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Laura Legend

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  • Female, Luv 383
  • from regal gourock
  • I am It's Complicated
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  • Member since: March 2005
  • Last active: 10/19/12
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About Me

Ever drank baileys out of a shoe?
Me, Myself, and I
Right so heres the deal...

Bebo changed and we fell out.

Generally I spend more than I earn, I play more than I work and I definatley drink more than the RDA.

For once im feeling pretty sorted.
The Other Half Of Me
Colette .

Colette .

So fantastic...they named a ski brand after her!

Let me introduce you to a brand new dance...
london underground surfing
Scared Of
The affect the January sales is gonna have on my bank balance.
Happiest When
I'm happy all the time.

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  • Uni

    Just back from Galasheils like, and im pure talkin funny already!! haha!!
    im loving it though!! the people are really nice ;)

    apparently laura's a very common name in Galasheils.
    and sex on the beach is only 1.50 :D :D :D

    ultrabeat sucked...so did s club 2...but the skool disco was awesome! :L

    good luck to all my loved ones moving away this weekend !!

    <3 xxx

    cya in a month or so ;) x

    0 Comments 253 weeks

  • quotes...i ran out of room! haha

    "mother of ghandi!"-colette,
    "i love u.....now come to bed!!"-me heather colette,
    "MACBETH shall sleep no more!"-shakespeare,
    "laura and david sittin in a tree...." LOL-heather and me,
    "THERES THE LAZY RIVER FIEND!"-me and heather,
    "scabby andy" *shudders*-me and heather,
    "je suis not amused"-generaly me betty kirstie and fiona but it spread =),
    "we lesbians as a race tend to b attracted to the ginger species"-me and emily,
    "christ on a bike!"..."christ on a SLEDGE!"-general banter,
    "so what u MOFO!"-evry1,
    "ladies don't start fights..we finnish them!"-the aristocats,
    "chivalry's not dead....yet!"-maths ss ppl,
    "man danceworks was a marathon last nite!!...oh, where were uz runnin?"-HAHA bless allys soul,
    "jimeny cricket!"-general,
    "alors! alors! je suis agresee!!"-me nd sofz(dont even try and mug us yah french frog!:P ),
    "YEH!?!?..well MY mummy says YOURE a BITCH!!"-haha timeless me and heather,
    "that was the RIDE of my life!"-me in one of the best ever nites!
    "It was sticking out like a BANCHEE!" -colette!
    "it has never happend in my 16 years of....serendiptiy..EHH DONT THINK SO! :P !" -poor colette trying to use big words :P
    "good god in Govan!" -emza me nd hezs new best friend :D (lettes cousin)
    "would u like some sex and fryy-rysh?" - haha me :D one of the best yet!
    "this tastes like pineapple:s...mainly because it is dear:) " - go back t osleep colette!:P
    "SIR (to mr.Jack)..do u have a hair dryer?".."NO I BLOODY WELL DO NOT! WHAT KIND OF DEGRADING QUESTION IS THAT!?!?" - haha poor sophie digs a hole for herself! ;)
    "ohh mann...i forgot the FUCKING tupaware :|" - the girls found my outrage rather amusing!
    "if ur on stephanie's side, ur on the wrong side!!" - originaly cinzia i believe but nicola told me for the francais banter ;)
    "my my, ur quite the rumpuss cat ;) " - susana..but i guess we have to give mrs. F some credit man =D
    "My grannie was NOT a whooore!..she just enjoyed herself thats all!:|" - haha god love wee betty in her hay day ;)
    "YERR YOU DO/DID/ARE etc." - dubai '07
    "thats what ur mum said last nite" - dubai '07 :p
    "allllrriiiitteee".."ooohhh yehhhh".."oookkkaaaayyy" - dubai 07
    "Emily has the copper gene!!!" - me and fifs :D
    "WELL in LONDON we didnt have to look wg=hen we crossed roads." :| - me nd hedaah :)

    1 Comment 337 weeks

  • 10 reasons to "doo" a dancer ;) lol


    1. we know all the positions
    2. we perform to please the crowd
    3. we don't mind getting hot and sweaty
    4. we’re very flexible
    5. we show off our legs
    6. we’re tight,physically fit
    7. we can shake it like no other
    8. we're perfectionists:theyll keep going until they hit it
    9. we do what we’re told
    10. we're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing


    0 Comments 337 weeks

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  • Jay

    asif i just remembered u and thought fuck i duno how to find u on facebook so came on bebo ! hahahaha
    fuck my actual life, find me on facebook :D james uren x

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    Blue Bella

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  • luv Kirstie

    New year was amazin 4 day bender! still suffering :L Av jus been goin to wrd up red n ricos tbh! wanna go to ggw sum time soon! when u home? xx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    yes, u were on bebo... 2 weeks later, i was on bebo too lol xxx

  • Kirstie

    i sure am how was ur xmas? x

  • James McEwan
    James McEwan

    yeah lol it is mental they make every song sound like part of a rave man its brilliant. when you off uni till? be at rid this wekeend? x

  • James McEwan
    luv James McEwan

    hey pal you have a good night on wednesday? octapussy is my new favourite place lol was proper raving the whole night lol

  • Champagne SuperNovo

    Awrite Laura.Hows U?wot u up to?Not seen u in ages.still work in currys in galashields or wherever u wnt to.U at Uni?x

  • Ricos Greenock
    Ricos Greenock

    Hey Laura Legend Just a quick message to let you know RICO'S IS BACK !!! Reopening November 09 Check out our page for details in the coming week Also .. Check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/ricos.greenock

  • Stephanie Roy
    luv Stephanie Roy

    Its amaaaaazing... but theres sooo much to do this yr :( lol .. are u staying in gala for halloween or r u coming down the road!? what u dressing up as?! im well exciteeeed too :D Aww gooood!! im well jealous! :D but i bet the debt was worth it!! :) Greenocks okkkk ... Usual tbh!! I dnt think theres any gossip!? if i think of any ill let u know ... :D xxx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    :D cant wait for tomoro - and remind me i need to ask u something about a certain picture!!!! xxx

  • Stephanie Roy
    Stephanie Roy

    Hellooooo there :) how are you?! i was looking through old fotieees tonight and i found lotsa dancing ones ... then i realised i havent spoken to you in ageeeees!! hows life?! enjoying being bk at uni!? Ohh ... and how was london?? :P xxx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    see my stat.... as i was writing this comment i remembered wot i d replaced the words with... Strawberry Moons Forever... :( xxx

  • Kinschin
    luv Kinschin

    mine too .. i can only aspire ;) shes hot stuff! haha, miss you tooo babycakes :( xxx

  • Heather
    luv Heather

    ur too jazzy ! xxx

  • Crossley
    luv Crossley

    Looser ;)

    9/11/09 via Mobile
  • Rory Gorman
    Rory Gorman

    wup? :) if your still alive?

  • Rory Gorman
    luv Rory Gorman

    txtn back would be nice

  • Rory Gorman
    Rory Gorman

    :( im hurt

  • Colette .
    Colette .

    young Will is comin to my union for a visit if u are free and fancy joinin in the frolics :) xxx