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Breath Taking Photography.


4/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Group created: February 2009
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well done Sophie for winning cycle 4!!

-Basically this is a group where every week i set a themed task for all the girls and guys who are in the cycle to take a picture of them selves portraying the theme
-When everyone has handed in their task pictures i mark them (marking scheme in in the forum) and the girl or guy with lowest mark is eliminated :( this goes on until we have a winner!
-We try very hard to be original and unique from other groups and we like to see peoples photography as well :D

Add mods if your bebo is private!!


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  • Cycle 5 Application =]

    Hey everyone!

    So cycle 4 is coming to an end in about 2-3 weeks so thought I'd put this up xD

    Please fill this in and comment it on this blog:

    *Bebo Url (Add Sheryl if your bebo is private!):
    *Picture for the cycle album (dont say dp):
    *Will you drop out or ignore our comments about tasks? (Be truthful):
    *Task ideas?:
    *Anything else to add?:

    About 10-15 people will get through (depending on how many apply)

    Ps. Make sure and COPY your application just in cause t doesnt work the 1st time, it should work the 2nd time!!

    Thanks and Good Luck!


    2 Comments 177 weeks

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  • Marking scheme!

    Sheryl Lost In WonderLand by Sheryl Lost In WonderLand
    Originality: /5
    Pose&expression: /5
    Quality: /5
    Effort: /5
    Hair&Make-up: /5
    *Earliness or latness: /5

    Total: /30

    *If early or 1st you get 5/5..
    *If Just an alright time (like middle or near end of week) you get 4/5 or 3/5 (depending)
    *If late/past the deadline you get 2/5 1/2 or 0/0 (depending how late)

    The Model who wins each cycle get 20 loves (obviously spread out)
    And a chance to be in the next cycle!
    0 Replies 205 weeks
  • just to get started with ideas...

    Doryuuzu by Doryuuzu
    anyone have any ideas about what to do for tasks in cycles.

    i will choose them if they sound interesting,
    it doesnt matter what you suggest.
    6 Replies 215 weeks

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  • Jaymee L.S Photography
    Jaymee L.S Photography

    Add me? :) *Not a group*

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    luv Charley Nanette

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  • Abcdefghijkmilli

    hai (: can i have a picture up? thanks :)

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  • Sophiee.

    Pic Up Please :) Name's Whitney :D Can You Get It Off My Profile So It's Bigger Lool :P :L Thank Youu ! :* Good Group , x;;

  • Sophiee.

    Done :) x

  • Jaymee L.S Photography INACTIVE
    Jaymee L.S Photography INACTIVE

    Hey, I'm a West Midlands based photographer, aiming at working as a professional, join my group and let me know what you think of my photos please! x

  • Moonlight Modelling Agency x
    Moonlight Modelling Agency x

    Sorry to advertiseee! Cycle One Starting again! apply in the blogggg (: ivite your friendss!

  • Lil Muffin
    Lil Muffin

    im not even a member though :L x

  • Eryn.

    i have alreaddy done the poll

  • Octoberskies

    Hey, sorry to be annoying, please, advertise back if you like :) Hey guys, its brautiee and steph, and we are holding Photography cycles, Please support us by > commenting the moderators photography > Participating in our Poll > Share the Love > become a Member > APPLY FOR CYCLES ONE!, WE HAVE 10 MORE SPACES EVERYONE! cheers x x

  • Sophie

    thankyouu(: that's so awesome haha! :D x

  • Sophiee.

    Pic Up Please :) Names Whitney :DD Can You Get It Off My Profile So Its Bigger Lool Thanks :P :) x

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    here's my picturee(: REALLY sorry it took so long. i used one of your examples & it is the 'your the apple of my eye' and the person that is the 'apple of my eye' being my best friend. hope you enjoy it. (:x

  • Sophie

    hey, my picture's nearly done. :)

  • 4/7/10
  • Mischa.

    im so sorry for going past the date, i chose 'ive waited forever' .. to be beautiful. ive changed it a little, i hopee thats okay. so in this photo i try to be beautiful like the girls in the magazine, so i cut out some of their features because thats what i want to be. not really, but thats what this photo is about. i hope you like it & ive had a great time in the cycle. http://www.bebo.com/c/photos/view?Me...

  • Mischa.

    im sorry, will be in tomorrow

  • Sophie

    i am so sorry i have took advantage of the due date. i have took my picture and it is in the process of being put onto my computer and edited.