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come in join and chat online
Me, Myself, and I
You can talk to be online and chat and role play do what ever you like . you can battle and party and many more thing you can do.
you can go to school and do other thing

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    We offer free chatrooms for all alternative and underground cultures. Goth, Punk, Emo, Vampire, Anime, Roleplaying RPG s; whatever you're into, we have a chat room for you!

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  • The Originality Of Role-Play.

    Both Rules And Guidelines

    Roleplay isnt a game, its a technique, only a certain ammount of people are able to grasp the talent of it, although some may try something may stop them from becoming what we call a 'good' role-player. It may be their spelling or the lack of attitude they have when Role-Playing a Bellatrix Lestrange or Barty Crouch Jr. never the less, many people are here to help both your skills and techniques and offer you oppurtunities to increase your role-playing skills to bring the fun back to Role-Playing once more. Included in this blog are the role-playing rules. (If I forgot some please dont hesitate to tell me, I will immediatly add them to the list in order to help others)

    Godmoding is not to be used in any society of role-playing, any form or any style of godmoding is still illegal in the role-play law (yes I just made up the role-play law) God-Moding is both an accident and a purposely done trait. Many role-players do it either without noticing or without caring, some people do care if you god-mode. What is God-Moding? God-Moding is taking control of a character that is not your own, deciding their death or their injuries, for example e.g., *Bellatrix whipped out her wand and aimed it at Sirius she mumbled avada kedavra and Sirius dropped dead without a word* No people, god-moding is not a good trait for role-play. It ruins the fun of the battle, its Sirius's choice whether or not Bellatrix's attack hits him! Simple agreement. Don't God-Mode

    Bad Spelling:
    Please dont start with the 'chav' writing or the text talk, role-play is all about grammar, spelling is a huge part of being a good role-play and everyone needs to grasp this simple detail. Lets start with the basic tips on how to spell before moving onto big words. How to spell simple words: The word you, yes it does sound like the letter, however it is not spelt AS the letter u is not how the word you is spelt. Haha is not a word that people say in real life, neither is lol, or rofl or rotfl. Its not appropriate in this sense. Simple words should not be mispelt. You is not u. How is not hw. What is not wt. Do you catch my drift? Larger Words: Yes I understand large words are quite hard to spell, I myself am 14 and still doing English at college. So if you spell a large word wrong most will forgive you. Its the simple ones that are spelt wrong that irritates most.

    Role-Play Is Not About Virtual Sex
    Most role-players now-a-days are in it for the virtual sex, the virtual hook ups. Anything to do with relationships or sexual intercourse. The ORIGINAL role-players started role-play for the fun of it, a virtual world created by themselves to escape reality, to pretend they were there favourite character, or able to create there own character to date the character they had fallen in-love with through-out the books or movies. They were able to pretend they were a witch or wizard in the own safety of there home, able to talk to people who shared the same interests or fascinations as themselves. They didn't do it for the virtual hook ups or sex. Say no to RP rapists stop raping people online. Its simply pathetic.

    Stick To Your Characters Personality
    Honestly people, its getting out of hand. Hermione Granger is not and never will be a death eater, don't role-play her as one, its not going to happen, Its honestly pathetic how you think she is or could be one, she is FIGHTING the death eaters, she is on HARRY'S side. She won't change, ever! Harry Potter and Severus Snape are not a couple, and don't make them out to be. They are both as straight as a pin and I would appreciate it if you stopped making them out to be gay, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy do not have kinky bum sex in the corridors at night. THEY ARE STRAIGHT DAMMIT! Get it through your minds people. Please. For the sake of Role-Play

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