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i served darren mackie at work last night!! :D :D

7/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♫ If she does it like this, will you do it like that?♫
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Lauren :]

i'm generally quite a HAPPY person!

go to UNI - in my 4th and final year

work at Sports Direct

My friends are awesome

can be extremely ditzy at times

Kinda have a thing for a guy called Russell Howard :)

on facebook more...come find me- www.facebook.com/laureneb17


2009 was a pretty good year for me and some amazing things happened that i won't ever forget! 2010 hasn't been that good a start to the year. But hope even better things happen in 2010 and a new start can happen in time!

♫ Watch us wreak the mic...psyche!! ♫
Music ♫
I like a mixture of everything...my favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, McFly and Green Day. Loving The Killers, Justin Timberlake and Blur too. Don't understand people who only like one type of music. How boring!
My absolute favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean. Other favourites are Sleepy Hollow, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Spiderman, Harry Potter and Back to the Future. I like my TV too- Hollyoaks is the best! Also like Skins, One Tree Hill, That 70s Show, Lost and Scrubs.
I do a lot of walking but thats about the extent of my sporting abilities. So its football all the way for me! Season ticket holder for Aberdeen FC. Also support Sunderland and of course Scotland!!
x Loves x
McFly * Football * Hollyoaks * Russell Howard * Skins * My ipod * Darren Mackie * Aberdeen FC * Cocktails * Gigs * Snoopy * Scottishness * Hugs * Lets Get Ready To Rhumble * Mr Brightside * Shopping * New Look * Cardigans * 80s Classic Tunes * Student Discount * Long Vodkas * Green Day * Triple Kirks * Singstar *
Not much a fan of...
Rain * Neds/Chavs * Buses * Schoolies on the bus * Arrogant twats * The guys who sit onfront of me at the football * Leona Lewis and Lily Allen * Bebo * People who refer to the UK as England * Boring or indecisive people * Waiting ages for someone to text back after i txt back straight away * Onions * Kylie * Girls Aloud * Sorting hangers at work * Guild Street * Drama * Birds * Getting in big taxis myself * When people don't act like the friends they are supposed to be * Walking anywhere on my own outside in the dark * Rude Customers * People not texting back * Always having to text first *

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  • Bored......

    Are you "with" the very last person you kissed?

    What's a word that starts with the third letter of your first name?

    This time last year, do you remember who you liked?

    Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?
    On the cheek

    What's something you do when you're mad?

    Is it okay to kiss people when you're single?
    Of course :D

    Do you always answer your phone?
    Only to numbers i know

    Was yesterday better than today?
    Yes coz yesterday was AWEsome

    Does anyone ever spell your name wrong?

    Where is your best friend right now?
    Umm not sure

    Have your parents ever caught you drinking?
    No coz i am old enough to drink!

    Can you honestly say that you're okay right now?
    Yeah i am okay

    Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
    Not really

    Will you be up before 7AM tomorrow?
    Hell no- thats WAY too early

    Where did you get the shirt your wearing?
    New Look

    Do you get along with your parents?
    Most of the time

    Would you put a "one way" sign in your room, and point it toward your bed?
    Haha no

    When is the last time someone of the opposite sex gave you a hug?

    How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
    Hmmm...not many

    Do you like being home alone or does it freak you out?
    I don't mind being home alone

    Are you satisfied with the way you've been raised?

    Would you make a good lawyer?
    Lol doubt it

    Have you hugged/kissed someone in the past 6 days?
    Yeah :)

    What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

    Do you have a bad temper?
    Not really

    How many wives or husbands do you want?
    Just the one will do thanks

    Do you have alcohol in your house?

    Whats the closest pink object to you?

    What color are your eyes?

    How old will you be in 3 years?
    I'll be turning 26 eeeeek

    How often do you honestly cry?
    Not a lot

    Does anyone call you babe?

    Have you ever dated anyone just for their looks?

    Who was the last person to make you laugh?
    Emma - was laughing at her laughing at something lol

    What's the next big life decision you will have to make?
    Uhh no idea

    Do you have any dirty pictures on your cellphone?

    Will this weekend be a good one?
    Should be

    Who do you want to kiss right now?
    Not saying but a few of my friends know who hehe :)

    Is the last person you kissed more than a year older than you?

    Do you like being single?
    Its alright

    Did the one person who hurt you the most in your life apologize?
    Ha only once

    Do you have any pictures of yourself on your bedroom walls?
    Yes- photos of me and friends

    Do you miss anyone?

    Think back to your most important relationship, was it all your fault it's over?

    Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

    Do you have any nieces or nephews?

