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Robyn Petrova

((Anyone want to roleplay?))

Jun 29 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

"His Little Doppelganger"
Me, Myself, and I
Robyn Elena Petrova
1492 - 1509
520 17 years old forever
Born to Aleksandar and Ruhza Petrova
Younger sister to Kristoff Petrova
Soul Mate of Niklaus Mikaelson
Mother of Jamie Petrova and Iliya Mikaelson
Step-mother of Cordelia Mikaelson
Turned By Rebekah Mikaelson
The Forgotten Petrova Doppelganger

My name is Robyn Petrova. I was born on the 22nd of June 1492 into Bulgarian nobility. My parents were Aleksandar and Ruhza Petrova. Yes I am a Petrova, you have probably heard of my lovely cousin, Katerina, my father and her father were brothers, and so begins my tale.

I was born two years after my cousin had given birth too a child out of wedlock and had been banished too England as punishment for the shame she had brought upon the family. That same year, a stranger appeared on my uncle's doorstep. As a noble, he welcomed the stranger, that had been a mistake.
The Other Half Of Me


His Little Doppelganger - Forever and Always

He killed them all. It was punishment towards Katerina for running away and ruining his plans. My mother who was a demon, managed to hide my father, my brother and me until the massacre was over, after all Klaus could not kill my mother. As the eldest brother had been killed my father became the Lord of the land we lived on. We were the only remaining Petrovas alive. As I grew my father began to notice the similarities between Katerina and myself and by the age of fourteen it was clear that I was a doppelganger. Another Petrova Doppelganger had been born into the family. In fear that the knowledge of another doppelganger had been born would bring Klaus back to his door, my father had me locked in the tower of our home that served as my bedroom. It was there I remained with little company, except for my mother until my seventeenth birthday. The night before my seventeenth birthday, my older brother, Kristoff tried to kill me. He had almost driven a knife through my heart when my mother stopped him. He claimed he wanted to maintain the Petrova honour by killing the doppelganger. Only my death would restore our family. The next day was the day that my father, who had planned a head, choose to sell me to Elijah, the elder brother of the vampire that had attempted to destroy my family. I was taken to Klaus as a gift, a way to appease him, a way of apologising for Elijah caring for Katerina.
I was kept in a room, the door locked, I knew they planned on sacrificing me to break the curse that bound Niklaus, but that was before he had a disagreement with his younger sister Rebekah. As a way to anger and frustrate her brother, Rebekah decided to turn me into a vampire. She brought a local boy to her room for me to feed from and thus I completed the transition. For a few years after Rebekah turned me I was still terrified by Niklaus. After all he was the reason I was now a vampire because he had wanted to kill me. Little did he know my blood could still be used despite being a vampire. About ten years after I was turned I realised I was beginning to fall for the man I came to know, not the monster who had wanted me dead. Eventually I told Nik how I felt and to my surprise he felt the same way. We made a promise - Always and Forever - a vow to be by each other's side so we could share the burden of eternity.
The Originals
Now as a doppelganger I should fear the Original family, after all I was given to Niklaus as a sacrifice so he could break the curse that bound him, but I don't. Rebekah, Niklaus' sister, turned me the night before the full moon as a way of revenge against Nik for annoying her. For that reason Nik didn't try to kill me once I was turned, Rebekah would have made his life hell. So I came to love the Original Family in a way, especially Nik. Rebekah was my sire, Nik was my lover and Elijah was my friend.
Kristoff Petrova
Despite the fact that I rarely speak about him or too him, I have another family member other than Katherine and Elena who is "alive", my older brother Kristoff Petrova. I was once afraid of my brother, after all before I was taken to Niklaus, Kristoff almost put a blade through my heart when I was still human. I thought he was genuinely trying to kill me but it turned out he was trying to save me from a far worst fate. I hated him for centuries but now I know he was trying to protect me. I am glad I have my brother once more.
930 Damon Salvatore
1000 Addiction ((HANNAH :P ))
1100 Addiction ((Hannah))
1150 Kristoff Petrova
1200 Kristoff Petrova
1300 Kristoff Petrova
1400 Addiction ((Hannah))
1600 Cassie Hughes (JADE!!! :P )
1900 Tatia
2000 Rebekah
2100 Rebekah
2200 Amber Saltzman (JADE!!!! :P )
2300 Stefan
I am not Nina Dobrev or Robyn Petrova. Robyn Petrova is not a part of the Vampire Diaries series and she never will be in shows - she is of my imagination. This is roleplay so don't call me a fake - if you don't know what it means look it up. I'm also not new at this either I've been role playing since 2007 just as other characters.

