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Bring It On 2010

Who's coming to the Bring It On Academy Launch? Hollah for more details :) Check out the Bring It On website too.

10/22/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Congratulations Onehunga High School for taking out the competition this year. Congratulations also to Kelston Boys, Mangere College & MAGS for placing.

Bring It On Academy Launch
- Tuesday 26th October - 7pm,
The Pioneer Women's Hall on the corner of High Street and Freyburg Place. Auckland City! Be there :)

For Bring It On footage visit:
*Check out the blog for more information.
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  • 2010 - Performance Order

    West Heat

    1.Henderson High School
    2. St Dominics High School
    3. Albany Junior High School
    4. Sir Edmund Hillary
    5. Takapuna Grammar
    6. Marcellin College
    7. Rutherford High School
    8. Kelston Girls
    9. Kelston Boys

    Central Heat

    1. Western Springs College
    2. Auckland Girls Grammar School (AGGS)
    3. Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS)
    4. One Tree Hill College
    5. Edgewater College
    6. St Mary's College
    7. Westlake Girls High School
    8. Tamaki College
    9. Selwyn College
    10. Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS)
    11. Mt Roskill Grammar School
    12. Onehunga High School

    South Heat

    1. De La Salle
    2. Alfriston College
    3. Botany Downs College
    4. Auckland Seventh Day Adventist High (ASDAH)
    5. Manurewa High School
    6. Papatoetoe High School
    7. Southern Cross
    8. Aorere College
    9. Tangaroa College
    10. Wesley College
    11. Otahuhu College
    12. Mangere College

    28 Comments 164 weeks

  • Grand Finals 2009

    Tickets are on sale now through ticketmaster:
    ALL tickets are allocated. If you purchase a ticket from a school you will sit with other audience members who have purchased their ticket from that same school.

    To sit in a schools' allocated seating quote the code word for the school when booking (scroll down to seat allocation codes at the bottom).

    General admission tickets i.e. tickets bought from the stadium will be allocated to sit behind people who have bought their tickets from schools.

    Schools will perform 360 degrees i.e. the stage being performed on is a square with 4 fronts and is in the centre of the stadium. Ticket price has increased due to the venue.

    Adults = 11 years and older
    Children = 10 years and under
    Family pass = 2 adults and 2 children

    Pre-sale Adult $24
    Door Adult $30
    Children $15
    Door only, Family pass $68

    Purchase from:
    1. Participating schools

    2. Vector Arena Box Office
    42-80 Mahuhu Crescent

    3. Real Groovy
    438 Queen Street
    Sat to Wed: 9am - 7pm
    Thurs and Fri: 9am - 9pm

    4. 4Sightseeing Information and Bookings
    Britomart Transport Centre
    12 Queen Street
    Mon to Sat: 9am - 6pm
    Sun: 10am - 4pm

    5. Bruce Mason Centre
    Corner Hurstmere Road and the Promenade
    Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm
    Sat: 10am - 4pm

    6. Zeal Global Cafe
    Mon to Thurs: 3.30pm - 6.30pm

    7. Custom Teez, Manukau

    Seat allocation
    Bay 1:Rutherford | Code: R-FORD
    Bay 2: Selwyn College | Code: SELWYN
    Bay 3: Tangaroa College | Code: TC
    Bay 4: Aorere College | Code: AORERE
    Bay 5: Onehunga High School | Code: OHS
    Bay 6: Wesley College | Code: WESLEY
    Bay 7: Massey High School | Code: MASSEY

    Bay 15: Otahuhu College | Code: OTAHUHU
    Bay 16: Kelston Girls' College | Code: KGIRLS
    Bay 17: Kelston Boys' High | Code: KBHS
    Bay 18: Mt Roskill Grammar | Code: MRGS
    Bay 19: Mangere College | Code: MANGERE
    Bay 20: Epsom Girls' Grammar | Code: EPSOM

    My fingers are tired now - leave a comment for more inquiries.

    10 Comments 206 weeks

  • Performances Order

    These are the order of the performances for the Bring It On grand final:

    1. Kelston Girls' College
    2. Selwyn College
    3. Epsom Girls' Grammar
    4. Otahuhu College
    5. Tangaroa College
    6. Aorere College
    7. Kelston Boys High School
    8. Rutherford College
    9. Onehunga High School
    10. Mangere College
    11. MtRoskill Grammar
    12. Wesley College
    13. Massey High School

    Order of performance was picked out of a bag at the Bring It On leader's meeting on Tues 28th July.

