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-Babyy COrnbeef-

omg havnt been on bebo in yonks haha

5/14/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

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lOve familyyy / KinqstOn cOlleqe /

_Undac0vaL0ver Hackked diss Shiiet on da 19th Augustt@ 1231pm:L :D

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Shez irreplaceableXoXheh

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  • Kevin
    luv Kevin

    fanks-q cornbeef

  •  - Mrs Kardashian
    luv - Mrs Kardashian

    ; Oi dOle ! heres a heart fOa yah stupid -baby cOrnbeef- thinq ! nawq kiddinqs its nOt stupid ;) but anyways hOpe yOu hav a BLAST at apitanqa !

  •  - Mrs Kardashian
    luv - Mrs Kardashian

    ; bahahahaha shuhdup ! what theres nOthinq wrOnq w/ crOssin Out kinqstOn ; yOu TORE MINJ ; bahahah and anyway whyy dO yOu even care ? bahahaha ehts qayy jus like yOu !kiddinq ! hres a heart skank ! jus fOa yOu and baby cOrnbeef !

  •  - Mrs Kardashian
    luv - Mrs Kardashian

    ;; elO stOp drinkinq that shieet ! bahahahaha :D qOin hard ayye ! drinkinq On aa sundayyy nauqhtyy qurll ! In reply to: " Voda Cruise Yeah Bou :P :P :P :P :P " by CoNnectionz Baybee

  • Kase
    luv Kase

    hi cuz it's me kase here is the luv for you

  • Leeyah Baybee
    Leeyah Baybee

    Merry Christmas beautiful !! Hope yhu Hav a good wun Dhis year !! Much alofaz !! Take karre !!

  • -Lahhlahh

    gve me a hart skinny ! Xo

    12/10/10 via Mobile
  • Kase
    luv Kase

    sup girlfriend wat u up to i am at tanginoas house here are hart for u and a photo of me bye

  • luv Tweenty Fourr E DouubleB


  • P H A T
    P H A T

    ; sarpp , bbygrl hnest to who yr on bebo lmao , wht class do yoh hav , lmao

    10/12/10 via Mobile
  • Tweenty Fourr E DouubleB

    'Oku ou 'ofa 'ia koe as a cousin :) :P lolzzzzz Where you live at ? How ANASEINI ? lol

  • luv Tweenty Fourr E DouubleB

    Heyy is this UMU ? if it is heyy cuzz miss ya :P :) lolz :D

  • Leeyah Baybee
    luv Leeyah Baybee

    Heeeeyyyy cuzzy . . watz doin ? ? wll srri dnt have much t2 sae . . well have a heart and lovee yhu heaps. . take care . . _Leeyah <3

  • M O A L A

    Is dis umu or line ? ; if diz is line ! I saw ur comment on my saying alright ! Its not to any of yo fam member's alright !!! So before u wna comment it & get all angus its to teeyaaah !

    10/1/10 via Mobile
  • Maureen

    jus got bacc from traininq @_@ feel sickeninq now !

  • Maureen

    hards ay ,, choopid rain :L ! kills th buz alot ay !

  • Maureen

    chrue ;; nah jus laxinq at home :Z borinq shizah ! idk cos th fathers at home so maybe might hit th molls :L ! xo ,

  • Maureen

    sup :D sdoinq these holidays ?

  • luv M O A L A

    heart f0a U M U loveyou oxo

    9/20/10 via Mobile
  • luv King Citaee