Original Robyn Petrova but was the Original Robyn Winchester

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    *** means priority

    If I missed anyone let me know x x

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    Right as of the 5th of September I'm starting University studying Microbiology and Biotechnology and as I have an HND in Biological Sciences I am skipping the first two years and going straight into third year. Now I have recently found out that third year is Dissertation year so I don't know how often I will be able to get on so if I don't reply for ages I am not ignoring you or forgetting about you I will just be swamped :)

    Love Kat x x

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  • Rules

    I never thought I would have to do this but I guess I do. I hate myself for doing this but here are some rules.
    1. No God Moding
    I absolutely hate god moding so if you choose to do so I will delete and block you. My character is mine and only I say what happens to her. Now if you discuss a storyline with me and I agree then I have little problem with that but if you try and say what my character says, does or feels I will not be happy.
    2. Text Talk
    I am a firm believer in the written language – if you role-plays with me do not use text talk – you would not read a book if the spelling and grammar were incorrect so I do not believe you should do so in role-plays. If used I probably won’t reply.
    3. One Liners
    I do not mind short comments but one liners are absolutely useless – I will either not reply or I will ask for you to re-write what you have sent. One liners do not make it easy to respond and come on people – a few lines is not hard too think off. I am not like some people who demand 2 to 3 comments for replies – all I ask is a few lines to be able to send decent replies.
    4. Late messages
    Right this one really bugs me – if I don’t reply straight away then it’s not because I’m ignoring your comment or I’ve forgotten – it’s because I am writing your comment. I take pride in my comments and won’t just send ones that haven’t had any thought put into them. Give me a week at least before reminding me – constantly reminding me will only piss me off.

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  • Stefan


    When Robyn dropped Damon like Stefan told her to he took a few steps back from where she was standing giving himself enough distance to make the killer blow to her son if she tried to get to him,what she now was saying was something Stefan hoped she hadn't seen, that being the fact he had been bitten,but this only meant he had to speed up his mission to destroy Klaus.. he didn't really care about a cure now because the way he seen it is he had nothing else to live for anyway, if anything this just made him more dangerous and focused on what had to be done..and if he was going to die he would be taking Klaus his kid and lover with him..he didnt say a word, he just let the older vampire have her moment because he had saw Damon get to his feet and get out the vial and knew what was about to happen next, he just simply smiled back at her then watched as she fell into Damon's arms,sighing with relief that

    Jul 12
  • Stefan


    the situation was now contained he walked to the car putting in the crying child then turned his focus on Damon to reply to his question "i don't know what she means, she's just trying to mess with our heads" obviously he was lying but right now he just needed Damon to focus on the task at hand and not worry about finding Klaus for the cure like he knew Damon would..he then helped his older brother to get Robyn into the car and began driving, Damons other question made him laugh slightly "Everyone who meets you wants you dead it must be your charming personality " driving a while longer he finally got to where he wanted to be, once inside he chained Robyn up again and pulled up a stool waiting on her to wake up, he made sure Damon was somewhere else with her child so she couldn't tell him what had happened to Stefan