    Good luck to all the schools :)

    19 Comments 209 weeks

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BIO 09 Grand Final.mov

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  • Lee -C-O-C

    fully agreed wiv comment below ! :D

  • L.E.L.I
    luv L.E.L.I

    haha love bio.bet every1s gnna go hard nxt year lol strait up evry1 should jus shudub aye 2010 is ovr placings were made ,OHS wrkd hard 4 1st place jus 4get bowt it prepare n go hard nxt year haha lol shweet

  • Fcuktart

    yeah mayne ao shuld ohv1 lol

    12/11/10 via Mobile
  • - Danndy

    , cheee i recon the placings where pretty raaatshit this year ' thats being honest :) ? but owell so be it

  • Charles Tui
    luv Charles Tui

    I love this competition soooo much!

  • P A R A L L E L - D.C
    P A R A L L E L - D.C


  • Charles Tui
    luv Charles Tui

    Congrats to you too!

  • Leana

    Yous only won cause yous had a diffrent style to evryone elses dance . :L jokes congrats

    9/29/10 via Mobile
  • Charles Tui
    luv Charles Tui

    I love Bring It On.

    9/18/10 via Mobile
  • luv Sarah

    Hey! If you competed in Bring It On this year or was in the audience at the heats or Grand Final , I would LOVE to hear from you! I am currently working on making Bring It On even better for next year and with your input it can be even better ! Please private mail me if you would like to provide some feedback regarding the event! I am open to hear ANYTHING :) Thanks Sarah

  • luv Donny Khalifa

    Congradulation Onehunga :L :L :L you guys were amazing so yeahh :D :D iHope next year's one will be thrilling hahaha LOL :L :L :L free luv to Onehunga and B.I.O

  • Dee-Yonce Faaea-Aiono
    luv Dee-Yonce Faaea-Aiono

    CONGRATS ONEHUNGA!! Being an ex-MC student and involved in BIO..yall totally killed it out there!! SHOT ONEHUNGA!! At the end of the day, if yall had fun then thats the main thing!! but ONEHUNGA dats how u do it..just come out of nowea!! GEEZ LOVE IT!! sweet..PEACE B WITH YALL!!

  • Charles Tui
    Charles Tui

    Whatsgood bebo'ers? Mad love to all supporters & haters! Onehunga chose to look at the 360 stage a different way this year & that explains our begining. As for placings, we're all winners at the end of the day. We made it through to grandfinals & pulled off some amazing performances. Hope most of the crew's joined academy! :) Mad love once again. All the best for 2011. _ ♥ Onehunga.

  • I K I
    I K I

    , why is everyone complainin bout placng its jst a comp and its fnsh nw, we all deservd our placngs, theas nxtyear. Be humble dnt disgrace your skool by leavng bad comments towards other skools. Maybe use need to really inderstand wat brng it on is about. Step your game up be humble thn mayb ul get a placng nxtyear, if your gona be big headed about it nd thnk use are gona win sory thse r th ones hu dnt seem to gt the placn so be proud dat u representd ur families, skools & yourslf. Sweeet

    9/9/10 via Mobile
  • - Ommcha

    aww shux yeeah no i meant for the beginning thats all sorry my bad :) i aint the one complaining its the others i was just saying yo so dont get mad at me. Sweet Laters !

  • - NiyaH
    - NiyaH

    um what do you mean onehunga didnt use 360? think you need to get some glasses mate. The only time they didnt use 360 was the beginning dont bots..go watch it again... stop complaining!! Your not a judge are you? bcos they know what they are talking about.. Shot Onehunga..you's were original and weird..but in a good way..i was kind of getting bored watching the same performances until yous came on..woke me up again...and kelston boys..if onehunga didnt come first then you guys should have.. you and onehunga's performances were tight like g-strings! lol.

  • Auckland Colleges 9/5/10
  • luv Sarah

    Make sure you all join the Bring it On Auckland page on Facebook too :) Keep updated and there will be giveaways for helping us assess and evaluate Bring it On to be even bigger and better! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-...

  • - Ommcha

    sorry bro imah have too agree with the chick below Rewa was better cos they used the 360 stage just like every other school did but Onehunga didnt really use it aswell as they did at heats not hating but they were still off the hook. finishing mentality is what matters. yeeah either Rewa or AO shouldve came 1st regardless that they used some of the sets from heats but its how well its executed. but dont worry bro i always got your back ! BRATHAAS ! but yeeah just saying :DD

  • SymonAmete

    Noo Twoslikjayceewhyenn it was actually LOVEY DOVEY ! but yeah aleast i mentioned your school but yeah well half of the people in that crowd thought REWA should ov came first but yeah even the MC's called REWA 3x but yeah you didnt see what happend aftr .. ONEHUNGA was tight because they only performed to one side at a time if you watch the video properly .. not hating im just saying .. REWA ...