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EFF. OHH. BEE. - ProducTiOns


4/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Pic down ere !! bee Thaa ORiGiNAL F.O.B FLAG!
Me, Myself, and I

Mount Isa Fobs! so iF yhuu nawtt from Mount isha
& yhuu nawtt FOB! well Thenn Piss Tharr Fuckk Off !! :D
Just sayinq ett, Likee ett ishh!.

>S A M O A N ' S Z
>F ii J ii A N ' S Z
>T O N G A N ' S Z
>T U V A L U A N ' S Z
>C O O K ii S L A N D E R ' S Z

[&&] ttahh listt gO`sz On ! !

Wee fObb`szz [&&] fcuk`iingg prOudd``

beiи I S L A N D E RR
` isитт juz
a иaтioиaliтчч ..
iтs a ↓
 G i F T 

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  • DiiZ iiZ hOw wee dOOze eTt !! lol.

    FObz are the Best, ROses are Red
    FObz are Sick, thatsz my race
    My FOb Pride, ii will nOt Hide
    My FOb Race, ii will nOt Disgrace
    My FOb BlOOd FlOws hOt & True
    My FOb Peeps, ii will stand by You
    Through Thick & Thin, Till Thaa day we Die
    ii Yell this pOem, LOuder than all thaa Rest
    Cause EveryOnee Knows, FObz Are Thaa BEST!!
    FOb Pride in my mind, FOb blOOd is My kind
    sO sTep Aside and Let Me ThrOugh,
    & brO itsz All abOut Thaa FOBsZ Crew
    Life Sucks & Then youu Die, But if yOur a FOb
    You Die with gOOd a$$ Pride!!!!
    Don't mess WiTh Us, We'll Kick yOur Ass
    Don't mess WiTh My Army, They Stay Right Beside me
    We Are Thaa Best, yOu will nOt Stress
    iTsz Because Of FObs we GiVe yOu jObsz
    We lOve Our fOOd, With AtTiTUdE
    Thaa iSlands are My NaTiiOn, BanksTOwn is My DesTiiNaTiion
    FObs are My POopuLaTiiOn, dOn't Mess WiiTh Our CiviLAiiSaTiiOn
    FObz are Fresh fOreverr Till Death, FObs are StrOng as ii Sing Thyss sOng
    ii'Ll FiNiSh Thyss pOem nOt bORiNg but lOng
    Thaa End!

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