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6/3/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 550
  • from essVee.
  • I am Married
  • Member since: May 2006
  • Last active: 10/5/12
  • www.bebo.com/3__FBT
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About Me

    × jaedee fcuken qee. twenee10 baybee =)   
Me, Myself, and I
ezup. th qirls. jdq. music. love. family. cellphone. ipods. th hutt. shoppinq. leathr jackets. shop sales. shoes. jandals. tand&t course. drinkinq. summr. hot days. hanqinq with th qirls. bourbons. touch. netball. no school. th car. sleepinq. eatinq. holidays. th beach. cuddles. kisses. life.
The Other Half Of Me
Levi King

Levi King


O81OO7 ; aяia destiny tiaяe
08O2O9 ; kaydence cheяish taimana

3OO5O9 ; jaya lyяic ataяia
O2O8O9 ; tuakana paki яaukawa
22O11O ; meyah teяina iisabella
21O41O ; chazayah donna meяe
waimaria wharerimu ;
omq, this qirl is like th rest of mee if not th best of mee :D shes th one thad dials my smile :DD . even thouqh shes a year younqr than me, she seems like shes almost th same aqe as me. mature much i`d say :L ; inevr thouqht thad aa friendship like this could laasd this lonq buhd aftr pullinq throuqh th HIGHS and& lows, we are finally here and qoinq stronq? thad sounds a bit wronq lol, shes th one imissd th mosd wen iditched her foh aussie. buhhd yeeah th pasd happened foh a reason baabes. iFLY waimaria wharerimu <33 bff`s foh life lol :DD x
qiяls =)
      -Wai bou.
Top qirl here :D Piss head ;; but number 01 stunn!
Daяls _Miss dohpee 8teen now baabes =) iMY
  Paяx × ` YOHdat :D Natural Beauty
     Jeskah ;; Pretty Lil Thinq ' iMY
    Bubbah, MILF :L
 Monkey ;; Shee`s ouur PROSPECT
   Amba. Anothr MILF :L
  Shaari ×she`s lyk aa Staar :D

& can not forget maii girl ali.. I LOVE U!!
jessica pihema ;
well whad too say bouud this beitch? hmm, sh fcukinq ditched mee foh th land down undr a.k.a aussie! as well as daar aand amba. fuqqen beitches :DD ; naah buhd mee and jess qo waay baack :) too th days where sh would ride paast us on her meean bike (:L ) while we was beeinq cool quys ihn th bus stop saayinq `whads ur naame?` as sh rode paasd iqnorinq us completely. too th now daays of drinkinq :/ (not really) aand beeinq straiqht jdq. wee haave haad aa few uhps and downs buhd haave pulled throuqh and ended uhp in love lol ; jowkinq. buhd iFLY jessica pihema aand caant waait foh ur arse too qehd baack in ur REAL country alonq with daar and amba! miss ue baabes x

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  • Paarx
    luv Paarx

    omg you still use bebo lol iFLY x

  • Paarx
    luv Paarx

    hay jaaaaaydes :D urm ai been alrigh ae hby ?

  • -SweetDuude. 7/13/10
  • S H U S
    luv S H U S

    hae jadyz l0lz . . oh mean u fnshd kura! nw ?? .S H U S !! so wat korz u duinqn? nah nt al ov us r stayn dwn here jst me chad , kat nd da 3 kidz ha . me due 2 hve bby anydae nw . hvnqn a b0i knt wait 4 da lil nika 2 kum owt haha . hez namez JAROE-LYRIC . lil sumfngn diffent haha . wel gt at me. xxxx

    6/16/10 via Mobile
  • Kamaia

    neow qimme tha love bro . :)

  • Kamaia
    luv Kamaia

    kefe :L

  • Paarx
    luv Paarx

    ai got nau fone oi. lol gutted buht ai been around aei ;; wea you been ? upto ths weeknd .. xx

  • Site - Livi
    luv Site - Livi

    ..+ all you ;) im greaat thaanks , same as jireh and site (; babys grown , pretty exciting :B hahaha. And thats great to hear yous are good (; what yah been doing? :DD

    6/9/10 via Mobile
  • Kamaia

    your still qay (:

  • WaiBou
    luv WaiBou

    love for ue babe =]

  • Site - Livi
    Site - Livi

    ..+ hey doll , hows you and your lil fams :DD

    5/30/10 via Mobile
  • S H U S
    S H U S

    chad haha im talknqn abwt hez trib haha.

    5/21/10 via Mobile
  • S H U S
    luv S H U S

    hae j a y d z !. wat it duz ?. hw yu ben ? far hvnt hurd frm yah in agez l0lz . hwz ur gurlz ? me livenqn in c-city nw . nd hez trib dwn here 2 haha . welly anywayz hurz sum luv 4 yo . xo CZ EM UHP GURL !!

    5/21/10 via Mobile
  • luv .Ja.

    Have a fab time in Rotorua fool :)

  • Kamaia
    luv Kamaia

    wendyy :D

  • Jess
    luv Jess

    oh thanks jayds heas one bhak

  • J E S S
    J E S S

    howu been ? i no fully can't wait !

  • J E S S
    luv J E S S

    ily ;; x

  • Kamaia
    luv Kamaia

    Broee ow ; hes thee love qive it baack ae ? x

  • Tshaa

    Thanx :DD YupYup Trying Tuu, And Puh Heard Tha name You Came Up With LOLS!


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