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2 jobs, is just so fun :3

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  • Chapter 2: Part 2

    "Yes sir! So you know what the city we're going to is most famous for?" An ironically peppy voice rang out over the intercom. No doubt, it was the same lady who had given instruction in the start of the flight.

    "The worlds largest gathering spot for sports, shopping, and entertainment." Shaylee whispered rather well in a split second of a split coming and going. DJ's face just barely hiding the confusion at first though changed slightly when he realized she made a split happen for only a second. He could have sworn it would be more difficult than that.

    "Of course! It's got the largest area people come to. Sports, shopping, entertainment, you name it!" His own voice coming out just as perky as the attendant's did. Much to both his and Shaylee's surprise. Which of course, also caused the light above him to go green.

    "Lady luck or a cursed blessing?" was what went through his head at that moment. Randomly getting picked for a question that he only rose his hand to because he was stretching. With a prize he hadn't even learned of, and answered without knowing why it was being asked. Above that, he had the correct answer told to him and the question re-asked? It felt far too much like a set up.

    "That's the correct answer sir! Do you know why it's become the biggest gathering spot though?"

    "Nope, I sure don't." He answered quickly before any more answers could be given to him.

    "Aww! That's a shame! Anybody else!?"

    At that point DJ began to tone her out and look down toward Shaylee. She wanted something out of this, but he wanted to know what before he played along. Both of them giving inquisitive looks at one another for a few seconds before DJ sat back. Setting his hand next to Shaylee as he closed his eyes and his mouth began to move. The plane was far slower than before and beginning to drop altitude at increasing rate. His ears barely catching the muffled "aww's" and words of failure as he nodded and continued to talk without sound. Even if he slept, there was always someone who didn't.

    "Shall we play along?" DJ asked happily as his eyes moved alone to Shaylee. This was fun ready to be had, and more so, he was intrigued by what he had learned.

    Shaylee returned his question with a large grin and a nod. Waiting for the next question so DJ could get started on the chain. And after around 3 tries he got called, and one after another the small shifts continued between the questions. His answers getting more and more like the originals until all 15 questions were answered. At the end of which he's prompted to stop by the front desk after the flight which still had around 30 minutes before full landing.

    With a nod he turned his head to the window and chuckled heavily. Lady luck? No, there was a higher force at play here. He opposed the Whites and the Blacks now, which meant either could try to win him over now.. or worse. But with a quick shake of his head he snapped himself out of it and watched the clouds above.

    "Man, that's a lot of altitude dropped. I must have been out cold."

    "You were, young man." An elderly voice spoke out from behind him. Though DJ didn't react much.

    "Oh? Did I disturb you?"

    "No no, nothing like that. But that friend of yours sure did have fun talking to your other friend while you slept. You might want to be careful of when you allow that to happen."

    "I see...." DJ's eyes narrowed heavily as he heard her words. She noticed Shaylee, that was one thing, but that "other friend" she spoke of. "If you don't mind, which two friends were you talking about?"

    "You don't have to worry, it wasn't someone of the factions. It was someone very close to you."


    "You'll understand when you're older. Give it... " Her voice quickly changing to a much much softer one. He could tell she didn't want too many to hear.. but also, for him to know she knew more than he expected. "a few tens of thousands of more years."

    His eyes widened quickly and he gulped heavily. He wa

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  • Chapter 2: Part 1

    Chapter 2: The Mainland

    After a little while of walking Shaylee poked her head out. She looked over to DJ's arm with saddened eyes. She could still see the pain his face showed and the amount of blood that got out of him. She really was worried of what might happen in the future if she stuck around him. Not for her own safety, but for his. She was getting attached to how kind he was and how easy it was to be around him. Yet, she could at any moment.

    "Yo!" DJ's voice quickly snapped her out of her thoughts. Her eyes widening before she looked up at him. "Just thought I'd ask. What are the three factions?"

    "Oh, right. I haven't explained that bit. It's pretty simple, White, Black, and Invert." She started, flying out of his pocket and circles around his head as she continued. "Earlier we were fighting Blacks. Than the direct opposing are the Whites. And the Inverts are typically neutral mercenaries, but they sometimes take sides. And then some of them are simply neutral that fight both White and Black on their own time."

    "Right. So I'm gonna go out on a limb as say they're based on the colour of their Split than, yeah?"

    "Correct! Except you have to be careful. There are rare occasions a White or Black will jump sides, but their Split won't change. Same with Inverts."

    "That doesn't matter. As long as they don't attack the innocent, and don't pick me as an enemy, I won't interfere with them."

    "So THAT'S what you meant by "none" is it?"

    "Yep, pretty much."

    Giggling she slowly flew down to his shoulder and sat. "You know, right now you're technically classified as an Invert. But, I think it's possible you're your own. We should get you able to use a Split as soon as we can."