    Are you good at hiding your feelings?
    I guess o a,

    Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
    Who knows

    What if your best friend liked the last ex boyfriend/ girlfriend of yours?
    Ha that will never happen

    Do you like your cell phone? Or do you wish you had a new one?
    I like my new one

    Where is the person who last had your heart at the moment?
    Probably sleeping no doubt

    Do you think somebody likes the same person you do?
    Lol yeah

    0 Comments 177 weeks

  • bored

    does your bebo password have anything to do with a boy?

    are you in love?
    Not anymore :(

    are you a girly girl?
    Kinda :)

    big or small purses?
    Umm...medium size purses!!

    did you dress up on halloween?
    Yup i was a pirate arrrr

    do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
    Light preferably but i'm not too fussed

    ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
    lol no

    ever slapped a guy in the face?

    do you prefer a tall or short guy?
    taller than me

    your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
    i don't have a best friend of opposite sex so i'm alright on that one!

    what was the last reason you went to the doctor for?
    went for a dermatologist appt

    what's the last thing you put in your mouth?

    what does your last text message say?
    'Lol how cute'

    if you could pack your bags right now and were given a plane ticket, where would you go?

    if you could change your name to anything what would it be?
    I like my name :) No changes

    what do you hate about your school?
    don't go to school but i hate uni coz the work sucks!

    favorite animal?
    Penguin although pandas are cute

    favorite juice?

    have you had the chicken pox?
    I think so

    did you miss anyone today?
    Yes :(

    what are your plans for the weekend?
    other than work, no idea

    are you hungry?
    not really

    are you a forgiving person?

    are you talking to someone you love while doing this?

    what are you listening to?

    what are you worried about?

    0 Comments 179 weeks

  • Born in November?

    Trustworthy & loyal. Very passionate &
    dangerous. Wild at times. Knows how to have fun.
    Sexy & mysterious. Everyone is drawn towards
    your inner & outer beauty & independent
    personality. Playful, but secretive. Very emotional
    & temperamental sometimes. Meets new people
    easily & very social in a group. Fearless &
    independent. Can hold their own. Stands out in a
    crowd. Essentially very smart. Usually, the
    greatest men & women are born in this month.
    If you ever begin a relationship with someone from
    this month, hold on to them because they're one of a kind.

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  • H'M

    yup shall be good :) xxxxxxx

  • H'M

    i know my shifts haven't changed in like the past 3 weeks! i need a new job to! its nae good lol and of course a night out sounds good to me :D xxx

  • H'M

    Hey :) TOO LONG!! i know i think valda knows not to put us together :P haha im doing fine thanks need a catch up with my girlie tho :) been up to much? xxx

  • H'M
    luv H'M

    Heyy! long time no speak :( me misses you chick! how are you? xxxx

  • Nommy'S Angel
    luv Nommy'S Angel

    thank you much appreciated need a huggle. *Huggle for my Lauser* :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • H'M
    luv H'M

    it sure was!! and heres it xxx

  • H'M

    how ace was tonight? :L xxx

  • Claire B
    luv Claire B

    Heyya! Howd the exam go?! Bet your glad ur done with all the revising!!! xxx

  • Nommy'S Angel
    luv Nommy'S Angel

    Why thank you very muckle, i think i can splash out and give ya som back xxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Grant
    Claire Grant

    YEAH WORK SUCKS!!!! I am fine just bored , i as out on fri night so stayed in last night and staying in again tonight so that will be boring haha but away to meet my chum for lunch yipee get me out the house you been out lately or you 2 busy revising xxx

  • Claire Grant
    luv Claire Grant

    well hello there little cuz ;) how are you xxx

  • H'M


  • Nommy'S Angel
    luv Nommy'S Angel

    Merry Christmas Lolly!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

  • H'M

    i have been SHOPPiNG :D but ive missed you to :( i know everythings better when im there :P xxx

  • H'M

    haha yes lauren i do a bit but it has changedWAYYYYYYYYY to much :( xxx

  • luv Swarna Hossain

    If you don't sherrep I'll poke you in the bebo........... :D :D Hey I see a ball... Would you like to SNIFF IT??? xxx

  • Swarna Hossain

    i do apologize............. I've been neglecting bebo recently!!! on here now though...... that's all that matters :D

  • Nommy'S Angel
    luv Nommy'S Angel

    I MISSED YOU 2!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Grant
    Claire Grant

    hey cuz how are you u out this weekendxxx

  • Nommy'S Angel
    luv Nommy'S Angel

    Your very welcome Lauren, that was my good deed for that day lol :) xxxxxxxxx