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Half term...

10/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 28
  • from anywhere there is a trampoline
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
And we're under the same stars
And that's as close as we get tonight
It only took the once to know how special we could be
if we were left alone

And we're under the same stars
And that's the same ones we were
Under last night when they were smiling on us and
We could be
Left alone

And we're under the same stars
And that's as close as we get for now and
I walk up Apple Hill and wonder where you're sleeping
Left Alone

And we're under the same stars....

And we're under the same stars
And that's as close as we get tonight
It only took the once to know how special we could be
The Other Half Of Me
Heni R

Heni R

she has a must fetish... hotty xxx

Guess... Bruce Springsteen, all real rock and such (i cant be bothered with listing them). I go to lots of concerts; i love them... there is nothing better than good live music.
Loads. But i will mention Gladiator simply because it has my favourite movie speech of all time - that being when he turns his back on the emperor, takes his helmet off and tells the emperor his name and that he will seek his vengance in this life or the next. Brilliant.
Trampolining. I love it, more than i can say. I also play Netball, Goal Shooter mainly. I watch cricket, but mainly rugby, bit of rowing sometimes.
I like food. Rather ironically i couldnt live without it. I love Italian. I cook quite alot too.
I live off apple juice.
Summer drink has GOT to be Pimms.
You know who you are and i will be there for you always and forever.

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  • Bianca Strugnell

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    Alya Gutnik

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  • Hardcorage

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/C4VgO

  • AnDy
    luv AnDy

    ha ha:) yh that shud be ok. 8 years lol, doesnt time fly;) xxxx

  • AnDy
    luv AnDy

    lol that wud be a bit random. u shud do well at them subjects:) . yep:D , but i may go to collage to try and get some further education lol. that wud be fun xxxxx

  • AnDy
    luv AnDy

    oh no lol, how long u goin away 4? u better bring your dog a pressie back 2 make up for it. some of those boarding kennel places are really nice tho:) , and if im there i will just me favouritism and give your dog all my attention:L . they all sound quite difficult, actually your not even doin one easy course i.e photography or media lol. Ambitious choices, but im sure you will do great. your a clever kid;) . yer i think we are moving to chesterfield eventually, but not untill we sell our house and everything. So i rekon i'll be moving in about 6 months tops:( . xxxxx

  • AnDy
    luv AnDy

    oh that sounds cool. havin fun with that then? u shud make a vierity of good skins lol;) . 2 hours a week is long enough now u have such a hectic schedual. im not sure what im doing yet, think im just gunna try for some temperary work experience with anmials. because i think we may be moving house in a few months so it wud be pointless starting anythin long term. i may ring up 4 a job next week at a kennel place walking and cleaning out the dogs. yer i finished june 16th:) . its annoying that results day is bloody ages away tho lol. what courses r u gunna do in 6th form then? xxxxx

  • AnDy
    luv AnDy

    hey:) oh what work experience are you up to now then? are you not at the grange anymore? im good thanks, how are you? well ihave finished all my exams now so im just chilling out and looking to get some work experience working withanimals. i have an appiontment with tt connexions place on thursday so hopefullyi can get something sorted. have you left school and done all your exams yet then? xxx

  • Jimmy

    aha i don't use it too often anymore either yeah it was nice seeing you you got msn? what u been up to lately? xxxxx

  • Heni R
    luv Heni R

    1) have some love.. why not? 2) bebo is a JOKE... but so many classic photos on it! 3) im outraged that i dont have you on facebook... have added you 4) hows it going? 5) please sing henrietta to me some time 6) rules are made to be broken xxx

  • Zach Haslett
    Zach Haslett

    aint been up to much at all lol hows bout u? and had my laptop ks i was doin some work b4 training. i was ther for over an hour b4 i started xx

  • Alya Gutnik
    Alya Gutnik

    :O She's a cheeky minx!!!! She was telling me i was an idiot for driving into school (thank god i did, because i left my essay at home so had to go and pick it up) and acting as if she wasn't impressed... hmmm But yes, im loving my new car, so much fun... haha! Have you go your parts in Grease yet? Pink lady? x

  • Alya Gutnik
    Alya Gutnik

    hey girl, How are you? Been up to anything exciting? xxx

  • Finn Camm
    Finn Camm


  • Finn Camm
    Finn Camm


  • Zach Haslett
    Zach Haslett

    i dont know when, they wil let u know, and they have a place 4 u so u wil hea soon :)