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Erika Bell

Rules were meant to be broken.

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"I'm not known for my compassion. So piss off."
Me, Myself, and I
Power is what they are
Power is what they live for
Golden rays of light
Are swallowed by the night
Corruption of the innocent
Basements lead to utter torment
Angels playing racquetball with the devil
Dirty fingers combing back hair disheveled
Lost souls are never found there
Dreams turn into nightmares
Fire at will
Power is what kills
The Other Half Of Me
Nik Djinn Meridius

Nik Djinn Meridius

My soulmate


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Brujah - plays very well with others...

others' toys, others' money, others' friends, others'.....

still have to figure out how she got that gun.

Rules were meant to be broken.
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Hate It
whinners, cheaters, and those that are friendly to your face, when you turn they stab you in the back
Taken ooc. our anniversary soon June 13, 2013 10 years married to the same guy. I have found my real soulmate.

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  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    Nik was spending time at the tavern, Jonas had showed him as he would give a call off to his love a moment, he had remained there awhile and said, "Evening honey, just thought I'd check up with ya see if everythings ok. I miss you, talk to you soon. Love you." Then afterwards, hung up his phone and went back to enjoying his cup of coffee at the bar in the tavern.

    Jul 3
  • Jonas McGovern
    luv Jonas McGovern

    *Will meet you at the corner cafe in Venice if you like, I delivered that head. The body on it's way. There was no one in the home by the way. He went easy. I guess caught him by suprise. See ya soon Cardinal.* -Jinx texted Ms. Bell with the imformation listed above, to where he would meet her for Payment for services rendered, for no one's eyes just Cardinal Bell-

    Jun 23
  • Jonas McGovern
    luv Jonas McGovern

    He pulled out his phone and dialed the number he was given - It's done, I will ship the body in a black coffin to you tomorrow evening. I will deliver the head to the person in charge of Satanic Black, Have a good evening Cardinal Bell.

    - with that being done he put drago's head in a bag, tossed the body into a body bag and then leaving an ace of spades on the floor in a puddle of blood he left -

    Jun 14
  • Jonas McGovern
    luv Jonas McGovern

    Good evening Cardinal:

    -He would have appreared in her office as assamites do they use there gifts to blend in and with out her mortal friend around he would smile as she closed the door-

    I am here on a personal resquest from my childer, he has second thoughts and figured he give his job to one with more experience. So for you, I will do this task.. and Blood hunt drago. From now on you can reach me at this address.

    - handed her a note with that he do a sweeping bow and disappear before anyone was the wiser-

    Be safe cardinal bell

    Jun 13
  • Angelina
    luv Angelina

    -- She got the government leader's number from her mother's address book, locked in her desk. Hah! Like Jade could keep anything locked in the mansion, and Angel unable to get past any lock. A quick, but to the point message was sent, via iphone.
    "M'lady Bell. Although we have not met, I am the second oldest daughter of Jade. I wanted to pass this along, nothing bad... yet. But please keep your mate with you at all times. That Drago....thing...managed to piss my mother off, and she is on the warpath now. I don't know how this will pan out. Take a nice long vacation or something until the trash is taken out." -- What she meant by the trash, Erika would easily figure. -- "Maybe perhaps in time, we will meet. Darkest blessings. (signed) Angelina Valek"

    May 10
  • luv Giovani

    : looked at the image given to him he glanced up and avoided eye contact : Aye I do agree, and what of his wife?

    May 8
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    : And felt her hands rest on his cheeks, her touch needed settling his nerves considerably, to listen to the sound of her voice calming him, her forehead resting on his intimately, then she had spoken of that guy Drago again, telling him not deal with him being of evil intensions and when she mentioned about Trevor's parents, that part had come back to him with a flashback to that moment, then another flash revealing that preppy looking guy that Mr. Atrum talked to upon meeting him. And flashing returning to the present again there with Erika. Honestly, Nik had been the victum of having a hex put on his head and everything went haywire to a point. A nod softly when he saw Erika hop down from his embrace and take his hand going into her office to talk in private:

    May 6
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    : When he decided to come back to Florence, he had checked his messages and found her text there, yeah she was right, the people were more friendly in Florence then in Rhydin. Afew weeks had gone by and with having shopped for her birthday gifts and her cake, it was a matter of time before she made her return to the castle, which she did. Yes, sometimes life suprises you. This was the best suprise he hoped for, which filled his heart once more with them being reunited again. The next day came, Nik figured she was busy on the hunt again and left her alittle text there : Honey, whenever you're ready to return to Rhydin. Gotta little suprise for you, we won't need the commercial airplane this time. I'm sure you'll love it when you see it. I'll see you back here whenever you get through with what ya gotta do. You're my reason for living. Of everything that is best in me.