    Jul 12
  • Stefan
    luv Stefan

    Hey sorry about time its took me to reply, having one of those "Brain won't work" things:L
    i will reply to roleplay soon just trying to get back into it again x

    Jul 10
  • ºKatherine Pierce

    Thanks for accepting me:D

    Jul 7
  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert

    Elena chuckled to what Robyn said. Her childhood was not exactly what she expected either. Her parents were dead as she thought for a long time, then she found out her mom was alive and a vampire who didnt even wanna know her but only use her, her aunt died because of her, her brother died because of her, her dad was actually alive and dead as well. Once she found out she was a doppleganger the entire supernatural world wanted her dead or wanted to use her and before she realized her entire life changed by becoming a vampire. She didnt know where to start with the guilts and the regrets. she took a deep breath and then looked back at robyn ''You know, you and i have so much in common'' she smiled once more and then walked past her bed and sat on it crossing her legs and placing her hands above. ''Well tell me everything, i am preety sure its interesting and i have all the time of the world'' She giggled to what she said as she had centuried ahead.

    Jun 30
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Hey Im still thinking of what to write

    Jun 26 via Mobile
  • Stefan

    Finally all the werewolves were taking care of Stefan and Damon watched as Robyn feed her blood to her son,Stefan hoped that her son would do as she said because if he didn't there would be nothing to bargain with and this whole plan would be over .. He then watched as the wound began to heal which made him sigh with relief..what happened next was a blur all he heard was a choking sound coming from Damon,knowing Robyn could easily kill him Stefan went to the Car and picked up her child "Let go of my brother before something bad happens to your child " he watched closely he knew she could move fast but he would still have enough time to end the young humans life and it was something he was willing to do if she continued to choke his brother

    Jun 25 via Mobile
  • Caitlyn Mikaelson.
    luv Caitlyn Mikaelson.

    you are welcome. :)

    Jun 24
  • Stefan
    luv Stefan

    Having just fed from the guy in the bar Stefan still felt strong. the buzz from the blood pumping through his veins,when the three cars came to a skidding stop Stefan looked at Robyn and Damon "Lets take a car each, there can only be like five in each car, it will be easy " he then moved lightning fast to the car furthest away ripping the hearts from two of the werewolves before they even had time to transform the next three were more harder to kill but after a short struggle he had snapped two of there necks leaving only one left for him to deal with,his overconfidence would be his downfall as he took his eye off the remaining werewolve to see how Roybn and Damon was Doing,by doing so it gave his last werewolve the chance it needed, jumping on him and biting deeply into his arm Stefan quickly turned then killed it ..but knew what the bite meant.. he just hoped Damon and Robyn hadnt seen he was bit, his only concern now was being alive long enough to take his revenge on Klaus

    Jun 23
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Kingston had just recently heard that Robyn son Jamie had been hospitalize and he wanted to be there. So after leaving work Kingston drove to the hospital and when he arrive Kingston park his car and walk inside the hospital. Once making it inside he walk into the gift shop and bought Jamie a gift and a card and than he walk up to the secretary to ask her which room was Jamie petrova in

    Jun 23 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Would you like to start

    Jun 22 via Mobile
  • ºArchangel Michael
    ºArchangel Michael

    I'll try and think of something , im just doing paper work for work tomorrow morning just now :Z

    Jun 22
  • ºArchangel Michael
    ºArchangel Michael

    but if she's feeding from a human he'd see evil straight off?:/

    Jun 22
  • ºArchangel Michael
    ºArchangel Michael

    sure did you have ideas?

    Jun 22
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore Jun 22 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Sweet and Kingston has two children now and he is also marry now and he would do anything to protect them

    Jun 22 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    ((I would love to hear it if you don't mind))

    Jun 22 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Have any ideas because im still thinking

    Jun 22 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore
    Kingston Cameron Salvatore

    Would you like to role-play

    Jun 21 via Mobile
  • Kingston Cameron Salvatore Jun 21 via Mobile

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