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Don't say that you know me, because you don't.

7/26/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
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VILF President / Grand Commander V.I.P.#0001

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  • Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek
    luv Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek

    There was something about how she claimed her victims, that was on the dark side of erotic. Sure, she fed them empty promises of their bodies to mesh with hers. Such sweet little lies they turned out to be. The infamous sly grin followed his retort that met with her introduction. "The pleasure is all mine, Crux." - The thick coating of blood on her hand, now in his, was sweet. But not as addictive as the blood coursing through her veins. Her gaze, of viridian jade, locked with his upon his request. A teasing wink initiated her answer. "Mmmm, feel free to. If you want more.." Index finger of her -other- hand that was not in his, rose to bring the claw-like nail to slice a little wound into her neck. A small trickle of her blood, that many desired, but so very few were entitled; slid down the her neck in a race down her chest. "The offer is open." ( my apologies for the delay, Gaybo is not notifying me that I have new comments. )

  • Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek
    Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek

    *new corpse ( sorry for the typo >.< )

  • Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek
    luv Jade Lillith Aziabaelis Valek

    He'd find her on the cold bleak ground, leatherclad legs straddled over her latest victim that was being literally devoured. From the waist up, she could pass for being nude. Save the tied leather bikini top hanging across the nape of her neck. Across the shoulderblades, a series of markings ( the Trifecta markings ), so intricate and intriguing, and her own individual tribal marking upon the left scapula could all be seen as those mismatched blonde on dark locks spilled over front side shoulders. She felt someone near, and heard those words. Rising upright upon the cew corpse, devoid of blood, those once viridian jade eyes flickered a fiery crimson at the man standing near her. Bloodied lips curved into the infamous grin given. Rising to stand, bootclad limbs stepped over to meet the greeting as her hand, scantly caked with bloody remnants, reached into his. "Jade Valek. Charmed to meet your acquaintance, Crux." Through the entire encounter, an eerie darkness surrounded them.

  • Blud Rapture
    luv Blud Rapture

    My fruit is always delicious, aren't you glad you got a taste?

  • Crux

    You drank... find the Blood Crux.