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Jun 24 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 19
  • from United States
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: July 1997
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Putting the HO in Homicidal.
Me, Myself, and I
Thetis the slave
Slave collared to the House of Sable Tarn, Temos Cos
Chaser of sparkling Gems.
Owner of Nothing.
Thief no more.
The many stages of Thetis
Child of a theif, raised knowing the ways of subterfuge and villainous behaviors. Not a simple woman, the well organized heist her drug. That was until she was working the grid with her brother on a bankers household and got caught. Trial begot a seven year slavery stint that has lasted well over 50 years.
Owners of the owned
First was the Banker. Caprious of Ar. Scribe and villain. Then there was Kaden of Ko Ro Ba once merchant, hiding a warrior beneath the fine robes. Ever since there has been the Hith. Therise Kane. Sister of Kaden, " Scribe " If Thetis had remained free, they would of been caste sisters.. how nice... as it is... Therise would have gladly shanked the lanky brunette if she gets sticky fingers again.
Those who made a difference
Kaden, he showed her life was about much more then counting coins for a banker that hardly knew she existed.
Sage, Kaden's pretty and Olive eating brother. He showed her the ways of a slave, the positions, the walk, the talk.
Wylie Kyne, the man gave her a chance when all was lost and Kaden had left her. Pierced her ears, gave her pretty things and made her feel beautiful.
The slave and the Ubar were working it out.. meeting half way somewhere in the middle. Like the Beatles.. " We can work it out. "
Quotes / Weblinks
"Do you know, ultimately, " I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?" "No, Master, " she said. "You, yourself, " I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become." Page 210 - Savages of Gor

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  • Kane Leonidas Iteratus
    luv Kane Leonidas Iteratus

    :: Stuffs the rest of her truffles into thetis' hands:: you can have these. But...Daddy might think you made the mess in his office if he sees you with them.

    Jul 14
  • Naime Iteratus
    luv Naime Iteratus


    Thank you for always worrying about me. I love it when your eyes get so fierce!

    Jun 16
  • luv .

    Happy Birthday to yoooooooou.

    Jun 14
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    I will be very interested in hearing about these dreams you've been having, my girl.

    Jun 11
  • Kane Leonidas Iteratus
    luv Kane Leonidas Iteratus

    You and the truffles and me and naime and kariss and... :: keeps on going ::

    Jun 5
  • Erra
    luv Erra

    Once upon a time.........

    May 31
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    TO our new journey...

    May 29
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    ::puckers up::

    May 29
  • Erra
    luv Erra

    Sometimes a walk is good to clear the mind.

    May 29
  • Kane Leonidas Iteratus
    luv Kane Leonidas Iteratus

    :: peers up at Thetis then holds out a truffle :: you miss her too?

    May 27
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    We've waited far too long for what was ours from the ihn my collar circled your throat.

    May 27
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    Never fear, Thetis... you do...

    May 17
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    You prove day after day that keeping you was a good idea.  You honor my collar, Thetis.

    Apr 4
  • Lucien Iteratus
    luv Lucien Iteratus

    It's time for a new life, my girl. We'll see where this takes us both. Chloe is no more, now only Thetis... my girl reborn.

    Mar 23
  • Taliesin Darbin
    Taliesin Darbin

    ::It was Taliesin's honest opinion that Chloe was an indispensable part of the Ubar's hosuehold. She served guests with food and drink, and even seemed willing to catch her Mistress, should she fall, even if that meant the Ubara fell on the slave's head.::

  • Therise Kane
    luv Therise Kane

    Therise Kane: ::The Taharian, usually calm and cool and deadly, went ape shit and took out all his thoughts on the guy, stabbing him like Psycho before he wandered off whistling.:: TrbleComesRound: :: The guy went down the drain like Anne Hech, blood, tooloil and all ::