    May 5
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    :: One more call, after he finished talkin with Skylar and would place a call to Erika, having it ring out there wherever Erika might've been, when it hit voice mail he spoke softly, though wouldn't mention of the screw up he had done in Rhydin which caused someone to seek his death, on top of causing a lot of other issues back home there which made him think he should've stayed in Florence at the time :: "Hi babe, just want ya to know I'm back in Florence. Somethin tells me I should've just stayed instead of go back Rhydin. Think I stirred up a hornets nest along with somebody puttin a hex on my head after meeting a guy by the name of Mr. Atrum. Nice guy actually. Not sure who that college preppy lookin guy was he was talkin to but, it doesn't matter. Anyway, I'll be here whenever you get back from wherever. I love you, talk to you whenever." :: And afterwards gave a kiss and hung up ::

    Apr 30
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    After some time had passed, he enjoyed being in Florence, though felt he was neglecting his work back in Rhydin city just the same. Really, he didn't wanna leave Florence but he wasn't sure he could be much help to Erika here, for it seemed everytime they had met it always was under chaotic circumstances where he was in harms way. A soft sigh given and then called up on his phone to her leaving a message on it. ~ "Hey baby, it's me. Listen, I think I'm gonna head back to Rhydin city for now. I don't wanna be a liability while I'm here, you got too much goin on to think about, I don't wanna get in the way of your job. I'm glad I got to see you in Rome when I did, if ya need anything call. I'll be around, I got my job I need to do anyway. Been neglecting it too long. I'll see ya when I see ya darlin. I love you." ~ A kiss gently through the phone and hung up, afterwards he got ready for a cab to come pick him up at the monestary.

    Apr 9
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    And saw the most beautiful sight it was of that 18th century baroque monestary that was there with the panoramic view of the city of Florence where the charming hamlet was there when Nik saw it. Absolutely amazing from the outside of it, Nik said, "Wow, that is amazing there." He paused a moment to take in the sights further as she went to get out of the limo, he said to her answering. "Yeah, can't wait to see the inside of it." A smile walking in as he would bring his back pack with him following her to wherever she went inside. She knew it better than him.

    Mar 31
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    On the side-walk Nik walked coming out of the hotel, just before he went into a travel shop for tourists to get a map he called Erika's cell, on it he left a message when the sound of her voice went off following the beep, he said. "Erika, it's Nik baby, I'm in Rome. Just got out of the hotel about an hour two ago. Gonna get a map of Italy to see where we could rendevous at. Tell ya what, remember Shakespeares play of Merchant of Venice? Yeah, might head in that direction if you're there. If not, let me know where can me. See you soon, Love ya." And hung up afterwards, the details as to why said what he said, it was code talk so noone would know what he talkin about whoever was eaves-dropping on their conversation.

    Feb 28
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    He sends her text saying. --txt-- Yes, there is somethin important I wanna ask you darlin though I wanna ask you in person darlin if it isn't too much trouble. Hope I can ask you soon. Love you much. <3 - Nik

    Feb 9
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    Sends her a text wherever she might be. --txt-- My darlin, I love u so much... take it to heart always baby as I do for you. Xoxo <3 - Nik

    Feb 9
  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    He awoke and found the bed empty for the moment, just his phone on it with a message from Erika, a smile on his face and sent her a text after listening her voice speak to him. --txt-- Baby, I'm on my way back to Skylar's vineyard now. I'm glad we got to spend alittle time together. Do what you need to do over in Italy, I'll be waitin for you whenever you have a chance to come back. I'm not expectin you to hold back Trevor, wouldn't think of it. I know he can handle himself well. I'll be waitin for you honey, hope you can have a chance to come home for holidays, that'd be nice. Anyway, I'll be in touch honey. Love you too. <3 - Nik

  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    And while as if sleeping, Nik heard the voice of Erika and opened his eyes to see her for the first time in a very long while. Slowly, he'd sit up seeing that blood tear drop down her face and gave a smile and went to touch her face gently. She was there indeed, a whisper. "Erika" from his voice came, one thing led to another and then in a fit of heated passion, both of them were tossed into it. -insert steamy xxx rated details here- The moment they shared together was incredible like the time she had come home the first time. So long he waited for her, patience had proven him wise. At peace, he felt now more than ever.

  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    And the phone of Erika's ringtone went off wherever she happened to be at that moment and Nik's voice came on the other end. "Hi darlin, it's me. Nik, just callin to let ya know Skylar invited me out to the vineyard, says he needed help with decorating around his place so... I'll see ya when I see ya honey. Oh by the way, I'm doin night jobs around Rhydin area while you're off doin what it is you do for work so... just thought I'd let ya know. Anyway, much love Erika." A kiss through the phone to her twice and hung up and drove off to Skylar's vineyard in the red vette there in the driveway.

  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    Having arrived at the Rhydin Towers, Nik had been waiting for awhile. He wasn't sure what the hold up had been on that scheduled meeting concerning him, Erika, and Steven to discuss matters of importance. Unfortunately, there was probably a set back somewhere, too much time had gone by. So, he ran a text through to Erika establishing contact. --txt-- "Hello my lovely rebel queen. I'm here at the rendevous point where we were suppose to meet up with Prill but, I have a feeling too much time has gone by. I wonder if somethin could have gone wrong. No worries, I'll wait here alittle longer for you so we can meet up with him to convey our meet we were gonna do." A smile and then added another text. "Mmmm, can't wait to see you again baby. I've got your face painted on my heart darlin." Love you. Xoxo, @};- -The Black Knight

  • luv Nik Djinn Meridius

    He replies back on his phone via text message. --txt-- Okay, I'll meet ya at this guy Prills place wherever that is. Upload the directions on my phone and we'll meet there honey. Can't believe whom I caught Trevor chattin with. He's lucky if he don't get sun burned before the nights over with. : Okay, tried to make alittle humor there but still what he said was true as he would send a second text. --txt-- Seems Trevor's PBG wasn't too thrilled about whom he was talkin to either.

  • Steven Antonio Prill
    Steven Antonio Prill

    Hello Erika, Pleased to see you again, Been a very long time. I am staying at the towers. Stop by if you have a moment. Mister Prill : letter was sent to her last known address, malkavained sealed: