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Jakebob Marley

nations is awesome play it

11/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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Karzingrad is dictated by Jakebob Marley. A nation-wide game of 'King of the Mountain' has been adopted as the new electoral system. Upon the birth of each new child, a multi-function processor is implanted in the child's brain which provides each citizen with 100% of all new information experienced by said child. All citizens are afforded the right to free health care and the medical community frequently sponsors seminars on healthy living and dieting.

Crime is non-existent due to the constant vigilance of a well organized policing force which exclusively uses capital punishment against all violators of the law. This country is very well protected by a military force of highly specialized individuals working through a highly bureaucratic system. Citizens are allowed to privately practice any religion which is officially approved by the government. In Karzingrad, learning is held to the highest of virtues and any citizen may take free classes to further their education.

This country is beginning to adopt many environmentally responsible practices, although any company with enough money can buy the right to disregard any practice they deem appropriate. This country's economic system is completely run by corporations working in the free market and, subsequently, only the CEO's of large corporations are eligible to hold public office, and citizens of Karzingrad enjoy any freedom they deem appropriate, given it does not infringe upon the freedoms of any other citizen or offend any other citizen in practice.

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  • Jakebob Marley
    Jakebob Marley

    age isnt a number its a state of mind- Jimi Hendrix

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    eh more like you owe me alot of loves :O :O :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • -E.

    yo bro how are youuuuu :( ? miss uu muchos, you been doing much with yurself, wb son, emma xx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    we be jammin boyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    figured i owe you some bebo love m'dearr :DD here yaaa go :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    i my nephew, you know who he is? :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    weeklyy love :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    heyy :) dont whyy i actually bother doing this but oh wells :) :L me and you need to have a wee gossip son :DD your saturday or sunday morning? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    love for yaaaa :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    weekly love m'dearr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    first love of 2O1O :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy

    heyy :) was gonna give you guys a text later but i've got no credit so....HAPPY NEW YEAR JAKEBOB MARLEY :DD hope 2O1O is good for you so far means it'll be good for the rest of us (yn) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mrs Adam Lambert
    luv Mrs Adam Lambert

    Happy New Year!! Lol howz 2010? We still hav a few hours of 09!

    12/31/09 via Mobile
  • Logann R
    Logann R

    ryt when yu comin bk

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    christmas love duuuude 8) have a good one! :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mrs Adam Lambert
    luv Mrs Adam Lambert

    Yoo Jake hwz u? Im gonna get skype so we can chat lol :L

    12/17/09 via Mobile
  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    ok :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    second love duuuuuuuude 8) :DD xxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    think i owe you two loves :) i forgot :o:O xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy
    luv Lucy

    weekly love boyy!! :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx