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Xx Bronnie Xx

♥..Click 'Mε Tσσ' If Чσur Sitting Hεrε Thiηkiηg Of That Special Sσmεσηε.. And Чσur Wishing Чσu Wεrε With Thεm Ryt Nσw..♥

3/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Stanwick
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: March 2009
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About Me

♥[[ηєση вяαcєs, єℓмα ѕнσєѕ αη∂ вяσwn нαιя = мσι]]♥
Me, Myself, and I

♥[[χ.ραяєηтѕ ηαмє∂ нєя.χ]]♥...вяσηwyη

♥[[χ.тнєу αℓℓ ѕнσυт.χ]]♥... вяσηηιє

♥[[χ.вяυѕнєѕ.χ]]♥...вяσwn нαιя

♥[[χ.ℓσσкѕ тняυ.χ]]♥...grєєn єуєѕ

♥[[χ.ƒєℓℓ ƒяσм нєανєη ση.χ]]♥ ...14тн ƒєвяυαяy 95'

♥[[χ.ѕтαя ѕιgη.χ]]♥... αqυαяιυs

♥[[χ.ση тнє мαρ.χ]]♥... ѕтαηwιck

♥[[χ.вєѕт м8ѕ.χ]]♥... кαтιє, αℓιcє, αzzιє, ѕσρнιє, вєcky
The Other Half Of Me


dont no wat id do without u babee, BMFL :P

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  • 100 Things About Me

    001. Full Name - Bronwyn Alex Burgoyne
    002. Nicknames – Bronnie, babbie, Babs, Brona Wonna (don't ask, it was Livvi)
    003. Single or taken – Single
    004. Zodiac Sign - Aquarius
    005. Male or Female- Female
    006. School: Bishop Stopford, in Kettering
    007. iPod: #2, I washed my 1st one :(
    008. How many buddies on your list: Around 50 at the moment :(
    009. Screen name: Xx Bronnie xX at the moment I think...
    010. Hair Color- Usually brown, at the moment ginger :P
    012. Hair Long or Short - Middleish
    014. Eye Color – Green and hazel
    015. Are you health freak - No
    016. Height – No idea, quite tall
    017. Do you have a crush on someone- Yes
    018. Do you like yourself – Yeah
    019. Braces? - Yep, I am a brace face and proud
    020. Think your awesome? - No
    021. Piercings – Yeah- ears
    022. Tattoo - No
    023. Righty or Lefty - Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    024. Surgery – None
    026. First best friend – Emma Wood-Wood
    027. First Award – One for my boffy maths
    028. First Sport You Joined – Dance
    029. First pet – Charlie the cat, its dead
    030. First vacation – Cyprus
    031. First Concert – McFly, oh yeah!
    032. First love – ...all of my close friends know...

    033. Movie – Twilight
    034. Favorite TV show – Ashes to Ashes and Life on mars
    035. Colour - Just as long as they're bright ツ
    039. Drink – Don't really have one...
    040. Body part not on the face (on a boy): Arse ツ lol
    041. Sport To Play – Netball, hockey, not in a team, I just like them
    042. Favorite piece of clothing – My plain skinny jeans
    043. Brand Of Clothing? – I like New Look
    044. What do you sleep with? – nothing
    045. Favorite School – I don't have one, I have to many ツ
    046. Favorite Animal(s) –Froggies?
    047. Favorite Books – Twilight again
    048. Favorite Magazines – Hair mags, that's about it
    049. I'm eating - Banana Chips :P
    050. I'm drinking - Nothing
    052. I'm about to – Carry on painting the canvas I'm working on
    053. Listening to – The fish tank buzzing :(
    055. Waiting For – Dinner
    056. Watching – The computer screen lol
    057. Wearing – My painting clothes
    ___Your Future___
    058. Want Kids? - Yeah, loads
    059. Want to Get Married? - If I find the right guy
    060. Careers in Mind: Tactical Navigator in the RAF

    __Which is better with the Opposite__
    068. Lips or Eyes - Eyes
    069. Hugs or Kisses – Kisses :P
    070. Shorter or Taller – Taller, definately not shorter
    072. Romantic, Spontaneous or larma – Romantic and a bit spontaneous
    073. Nice stomach or nice arms - Stomach
    074. Sensitive or Loud – Both really
    075. Hook-up or relationship- Relationship
    077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? – Neither lol
    ___Have you ever___
    078. Kissed a Stranger - Nope
    079. Drank bubbles – Yep :L
    080. Lost glasses/contacts – No
    081. Ran Away From Home – No
    082. Broken a bone - In my finger...does that count
    083. Got an X-ray - Yep
    084. Broken Someone's heart- Don’t think so…
    087. Cried When Someone Died - Yes
    ___Do You Believe In___
    089. God – Something like that
    090. Miracles - Yes
    093. Aliens - maybe not right now
    094. Magic - No
    095. Heaven – I’d like to…
    096. Santa Claus – My parents still think I do :P
    097. Sex on the first date - Depends :L
    098. Kissing on the First Date - Depends as well
    099. Angels – Sort of

    ___Answer Truthfully___
    100. Is there someone you Want To be with right now- HELL YES!!! :L ;) :P

    0 Comments 224 weeks

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  • Xx Bronnie Xx
    Xx Bronnie Xx

    i dont use bebo anymore, facebook is better xxx

  • Louise Silverstone

    Hey i took the prom servay r we still doing our pink hummer london shoppin thingy lol Tapp bkk louise xx

  • XxxPipxx
    luv XxxPipxx

    im ok ta :) sorry took so long to reply i went and then came back to comp XD xxx whatcha been up to?

  • XxxPipxx
    luv XxxPipxx

    Hey!!!! zomg i havent spoken to u in ages :O !!! how are u?! xx x x x x

  • -

    - thatss ok babee :) yeahh amm awesomee thankyouuu :) what you been up tahh ..? xx

  • -

    helloo babee :) youu okayy ..? tahh for the add bub ::D xx

  • X.Lil.Bubbs.Forever.X
    luv X.Lil.Bubbs.Forever.X

    heyy heyy bbz luvs yar nd looks like need sum love tooo xoxox

  • Ewan
    luv Ewan

    hi it Ewan u kk? I no the girl in ur oik wid u tb

  • X.Lil.Bubbs.Forever.X

    ooh BTW am lurrviin!!!!!!!! tha Skin!

  • X.Lil.Bubbs.Forever.X
    luv X.Lil.Bubbs.Forever.X

    heyy heyy luv!!! yehhah i read it lol taaa u're tha best!! ooh go on the blog thing at bottom rite hand screen!!!!! den we can chat ok? yer luviin yuuuuu!!!!

  • Xx Bronnie Xx
    Xx Bronnie Xx

    TALK TO ME :( i feel lonely :(