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I Love Taelor Matthews EvaAlways

i love ma baby taelor matthews 4 eva and always :)

1/17/12 | me too! | Reply

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Haaahaaa "i thought of something helarious"haahaa
Me, Myself, and I
heya my name is tina
lol nah jokes
im 16 and i love to sing and dance and i love ma baby:) and all my mates
i love my big sisters jess she is the best she has a beeutyyfull voice and she will smash any1 that messes with me haha yup i said it and i aint afraid to tell hur if any person does thats wat shes thea 4 lol.
well im a aunty of 2 fred and leilani and also of 3 dogs bidi,sativa, and indiga watch owt 4 bidi hess a killa hahahahaha
well leave a comment if you like up 2 u
coz im owt xxx mwah
the reason whчч the world lчks LOvee..so much...is because it is the closest....thinq that we have...2...maqic
:im da luckyzt person 2 have some1 dat loves me 4 who i am :)
i luv чew mчч kuhzin...чou are ah biq banana
qod maчde the ocean, qod maчde the sea, qod wanted ah princess so he maчde me

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  • hahaha crack up
    hahaha crack up

    well there once was a black man walking down the st with purple gurl. they were happy haveing such a gud day now keep in mind well you are reading this you a doing the storybook voice kkkkkkk.................. hppppppppphmmmmmmm tahs a throat thing lol, well any wat injoying the lovly day and th...

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  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    wait i found sum more lol 8) :o :O

  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    iha ovela ouya osa uchma orema yma abyba :)

  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    ;) :) :D :DD :/ :P :( :* i thnk dats all i knw lol ily babey

  • StripDubb 1/23/12
  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    oh ur soo lucky! i was about to say dat too . ily

  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    ahahahaha yup ! FOREVER! :*

  • StripDubb
    luv StripDubb

    lol hi ma babe i love u more than u love me :P

  • Rieze C
    luv Rieze C

    Bk at cha kuhz

    8/17/11 via Mobile
  • TuHoe-Raapz
    luv TuHoe-Raapz

    Haeyo tina hehe thumbup lol

    5/17/11 via Mobile
  • M I S T Y
    luv M I S T Y

    hey tina :) how you been??

  • Harms'
    luv Harms'

    Cheeeeea neat alryt aeey (: saw yue on homai te pakipaki gerl you were meke, nice one

    4/23/11 via Mobile
  • Harms'
    luv Harms'

    heey (: how yue been ? shit i aint been oh here for ages lol ! iv been good (:

  • luv I Love Yoou Mhy BabyX

    Charru Just Spent Friday Morninqq With My Mum And Also Spent Friday Aftanoon With My Man!!** Was Good Ah's Dayy

  • I Love Yoou Mhy BabyX

    Churr Ghee Uhp2ew's

    3/24/11 via Mobile
  • Sfsh
    luv Sfsh

    LOVE YAH MISS [moon]

  • Blocked

    i use fb more

  • Harms'
    luv Harms'

    SHIT! sorry i couldnt catch up with you aye! dumb! oi! your schools coming to myne this week are you coming ?

  • MaoriDynasty
    luv MaoriDynasty

    west my cuz xx In reply to: ""why is it that when you finally fall in love someone ends up broken your heart trust me it hurts so dont do it i regret ever doing it nw" by I Love Ethan Melvin-Jolley

  • Harms'
    luv Harms'

    uhm ithink from Friday til Sunday! ayee! uhh lols cool, a song(:

  • Harms'
    luv Harms'

    Ohh cools! haa..iem coming upto Rotaz next weekend to see my brother! meaan! Thats good that your getting bac to school eh !:DD