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Jaime O'Leary

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About Me

King of Terasend
The Other Half Of Me
Lillianna Whisper Calvin
+ A Past Tale +
A Man who was raised with a golden spoon in his mouth. Jaime O'Leary wanted for nothing throughout his childhood. He squired under his father, a proud lord and grew up a strong, faithful Knight. He even had the privlidge to earn the trust of the King and became one of his personal body guards.

But that is when he started to learn the secrets of court, the King's mistresses, the way he tortured people in his private chambers. Jaime, being a man who could not put up with such behavior from someone who was suppose to protect their people... slayed the King in his sleep and then ran from his home, becoming a wondering Knight for some time. now, He is looking for a home and seeking a purpose once again. . . .
+ Know Titles +
King of Terasend, Best Daddy Eva!, Kings Slayer, and Prince of Elarion
+ Family +
Cousin of the Tasla Family, Father to Mary Ravyn and Alexander Thomas O'Leary, Brother to Kadryn Wolf and Loving husband to Lillianna O'Leary.
+ His Journal +
+ Kingdom Link +