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9/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • TENNIS ROX!!!!
    TENNIS ROX!!!!

    Tennis rox and u noe it! And so duz Jenni!!!!!!
    Oh yeah, emily rox too. =P

    But together, emily and the tennis balls ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!

    mwua hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    oh and also, u like my dotties???? they're beautiful aren't they?

    Emily 3 Replies

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  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang

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  • Jenni

    hey vivi!!~** lol... sorries i cant get it 4 u ne....=P i've got the one tat u've already go (which i dun see wat was the point of gettin tat since tat i dun reali reali reali lyk 飛倫海 nway =P) n now i'm in aus...REMEMBER!!?? so then i cant possibly fly all the way bak jus to get their new album...keke.....sorries lar~! >''< but lyk i think we should SERIOUSLY get together smtime!! lyk....mabye nxt saturday?? 'coz i'm all full this weekend....ok? coz i've got northshore all mornin, then flute lession, then i hav church praise and worship practice (i play flute in the band =P) n then i hav yth grp @ nite....so ya....u can tell i'm not lyin now....=P but nxt saturday i dun hav praise n worship practice so mabye we can hang out @ bh or mc with jenny, em n mabye jo? tell me if u r free n i'll call up jen n tell jo @ skool n u tell em lor... nways, gotta go =] luv jen xx

  • Emily

    hey jenni =D i'm sure safin is um.. hot. *cough* but baghdatis is a very ugly man so i guess next to him, safin is hot. did u watch the baghdatis vs. hewitt match? that was cool. guess what? yesterday, there was a cockroach in my room. it was sooooooooo super duper GROSS!!!!!! why do cockroaches have to exist??? *shudder* anyway, ur starting skool on the 30th right? well, we finish at 2:30 so maybe we'll be on the same train after skool =P going out for dinner now >.< luv em xoxo

  • Emily

    heyyy jenni!!!!! i'm coming back on monday, so we still have like 2 weeks to get together.. i'm using my aunties comp and it is realllyyyyyy slow its not funny. The australian open is the BOMB!!!!!!! =P Did u watch the match with Safin and Baghdatis??? It was a really intense match. You must have seen it.. u luv safin, don't u? It was 5 sets!!! Anyway.. which other matches did u watch? Anyways.. I am sOOOO bored. My parents and my cousins parents are doing karaoke. It's giving me a stupid headache. LOL my dads got all the high bits and its the worst song ever. I think its chinese, but u could never tell, the way they're singing. Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight??? Spring rolls! Yummo. =P extremely bored and missing u tons, emily xoxo

  • Jennifer
    luv Jennifer

    AAAAAAWWWWWWWW thankyou v. MUCH da message u sent is EXTREMERLY LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG  GGGGGGG WAT a complete WASTE of time 19th when r u coming coz me mum has let me stay @ home for da past week 4 suppose studying i actually am my bro is like watching ova me 2 see wat i dooo he makes me DO a heck ALOT of MATHSSSSSSSSSS GAA KILLL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i am a pretty good writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well u just don't no alot BOUT me u should b ASHAMED of URSELFF i like miss u HEAPS wat ave u been UP tooooooooo i aven't seen u in AGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ur gonna SING tell ur friends to bring earmuffs coz ur gonna deafin themmm!!!!!! hate to be in their postion listening to u SING GOSH get me OUTTA there lol jks HEY since when were u into the gangsterstyle with the yo's man so NOT KOOL but i STILL..... i LOVE u MAN 4EVA +EVA remem to transfer to bh 4 ns man so then we all can be together like the good old timess!!!!! i MISS u a TONNE LOVE LAMMYwife

  • Josephine
    luv Josephine


  • B.Town.Boy

    hmm srry m think some stranger ^_^

  • Emily
    luv Emily

    heyyyy jenni!!!!!!! i'm in sydney now! =P and missing u HEAPS and HEAPS and HEAPS and HEAPS!!!!! The weather is really bad! It's pouring yet humid. *sigh* is it like that in melbourne too? we were gonna go to sum random place called the gap today, but cuz of the weather, we're not. I'm at my aunts place now. Soooooo bored... Don't worry I didn't get u a present... hehe I couldn't be stuffed. JKKKKKKK!!!! I got u a pressie!!! Reallllyyyyy AWESOME pressie!!! I'll give it to u when i c u next okies? which betta be pretty soon. we HAVE to get togetha before skool starts ok? and we'll still c each other on the train, rite? but i have to take the early train.. ooohh, guess what?????? The Australian Open started today!!!! YAY!!! It's so unfortunate that I'm not in melbourne to watch it though... :( I might watch it in the second week tho. r u gonna see it? I reallyyyyyy wanna see it!!! this character thingo is running out so.... MISS U TONS AND TONS!!! luv em xoxo

  • Jennifer

    lol trust me my bf would totally replace uu nwayss my fione number is 0434235343 i believethat there r no real stalkers on ur page rite i trust u with my life or at least i think i dooo nwayss AVE FUN playing FLUTE hhahahahehehehhehe FLUTEE cya soonish luv YA lammYwife

  • Jennifer

    yea yea alrite mannnnnn dat is totally depressing lol not much of a holiday is it?????????? lol 4 dayss awesomeeee rite before new yearss u should've made sure dat u could come back on Xmas or sumthing 2 make da BOXING day SALE man just ttoooo badd we could've went SHOPPING 2gether it would've been AWESOME did i tell u i ave 2 work on the holidayss its like soo depressing but LOVE u heapss ill see u soonish then YAY can't wait til u come back LOVE LAMMY

  • Jennifer

    heyyzz jenniiiiii man I MISS U heapssss omg soo depressing laaaa next year i wouldn't b goin 2 da same shcool as u and wouldn't b able 2 do jenni things anymoree !!!!!!!!! but don't u worry i WILLL LOVE U ALWAYSSSSSSSSDSDS\ mannn ALLWAYSSSSS nobody will replace u or i think nobody would actually maybe my bf will lol jks don't u worry i don't ave 1 but u neva nooooo back on trackk i will misss u heapssssss actually i miss u alreadyyy yea when u come back remem 2 give me a BUZZ yea o yea i changed my fone number ummm i'll email it 2 uuuuu don't ask me i ave so many numberssss its totally not my fault anywaysss PEACE OUT in tw and i'll see u later!!!!! come and hang with me @ my shop den u can get me outta work im lyk so desperate did ya no i ave 2 work throughout christmas holis except 4 25, 26, 31, 1st how depressing is dattttt i AVE 2 WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG it is such a big BLOW well ttyl LOVE u heapsss chenniiooooo lammy(wife)

  • Josephine
    luv Josephine

    heyyy chenio =] hows taiwan? mis u already laaaa xD

  • Êltøn

    i'm a jay fan lol

  • Josephine
    luv Josephine

    jo ta luvs u! <3

  • Wazza McGlozza
    Wazza McGlozza