    DJ looked down at her for a second but looked up and toward the sky after that second had passed. Simply smiling softly as his walking pace picked up. His own split eh? His thoughts quickly escalated from there to the uses it may have in the future and how this could help him with simple things. Like perhaps moving without being visible, or even with his job of sealing things up. Though quickly his eyes snapped down back to the ground by the feeling of Shaylee crawling into one of his pockets. His eyes shortly after locking on the sight of a rather chunky homeless male.

    "Excuse me, sir. Sir. Do you have a dollar you can lend, by chance?" He asked as DJ passed by. Stopping and looking at him from his side before he looked ahead of himself for a second.

    After nodding DJ reached in his pocket and pulled out his new wallet. Opening it up he took a quick glance at the inside. It was pretty simple, an ID spot, a pouch that could hold the long passport, and a pouch for the cash. DJ was definitely liking that. Looking into the cash pouch he saw only a single dollar which made him raise his brow. Closing it and his eyes he took a second before a large smirk appeared on his face and he looked back in it. Now it showed 500, which was entertaining to him. The power of magic was sometimes wrong, sometimes amusing. But grabbing all 500 of it and handing it to the homeless male DJ chuckled silently. Shaylee who was watching was left silent, she hadn't expected such generosity, more or less for a beggar.

    Of course, this action made the older man stutter a bit before crying in gratitude. DJ not wanting to have to stick around for it gave him a wave and quickly ran off. He may have been generous, but he didn't like dealing with strangers randomly. Especially when they broke down, rather it be sorrow or joy. Heading down the road extremely quickly until he got the notion from Shaylee to turn. Once he had she popped out of his pocket.

    "That was a lot of money to just hand out!" The way she exclaimed it made DJ stop and blink a couple times.

    "Well, I don't know how much the cost of living is in this world, so I wouldn't know. Though, thinking about it now, how exactly does this wallet work?"

    "Hmm? Oh, you get so much money for every en

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  • Chapter 1: Part 2

    "J!" The small females voice was more than easily heard as a split instantly went up that made DJ smirk. The ghoul who's claw was less than three inches from him, yet still too far away, and DJ knew that well. Shaylee got to him, and just as quickly as she had thrown the split up, she gave him a look like he was a moron. "What are you doing!?"

    "I was getting warmed up.. and when did you start calling me J? I thought you chose DJ." He looked at her with calm eyes and a smile as if nothing bad had happened.

    "Is that why you're bleeding so much from your head? You're still a human you know! You.. you could have been killed!"

    "But I wasn't, and I'm fine. So let's focus on the now and deal with the current issue."

    "Huh?" Shaylee looked around and noticed how many there were, even how many were already dead than looked back at DJ with a puzzled look. "This is an issue? This should be cake walk for you from what I noticed in you."

    Her words caused a laugh to come from DJ that put him completely off composure and forced a large smile on his face. After taking a second he looked back at her and nodded. "C'mon, let's just get my seal broken so I can deal with them."

    "Yeah." Her hand went on his forehead like it did last time which made her look at the blood stream he got earlier. She couldn't help pouting again about him going off alone but she calmed down quickly and shut her eyes. Taking several seconds before he could feel it break which made the slit retract leaving her between him and the claw that was already so close to him.

    Leaning back as fast as he could while moving Shaylee up and out of the way he took the claw in his left arm which made him grunt in his pain but didn't slow him down. He kicked it back and formed his spear quickly turning to his right to block the other one that was headed at him. Ignoring the pain from his arm or the feel of the red liquid that poured down his arm he moved his grip from the middle to the base end of the spear as he let Shaylee go and told her to get to safety. She flew higher up into the sky and noticed the area had turned black the second her split ended instead of normal.

    "J! We're inside of one of the higher ranks splits from their faction!" Shaylee screamed out which made him stop his charge.

    "How much higher do they have to be to cause one?" He asked in concern since he didn't have all of his power unsealed.

    "A lot higher..."

    "We need to make the contract now than.. this spear and some of my physical ability won't be enough to take several powerful enemies with these still distracting me... I'm good, but not quite that good. Can't even jump like I could last night." He had said the last bit as he did back flip over one getting his spear head in it and pulling it around with him. Throwing it into the mob that was ahead of him for him to move through.

    "But.. alright."

    DJ moved a lot closer toward the direction she went while only avoiding the ghouls until he came to a stop. He was in the middle of them now and their numbers had to have at least tripled, but he couldn't hear Chaos anymore to give him an idea of how many. He caught eye of one to his left and used his left hand to guide the spear, hitting it with more power than he was earlier as he turned the spear to hit it with the base even after slicing it open with the head. He hit it towards the others to slow them down a bit while he focused on the front. Kicking one to his side and swinging the spear from the base end at the two that were above him which sliced one open spilling its blood on DJ which made him gag slightly and hitting the other to the side with a large gash in its side. He stopped the spear with his foot when it came down and forced it back up to bring it down on one coming from the opposite side taking it out, than keeping a flow going he took it to side without hitting the ground. The shaft hit the nook between his shoulder and neck as it came full circle, slicing several h

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