    Ever been to a drive-in-movie : Yeah!

    Ever lied to teachers in school : many, many times

    Craziest thing you : dont know, im a student and i play ring of fire. are are too many crazy times...

    Your craziest dream in life : i would explain but i would be here all night.

    Ever dyed your hair : no

    City you live in : Canterbury

    Favorite day of the week : Wednesday

    Favorite childhood memory : summer times with my old school friends

    Do you swear a lot : Fuck no!....wait...

    Ever puked at a party : Oh yeah. going back to the whole student and ring of fire thing

    Ever danced all night long : yeah

    Have a crush on anyone : unfortunatly yes

    Your best buddy these days : nat -knew her growing up, and chris, a fellow student

    Are you a health freak : somtimes

    Vehicle you drive : Ford KA (dont laugh)

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  • Diary Extract 6

    Well what can I say?

    The last few months have been chaotic to say the least.

    Len's "death" was certainly traumatic for everyone in the family. And still we are haunted by the ghosts of his past when it was discovered that he now has a baby daughter. He named her Ara Elizabeth. A beautiful name in honour of my and Barty's mothers. How like him.

    And then of course were the births of Iago and Rika. I never thought I would be the mother of twins, but then again, I have turned out to be a lot different than anything I have ever expected.

    And lastly, the treaty between myself and Alec. Peace? Not really somthing I have ever really throught about up until now, but now that he is a father I suppose it would make sence as we are both determind to protect our children with all the power we posses...even though my power is far greater than his...but that is another story.

    The plus side to all of this is that I seem to be a lot happier. Killing people had lost it's charm when it became a chore. But now I have my life sorted out again and am single again I find myself with a lot more time on my hands to play around a little more - read into that any way you like - though why anoyone would be reading this....I digress. Damned paranoia!

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  • Diary extract 5 - by Katherina Bathory

    Oh dear I should have seen this one coming....

    Maria has returned to me. Sothing that has made me...well....happy....an emotion have not felt in a long long time. We have our differences but ultimatly we will always stand together. We did so through my divorce with Lucius and we have done through.... our love afairs with Barty.

    We did so through my new relationship with Tibs....even though I do not think those two got along very well...

    And I feel we always will do.


    a new issue has come to light. And that new issue is Barty. My ex lover. Her ex lover.

    I was talking to him last night and the things he said certainly rubbed me up the wrong way. Speaking of Maria like she is somthing for him to have a bit of fun with. As i toild him, and as Maria knows, I am the jealous type. But I would never ever let that get in the way of my relationship with my daugheter. I mean, I have a new boyfriend now anyway. But I knpow he will hurt her like has has done so in the past and then to me. And I will NEVER let that happen.

    I will love Maria no matter what she does. If she were to start having an afair with Barty that is her own business and not mine. I will not try and stop her. She is free to do what she will.

    But Barty on the other hand...he is NOT free. I will make him suffer in ways that only I can imagine. Len, his and my son will understand. He looks up to Barty more than anyone. And I also know he loves Barty more than m yself. But he is self proclaimed justice. He will hate Barty if he touches Maria.

    I know he would never admit it...but he deeply cares for his sister....

    I hope I do not have to kill Barty...but what choice would I have?

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    Yeah we'll roleplay in mail I think we should continue from where we left off at the ball, but can you remember what we finished with? I forget, sorry. :/ It's so good to see a comment from you again!

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    Hello Miss.

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    Reactivated after over two years;)

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    I miss you

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    [ Thanks, sorry for your late reply. x ] 1/2 The wind was fierce not that Harry cared. The weather was as usual the least of his worries and as he proceeded through the village, he tightened the grip on his wand. Being hunted was something he had become almost used to. It had been a long time since he had been able to walk down a busy street without being attacked. Despite this fact, he still came out when he felt like it, he just had to take more care. Leaving Ron and Hermione at Grimmauld Place was risky; the three were there while they searched for the horcruxes and he knew they would be worried about him, but even that didn’t make him turn back. Harry had been stuck in the depressive house for too long and he had needed an escape. What was the point in being alive if he was just hidden in a house? Shaking his head he allowed himself to sigh, his emerald irises darting cautiously from side to side. He wasn’t stupid but he didn’t think he was entirely brave either.

  • 'Lightning Child.
    'Lightning Child.

    2/2 What Harry wanted to be was impossible, but it didn’t stop him wishing for a miracle. If he was normal things would be so much easier and his friends wouldn’t be in danger right now. ‘Forget it,’ he told himself and had to force the ‘what if’s,’ from his mind. It didn’t help him thinking like that so he was glad when he finally returned his attention to his surroundings. The village was quiet, but it didn’t stop him being wary. Turning on the spot, he tilted his head to the side, straining his ears against the silence. It was then that he heard the soft tap of footsteps in the distance. Perhaps a normal person would have ran; but Harry as he had already stated to himself was not normal. Which is why he headed in the direction of the noise, curiosity taking control.

  • Thee Doccaay
    Thee Doccaay

    #3 A small sigh escaped from his lips as he laced his hand through his mussed hair. The TARDIS had been flying around while he had slept – where about has he landed. Grabbing his long brown trench coat which was lying upon one of the coral supports, he placed it on before opening the blue TARDIS door, slipping himself out the door and to the surroundings where he had arrived at – a new day and a new adventure…