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-Swaggaholic Skinsz-

iKno iKno, Slakinq On The Skinsz Atm, Bh Dont Worry, Wen Progams Bak On, BARE Skins Will Come In One Day, Keep sharinq ideas Doe, Der gud

6/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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Official Swaggaholic Productions..!! (c) Muminah Aka Swaggaholic
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If Yoou Lot Got Anny Ideas For New Skins..
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Group Opened: 9Th March

Dont Ask Me To Make Personal Skins
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If You Liike The Skins Then..

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  • Skins Cominq Soon And Made..!

    Skins Cominq Soon..!
    And Skins Made..!

    Migrain Skank
    Skanking Ting
    Funky House
    Party Hard
    iSkank Hard
    Noone Has Swagga Like Mine
    Skank Till I Drop
    Dont Jelous Me
    Jungle Skank
    Dont Phone Me
    Stanky Legg

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  • Cherise.Dorrt
    luv Cherise.Dorrt

    Ah rah group was ard bk in d day

    12/9/10 via Mobile

    all the Irish JOIN this group :D feel free to advertise back :)) E011

  • green day
    green day

    JoiN LOOKING FOR GREEN DAY FANS :D SO JOIN IF YOU LOVE THEM :DD (or just like them:P ) feel free to advertise back :)) E011

  • - Louise

    can you please make one with ... My heart stops When you look at me Just one touch Now baby I believe This is real So take a chance And don't ever look back Don't ever look back (or jsut this bit) I might get your heart racing In my skin-tight jeans Be your teenage dream tonight thaanks

  • La'Leannexx

    Can U Make Me Make Me A SkInnN Sayingg Leanne Wae A Heart ?? Really Want xx

  • Offical Stunners 6/15/10
  • luv Tiocfaidh Ar La X

    i think you should make a skin saying.... and we can do this until we pass out(8) . with a white background + red writing :D . x

  • Sam

    can u make me a skin sayin sam loves ian 4 ever n comment me whn it done plz

  • Baby Cake'sz
    Baby Cake'sz


  • Megann Nasshh
    luv Megann Nasshh

    Can u make me a skin with jason derulo lyrics to in my head that would be great taa i will give u loves

  • luv CRudz J

    u should make a skin saiiyin : OI YOU ARE YOU GONNA BANG? OR ARE YOU GONNA BANG DOE? dat would be sick.

  • Im Doin It Big Bitches
    luv Im Doin It Big Bitches

    WOW SO LAME :)) In reply to: " iKno iKno, Slakinq On The Skinsz Atm, Bh Dont Worry, Wen Progams Bak On, BARE Skins Will Come In One Day, Keep sharinq ideas Doe, Der gud" by -Swaggaholic Skinsz-

  • Harveen Rai

    Heyy could you make one for me with Aston from jls on it .....Just saying that he is mine :L x

  • Glockz
    luv Glockz

    could u make me 1 dat says i been a bad since i was a yute and background black nd writeing red

  • Dnt Do Msn Hyp
    luv Dnt Do Msn Hyp

    could you do a skiin sayiing If you'r hating orn me I mean i'd be jealouse if i was in you'r point of view her sum luv too kepp on the work 'bless'

  • Haylee.

    whatt about a skin that says let me be your supernova or something hehe :P

  • Bigg Dogg A
    Bigg Dogg A

    yo i fink u shud du a skin about de sng like a jerk dat wud be sik wid all de gold chains swingin :D

  • Bigg Dogg A
    Bigg Dogg A

    cud u make 1 sayin souf london wiv jamaica spanish town init jus du ya top tips n wave de wonde lol buh yea holla bak wen u du it tar :D :D